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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

The Top 10 Posts of the Year Selected by Readers

As it is our tradition, at the end of each year we post which stories you enjoyed the most based on total traffic the top fifty posts of the year.  I would be remiss not to mention those sites who threw me the most traffic during the year; Instapundit, Linkiest, Blogs Lucianne Loves, Bad Blue, Newsbusters and Powerline.  THANK YOU Guys!

Today we present your top ten..if you click on the title you can read the entire post:

10) Kimberlin's Cronies Go After The Lid  June 8, 2012.  As I mentioned earlier this week today has been declared a national day of blogger silence/action to protect blogger freedom of speech. Since Ace suggested we use today to urge congress protect free speech the day has taken on more significance to me personally, in June I was added to the attack list as the site BrietbartUnmasked which is run by Brett Kimberlin or his cronies started posting horrible internet slanders about me..thanks to internet Nut-Job Debbie Schlussel.

09) Holy COW!! Federal Workers and Retirees Owe Almost $3.5 BILLION To The IRS
January 26, 2012 Here's a great idea that may help both the unemployment problem, the deficit and, as the President would make sure at least one group pays it's fair share of taxes. And I am sure it would be a bi-partisan policy. The idea is simple force the 279,381 delinquent tax payers who work for the federal govt., or are on a govt. pension pay the $3,420,168,684 in taxes they owe the IRS. For the ones who are working, give them a month to negotiate a payout plan with the IRS, if they don't first put a lien on everything they own...then fire will free up the jobs for unemployed tax payers. As for the retirees--freeze their assets and dock their pensions.

08) James Earl Jones Is a Holocaust Denier and an Anti-Semite! July 10, 2012  The voice of Darth Vader uses some pretty wacko logic to decide that the Tea Party is racist, so I use Mr Jones' logic to determine what is in his heart.

07) Two Years Ago Today:Turbo-Tax Tim Wrote "Welcome To the Recovery" For NY Times August 2, 2012- Boy oh Boy, time flies when the economy stinks. It was two years ago today during the first"recovery summer," Treasury Secretary Turbo-Tax Tim Geithner penned an op-ed for the New York Times called "Welcome To The Recovery."

In the piece Geithner detailed all the reasons why the economy had turned the corner.  The only problem with his little article is, once the economy turned the corner it stopped dead in its tracks and over the past few months has shown signs of retreating.

06) Joe Scarborough "Yes We're Biased, But It's ROMNEY'S FAULT"   September 14, 2012 There are certain things that can only be seen on MSNBC. They are biased with an attitude. Take for example Today's Morning Joe program. The program began with a discussion of the anti-American protests in the Middle East. Host Joe Scarborough segued into the conservative complaints with the press coverage of the situation, that the media covered Romney's statements instead of Obama's gaffes.  He called the complaints valid, but you know who he blamed for the press not doing it's job? Mitt Romney!

05) "Rabbi Obama" And The Shame Brought By Leaders of Conservative Judaism May 30,2012  In this post I take on the leaders of the branch of Jewry to which I belong. Yesterday afternoon President Obama and White House Chief of Staff Jack "Hey I'm Jewish and Love Obama" Lew met with leaders of the Conservative Jewish movement.  That's Conservative Judaism, not conservative politically.  The leadership of Conservative Judaism, as well as much of the rabbinate is progressive politically.

At the meeting those "Religious Leaders" listened to the President tell vicious lies about his critics and did not admonish the POTUS for Loshen Hora (evil tongue).

These Conservative Jewish leaders have thrown out their "higher calling" their love of the Jewish state, and have begun to worship the golden calf of big government and a progressive political theology committed to replacing the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, as well as the Gods of other faiths.

04) The Top Things I Learned In The Hofstra Debate Spin Room October 10, 2012  This was my first-ever opportunity to cover a Presidential debate on-site from the  "media center" more commonly  known as the spin room.  In a different post I covered the actual going's on and political ramifications of the debate, but this post tried to give readers a feeling of what it's like to be in the spin room, and see all the debate coverage  happen around them.

03) Julia's Son,"Barack Obama Ruined My Mother's Life"  May 3,2012 I got a weird phone call  from Zach NoPunim, he claimed to be the son of Julia, the fake woman whose fake life was described on Barack Obama's campaign web-site. Zach was very angry---he claimed the President got his mother's story all wrong. He said Barack Obama ruined Julia's life.  This was the story he told me.

02) Obama Selects Woman Who Wanted to Invade Israel As Chair of Genocide Panel April 23, 2012 Only Barack Obama!  The same day Obama tried to show he was a friend of the Jews with a beautifully crafted speech Holocaust Museum. Showing his words mean nothing, also today Samantha Power began work today as chair of  President Barack Obama's new Atrocities Prevention Board. If you don't remember Ms Power she once called for a US force to invade Israel and force through a "peace settlement." Powers also had some unflattering things to say about about America's Jewish population during the 2008 campaign.

1) CBS' Laura Logan: Obama is Lying to You-Update  Video of Lara Logan's Obama is Lying Speech October 7, 2012  The Lid was the first Blog with this story and the first on the net with the full video. 60 Minutes Correspondent  Lara Logan delivered a keynote address at the Better Government Association annual luncheon, which the Chicago Sun Times called “a provocative speech” to some 1,100 movers in government, politics, media, and the legal and corporate arenas.

The speech was more than provocative it was a warning to anyone who wishes to hear.  She explained that the Taliban, al Qaeda and its proxies haven’t gone away and are in fact re-energized and coming back in force. Logan also informed the crowd that a “lie” is being propagated by the American government.

There you go YOUR picks for the top 50 posts of the year. Thank you so much for being a reader of "the Lid" and I look forward to spending a great 2013 with you.

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