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Thursday, November 23, 2006

Kill Israelis to become French President

Apparently French Defense Minister Michele Alliot-Marie wants to be the next French President and she wants to do it by killing Israelis.

In the last 3 months Hezbollah has been rearming and and digging in right under the noses of the French Army. As reported in the JPost the arms convoys are ignored by the French UNIFIL forces. Israel has been sending IAF jets over sourthern Lebanon to monitor what the terrrorsts have been up to. Even though the Lebanese themselves have confirmed what is going on.

Lebanese confirm arms flow to Hizbullah

By Jacey Herman -

......This correspondent watched as a line of trucks and lorries several kilometers long built up at one crossing on the road from Lebanon into Syria. The trucks, en route from Beirut to Damascus, were laden with a mixture of goods: everything from construction materials to fruits and vegetables. But in the late afternoon wintry chill they were stationary; their drivers had disappeared and only the occasional soldier kept guard every few hundred meters. "They don't move in the day," said Yusuf Saad, a taxi driver waiting at the border crossing. Saad, who had watched this correspondent from the other side of the road for some time before signaling for me to come over, added that "It's much easier for them to drive at night." He nodded toward the distant Syrian mountain range. "There's not so much traffic on the road. And I can tell you" - his voice dropped to a conspiratorial whisper - "they might be going in with produce, but they're coming out with weapons. They hide the rockets under the goods and that's how they're able to bring them into the country.".....

France doesn't care about the Hezbollah rearmament, since it agrees with their national policy "Contribute to as many Israeli deaths as possible." Unfortunately for the French, Jews aren't dying as fast as they would like so today they announced they will try to shoot IAF Planes out of the air. And it will help their defense minister, Michele Alliot-Marie become president to boot.

French soldiers in Lebanon who feel threatened by aggressive Israeli overflights are permitted to shoot at IAF fighter jets, a high-ranking French military officer told The Jerusalem Post.
Wednesday, several days after meeting with an IDF general in Paris to discuss what he said was a "blatant violation of the cease-fire.") Last weekend, Maj.-Gen. Ido Nehushtan, head of the IDF Planning Directorate, traveled to Paris and met with military officials to explain why the IAF flies over Lebanon despite the UN-brokered cease-fire. Nehushtan, new to his post and previously deputy commander of the air force, told his French counterparts that Israel was conducting the flights to collect intelligence on Hizbullah positions in southern Lebanon. According to the French officer, Nehushtan apologized for an incident on October 31 when an IAF fighter carried out a mock bombing run over a French UNIFIL position in southern Lebanon, almost prompting troops to fire anti-aircraft missiles. "
There was a reality on the ground and it was important for us to reaffirm what we had seen and explain clearly what are the orders of the French soldiers to protect themselves," the French officer said. The French told Nehushtan they would view further aggressive flyovers as a violation of UN Security Council Resolution 1701. "No assurances were made to us that they [the IAF] would stop [the flights]," the French officer said. "The orders that the [French] soldiers have is that their weapons are for self-defense and if a commander will feel threatened, as it was about to happen on the 31st of October, he would have the right to use force." Milos Strugar, spokesman for UNIFIL, supported the French position, saying that according to the UN resolution, UNIFIL had the right to use force in self-defense, even against Israeli aircraft. "UNIFIL has the right to take all necessary action to protect UN personnel in self-defense," he said.

France's furor at the overflights was not divorced from French domestic political considerations, government officials in Jerusalem said Wednesday. France is scheduled to hold the first round of presidential elections in April, and one of those reportedly considering tossing her hat into the ring is Defense Minister Michele Alliot-Marie.

According to these officials, taking a tough stance toward Israel on the issue - a position that grabs headlines in France - helps her raise her profile. The officials said it didn't hurt Alliot-Marie politically to be seen as someone who needed to be "held back" from responding forcefully to the overflights. France has said on a few occasions since the end of the war that it came close to firing at Israeli jets over Lebanon. In late October, Alliot-Marie told parliament that Israeli F-15's had dived close to French positions in southern Lebanon. "Our troops barely avoided a catastrophe," Alliot-Marie told parliament. "Our troops find themselves in a position where they have to fire in legitimate self-defense." Alliot-Marie is a close ally of French President Jacques Chirac, and if Chirac does not decide to run for a third term, he may back Alliot-Marie to thwart his rival, Interior Minister Nicolas Sarkozy. The Foreign Ministry, meanwhile, has not - contrary to some press reports - asked the IDF to stop the overflights, diplomatic officials said. Rather, they have passed on to the IDF European concerns that the flights be performed more discreetly, and not in a way that could be interpreted by either the Lebanese or the Europeans as a provocation. Nehushtan declined to be interviewed for this report and the IDF Spokesman's Office released a statement confirming that the IDF general had visited Paris
Hey Mr Olmert, you ok with this? Where is the indignation? Since when is OK for another county to be allowed to fire at Israeli pilots just so some Political Hack can get a promotion. Oh Wait, of course you wont protest, you are a Political Hack yourself.

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Beach Girl said...

Thank you for keeping us informed.gertrude

Anonymous said...

Yet, the same brave French soldiers who may now shoot at Israeli planes in self defense, will run to their underground bunkers as soon as they hear a rumor of Hizbullah marching in their directions. You just watch.

The double standard is disgusting, but not at all surprising!

As for Olmert if, God forbids, the froggies ever shot down an Israeli plane, he'll trip over hiimself in his haste to apologize to France for having caused such an incident. Olmert must go! Olmert must go!

Anonymous said...

It is truely written that the French suck!