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Sunday, April 15, 2007

This Time I WILL be able to do Haveil Havalim

My wife thinks I'm crazy. Here it is almost 1:30 in the morning we just got home from the Bar Mitzvah Celebration of our friend's son and I am on my computer reading all of the submissions for Haveil Havalim. "why are you on your computer now?" she just said. I told her that last time I was supposed to host I couldn't do it and Soccer Dad was so nice to give me another opportunity this time I WILL be able to do it!!!!! And for you sports fans I have a neat post from Dave the Soccer Dad about the Jewish Jordan called The game of faith

So I just had four cups of coffee so I can stay awake and have started reading. There has been so much good writing over the last few weeks since Daf Notes did HH111. Its going to be such a pleasure dipping in-- nothing can stop me from finishing. As long as I can stay awake, let me have another cup of coffee before I do anymore cause I am getting a bit sleepy.

Dag of There are no feminists on a sinking ship, thinks that we should FORCE EVERY Frum community to make strong statements condemning child abuse. Dag is wrong we should force EVERY Community Frum or not, to condemn child abuse. Kifrot asks some very important questions about child abuse in Touched by a Rabbi.

Dag is correct on one thing being learned does not necessarily make you able to run an organization it may make you a Divine Right Director . I hope I remember later to send Dag a check to help with the Jblog world's effort to purchase the Chicago Cubs.

There has been a lot about bigotry this week, My friend Aaron the famous Mr. Bagel gives a great example of how not all bigotry gets Al Sharpton up in arms 50 Cent Makes a Cheap Racist comment. BTW if you haven't been to Aaron's new site you should, its now more of an Everything Bagel, People were getting all kvetchy that they couldn't find his caption contests and his posts were getting buried by other posts so his site is now five sites in on
e Mr Bagel, Mr Bagel Video, Mr Bagel Cartoons, BodgeyBagel Caption Contest and he is also working on Mr Bagel's Shop [opening soon]. How he has time for all this I don't know. But when you go look at the article above you my want to look at the menu on the left and visit all of his new sites.

Oh man !!! Its after two and I have so much more to read. Its time for some Red Bull maybe two cans I need to stay awake. Oh I know what I will do I will read some of Carl's Posts at Israel Matzav, his fiery style and great facts will get my blood pumping. Here's one where he talks about how
'Unilateral withdrawal' is the ultimate in cynicism in a related issue Carl talks about the demographic doom and gloom that drove the withdrawal movement and how 'Palestinian' emigration and birth rate defy demographic doomsayers He also posted an interview with IDF General and Plastic Surgeon Interview Dr. Arieh Eldad. In his role as a plastic surgeon, the good Doctor has seen the horrors of terrorism up close and it is well worth your time to see parts of this interview here, Boy I am getting tired, I don't know how I can finish, maybe I will get a snack, a nice peace of maybe not ....cause Saudi Arabia says Israeli melons infected with AIDS .

Well at least I don't have my camera, because as I learned from Backspin even a 15 year old Palestinian Kid has learned to go "Grandstanding For The Cameras" But I am sure CAIR wouldn't spin things that way-- they like to be more pro terror as we learn in About CAIR on the InContext blog. Israel Medad shows us how stupid the NY Times can be in
What's Missing in This Story? Speaking about terrorism I agree with Treppenwitz that the Israeli cabinet is having a discussion that they NEVER SHOULD HAVE --read Quantifying that which shouldn't be quantified .

Elder of Zion tells a not so sad story of "poor Palestinians" who had to sell their luxury cars and a rich con man who took their money in"Destitute" PalArabs lose millions to con man" Gee maybe thats why there the Knesset has a traitor in its midst ask Meryl Yorish if thats the case, she knows all about the traitor AND THE Fifth Columns .

My wife just woke up for a second and asked me what time it was, I lied, 1:45 honey. I think I am going to s
kip morning Minyan today (its in a few hours) but I will be back there on Monday and I suppose that PsychoToddler will be too, despite the fact that The Reign of Terror is Over .

Before I forget everybody in the JBlogispere is just so happy to be able to say Mazel Tov to AidelMaidel who looks so much like Audry Hepburn (at least the picture on her blog does). By the way Aidel everytime I try to post Can you tell what day I got engaged? I get very very jealous, 1500 hits in one day? Thats four days for me. Maybe my wife and I should get married again. Do you think it would get me lots of traffic?

I can't believe its almost 4:30 and I'm not done yet, how am I still awake, its so depressing, well I guess I shouldn't sweat the small stuff. At least thats what Therapy Doc says in When the Little Things Go Wrong .

I enjoy reading Daf Notes "study guide" and forum to those studying Daf Yomi. I read it to myself out loud so I can do the Talmudic thumb gesture while learning. Since HH 111 the Daf Blog has Kicked Off Chagiga so don't miss it. While we are on the subject of learning, here is a good primer on how to read and study Chazal . Reb Chaim gives an interesting D'var on Jochebed and Rashi and Ibn Ezra's explanation of her lifespan. My son who is learning Rashi script in school calls Rashi "the dude with the bad handwriting." Which reminds me you need to enjoy the kids es
pecially when you go to shul because as Psycho Toddler would tell you don't become one of those Grumpy Old Jewish Men in shul (Note to Psycho--me too.) Robert J. Avrech new blog screenplay is called Shul Dinner: 4th Generation Conflict I think I might have been there.

Make sure that you study your Torah well because as Chaim of Freedom's Cost points out in Eurabia Express, societies without spirituality end up disapearing. If you want to be able to count the days to my favorite Jewish Holiday Shavuot read
Divrei Chaim's sefiras ha'omer and zecher l'mikdash (the only good thing about living in the galut is TWO days of pizza, blintzes and ice cream--speaking of Pizza, Chaim is Sabra Pizza still great?) Daled Amos would say thats no reason to stay in the diaspora, he posted a very moving letter called Why come live in Israel.

One good reason to go live in Israel is to vote against defense minister Peretz. Doesn't he realize that Hebron is one of the places that the Torah says we bought fair and square. When you read Innocent Jews, Political Pawns you will realize that Batya agrees with me. Michael from Oleh Musings makes some great points in Yesterday's News I recommend you go to that site often read it ten times a day but make sure that you click into it from this site so I can get Michael send me some Chinese food from Pagoda in Tiberias.

Shanah wrote an interesting essay comparing the Jewish people to Chametz but no one in the world will buy us Selling off the Chametz . I recommend you read it even if it is after Pesach along with some other really good essays who's meaning goes way beyond the Passover holiday including Me-Ander's Cleaning my mind The first night of Pesach we had Seder over my friend Stew's house, his son who is Studying at JTS to become a Rabbi discussed with me many of the same arguments that Muse does in Maybe he shouldn't have started with Kitniyot Mottel give us insight into Windows of Vilnius: My Third Pesach in Lithuania, CosmicX spent some of Pesach Live From Ben Gurion's Tomb while Rubicon3 went to Prague . Raffi asks, should we be able to buy back my chumetz afte
r Passover Advocating for a simple Judaism while Zionistyoungster takes us Out of the Galut Bec talks about passover with good cooks gone bad . Print out this post from SimpleJew and save it for next year because it contains tips on Running An Enjoyable Seder By the way did ya'll hear about the new Kosher for Passover Passover fiber called "Let my people go". Nina wishes everybody a Happy Passover and Ezzy talks about Making Room at Our Pesach Tables . Nuch Epes Ah Chosid tells us how to Get In The Yom Tov Spirit.When I went to Israel last year I was not allowed to go up to the temple mount, Today I found out that Raffi G goes up every month. Raffi when I come to Israel next can I go up with your group cause I agree with you, it would be better than Yom Kippur.

Yehuda of the Gaming Blog tells us how to pick your diet based on the Jewish Holiday in What's Today's Date? Look in the Supermarket

PLEASE read one of my all time favorite Yidwithlid posts What Kind Of Pesach Will Our Grandchildren Celebrate ?

When I win the lotto I am going to open up a Self-Hating Jew Hall of Shame. My friend Chaim from Freedom's Cost would Include Alon Ben-Meir, Professor of International Relations at NYU’s Center for Global Affairs read Self Hatred? Revisionist Hypocrisy? Or Both? to find out why. I would open up a special wing of my Hall for people like George Soros, Norman Finkelstien and Kenneth Roth because they are Defaming the Holocaust Memory. My Right Word also has a candidate for my hall of shame in Self-Hate

Its 3:30 now and its getting much harder to stay awake, I just got an email from
Soccer Dad--I bet he is wondering if I will screw up again. Last time when I couldn't do it he had me banned from Tov Pizza for a year. Irina went to A Nice Freebie at the UN Me-ander's Muse has a problem with Daylight Savings time, Only In Israel, If I knew she couldn't wake up that late I would would have gone to Israel to help out, but then you would of had to drive me and the rest of my family to Tiberias so I can get good Kosher Chinese. Batya did a review of A Novel Novel she read one long Shabbos afternoon. Batya please don't take this as an insult, but you don't know the correct way to observe Shabbos, you don't read a book, you read the inside of your eyelids during a long restful Shabbos nap. Try reading Yisrael Medad's Hey, Sari, Where Were the Jews? I guarantee you will stop reading on Shabbos or at least you wont read one particular book. Oy I can use a nap now. But I got to stay awake ---I can't disappoint everyone again.

Rafi G discribes a spontaneous middle of the night trip to an Arab village to visit the graves of the two good spies from Shelach (my Bar Mitzvah Parsha) Calev and Moses' right hand man and successor Joshua. Moses was also a father figure to
Joshua, after all Josh WAS an orphan. Thats why his full name was Joshua ben Nun (son of none?). Yael from Boker Tov Boulder Recognizes Joshua's Yartziet The passing of Joshua: 3,252 years ago today.
Lchaimlover at OY BAY knows the way to San Jose, unfortunately while there she had to endure a horribly anti-semitic display when she took A Walk through the Tunnel of Oppression. If you want to see more anti-Israel propaganda you can go to the conference Jewish Current Issues describes in Fueling the Disease in the Middle East. Snoopy the Goon talks about the lessons Israel can learn from Irish history in A little bit of drama In Compassion, ZionistYoungster describes a typical "Marc Antony-like" anti-Zionist tactic (but Brutus is and honorable man.) Pamela the famous Atlas Shrugs reminds us that those who practice the religion of peace also terrorize their own women: WOMAN WHO EXPOSED ISLAMIC CLITORECTOMIES BRUTALLY BEATEN.

Today is Yom HaShoah and despite what you may think, Yom HaShoah is NOT about remembering the Holocaust. For Yom HaShoah, these blogs have written excellent posts about the Holocaust: Shilo Musings Back to Germany?, Judeosphere talks about Japan working both sides of the anti-semitic fence in Japan's Not-So-Righteous Gentiles and we are still trying to find out which side of the fence Pope Pius XII was on, in ADL to Vatican--PROVE IT !!!!!! Dzeni reminds us that the victims were not just numbers they were mothers and fathers, sisters and cousins....see Yom Hashoah 5767 Today there are more Nazis around like Hey MSNBC You've Fired IMUS But U Have One More Bigot to Fire: Pat Buchanan and Al Sharpton: Professional Bigot Baruch HaShem they will fail also.

Well folks...I did it this time...Its 7:20 my time...I am falling asleep but all I have to do is write a conclusion and I did it --I finished HH 112. Yess the only problem is I type one word and go to sleep. Ladies and Gentle people............


Michael said...

Yid With Lid:
I've checked with Pagoda; alas, they are unable to deliver to your time zone, and El Al cannot guarantee that the food will make it off the plane...

Get some sleep, feel better, nice Haveil post...

Carl in Jerusalem said...

Kol Hakavod, but instead of going to sleep, go to minyan!

PsychoToddler said...

Nice Job!

CRAP--I'm late for minyan!

YMedad said...

I think that besides, as usual, doing a good job, people look more for the names of the Blog/Blogger too and therefore there is a need to highlight that name as well as the highlighting that occurs when you insert the link to the post.

Good hsow!

Mr Bagel said...

All I can say is well worth staying up for Yid. Your personal narration makes HH a pleasure to read, its like being on Yid's Tour Bus of the blogosphere.

Thanks for the mention too .
Shalom Aaron
Mr Bagel

Jack Steiner said...

All that yawning has made me tired too. Good job. Yasher koach.

Irina Tsukerman said...

Thanks for the link!

Great job! : )

Batya said...

Excellent job!! Wow!!!
Thanks for the links!

Anonymous said...

wow... well done! nice job!
and thanks for including my Pesach post "get in the spirit of yomtov"

Avromi said...

Great job Yid....... and with that schedule, you can start helping me with the Daf. Thanks for the chizuk and the links.


YMedad said...

Glad you appreciated my idea. Indeed, it looks much better. Wisj I knew how to do that (my wife does, however).

ziontruth said...

Magnificent job, Yid With Lid! Especially when we consider the sheer number of submissions you had to tackle. Thanks!

Oyster said...

Thanks for the link!