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Wednesday, November 22, 2006

5 Towns Vaad/Gourmet Glatt Pre Thanksgiving report

The Jewish Star, which has been acting as the 5 Towns VAAD's personal mouth piece over the past week, it says that the Gourmet Glatt Lawyers said things that validated complaints made by members of the VAAD. Hey Star what comments? The only comments that I have heard made by any Rabbis, was the order made from the pulpit not to patronize GG, to make sure that the store goes out of business. And their congregants following their orders like brainless zombies.

This started around Rosh Hashanah and now tomorrow is Thanksgiving and no VAAD Rabbi has said anything out in the open. Maybe the Rabbis are sending telepathy to Star editors? If not, than once again the VAAD Rabbi's are acting like rumor mongers not Rabbis and the Jewish Star is printing comments without attribution because they are not trying to report they are trying to tell the VAAD's story.

Attorneys for Gourmet Glatt and the Vaad Hakashrus of the Five Towns and Far Rockaway are negotiating to find a resolution to the crisis that left the supermarket without its Vaad certification and many shoppers without their favorite store. The discussions could be impacted by a published comment by a Gourmet Glatt attorney that seemed to validate complaints voiced by members of the Vaad — namely, that Mark Bolender, one of the owners of Gourmet Glatt, was not inclined to cooperate with the kosher supervisors. Martin Cohen, an attorney from Atlantic Beach, told The Jewish Press that Bolender “felt that the Vaad was adding and changing things that were considered OK for all the previous years.” “There was never an issue of kashrus in the store ... it was and remains kosher,” Cohen said.
The removal of the Vaad’s hashgacha has had a dramatic impact on traffic in Gourmet Glatt, which has hurt not only the Bolenders, but the owners of two businesses which have space in the store, providing fish and fresh baked goods. “The Bolenders feel terrible that the situation is hurting the owners of Ossie’s Fish and Korn’s,” Cohen said. “They feel terrible about the loss of money that these people are going through and wish that something can be done quickly to prevent further diminution of their livelihood.”

Once again it’s easy to see from hundreds of miles away that the Star proves it is a hack paper, instead of telling only one side of the story; it should be encouraging the VAAD to tell the truth out in the open

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