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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Obama LIAR!-Benghazi Mission Requested Protection From al Qaeda A Month Before Attack

On August 15, less than a month before al Qaeda attacked our mission in Benghazi the US Mission convened an emergency meeting saying that the mission could not be protected against a coordinated attack (such as the one that took place on 9/11).

Fox News obtained a copy of an August 16th cable to Secretary of State Clinton  which summarized the meeting:
“RSO (Regional Security Officer) expressed concerns with the ability to defend Post in the event of a coordinated attack due to limited manpower, security measures, weapons capabilities, host nation support, and the overall size of the compound,” the cable said.

According to a review of the cable addressed to the Office of the Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, the Emergency Action Committee was also briefed "on the location of approximately ten Islamist militias and AQ training camps within Benghazi … these groups ran the spectrum from Islamist militias, such as the QRF Brigade and Ansar al-Sharia, to ‘Takfirist thugs.’” Each U.S. mission has a so-called Emergency Action Committee that is responsible for security measures and emergency planning.
Sound familiar? It was one of those groups which attacked our mission.
In addition to describing the security situation in Benghazi as “trending negatively,” the cable said explicitly that the mission would ask for more help. “In light of the uncertain security environment, US Mission Benghazi will submit specific requests to US Embassy Tripoli for additional physical security upgrades and staffing needs by separate cover.”

As for specific threats against the U.S., the cable warned the intelligence was not clear on the issue, cautioning that the militias in Benghazi were not concerned with any significant retaliation from the Libyan government, which had apparently lost control in Benghazi. A briefer explained that they “did not have information suggesting that these entities were targeting Americans but did caveat that (there was not) a complete picture of their intentions yet. RSO (Regional Security Officer) noted that the Benghazi militias have become more brazen in their actions and have little fear of reprisal from the (government of Libya.)” 
Now remember, this administration has told the American people more than once that they had no warning that an attack in Benghazi was possible.
In a three-page cable on Sept 11, the day Stevens and the three other Americans were killed, Stevens wrote about “growing problems with security” in Benghazi and “growing frustration” with the security forces and Libyan police. The ambassador saw both as “too weak to keep the country secure.”
It would be irresponsible to speculate the reason behind the cover up in Benghazi, but it is quite apparent this president is lying to the American public about what happened and why it wasn't prevented.

Ironically Obama is traveling to Las Vegas for a political rally tomorrow.  The last time Obama went to Vegas was immediately after watching four Americans die in Benghazi.  He should be ashamed but wont he should be fired.

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Bloviating Zeppelin said...

And this posted and proclaimed from the halls above and the halls below?

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Uh -- NO.

Because it could HURT Mr Obaka.