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Monday, July 16, 2007

The FIRST Haveil Havalim # 50,000

Well here I go again, this is the third time I have hosted Haveil Havalim- # 125 at first Mr Soccer Dad offered me 124 but since last Sunday was my 50th birthday I thought a good night's sleep was in order (for those of you who have never hosted HH it can be a late night endeavor). Well it is for me because I usually post 5-7 times a day six days a week so generally I don't usually look at the 100+ submissions until after Shabbos.

Coincidently this is also the 1000th post on Yid With Lid. It is VERY cool to be able to celebrate my 50th and my 1000th by recommending some really great posts. Because of all of the number's I am celebrating this week, with Dave's permission I not going to call it HH #125 but rather HH # 50,000. I do this for two reasons the obvious is 50 x 1000, the other reason is that sometime during the first week of September in the year 2966 someone will be hosting the SECOND HH # 50,000 and will hopefully look back on what was written more than 959 years before and say ----Gee Whiz just when the hell is that Sammy guy going to get to the goodies already?

Don't worry I am almost there. Two last things before I stop pontificating. First for those of you who find yourself in New York on Monday PLEASE go to Dag Hammarskjold Plaza and support
Ehud Goldwasser, Eldad Regev and Gilad Shalit by attending the rally near the UN
One long year has passed since IDF soldiers Gilad Shalit, Ehud Goldwasser, and Eldad Regev were kidnapped by Hamas and Hezbollah.
Show the world we have not forgotten and will not forget them.
Join us in demanding their immediate and unconditional release.
Monday, July 16th, 2007
12:00 noon / Rain or Shine
Dag Hammarskjold Plaza ( 1st Ave. and 47th St . ) New York City , NY
Secondly---I have read a ton of the submitted posts and I can tell you know that it is going to be a big HH, So from here on in I am going to try to keep my commentary to a minimum (for my regular readers you know how hard that is going to be).

Speaking of numbers 50,000/125 is 400 (thanks Soccer Dad) 400X 100 gives you the anniversary you can find at Daf Notes.

The Jewish Blogmeister has a warning for anyone who jogs with their I-Pod -- IPOD users-listen UP! By the way the famous Golfer Lee Trevino would just tell them to hold a 1-Iron over their head. "If you are caught on a golf course during a storm and are afraid of lightning, hold up a 1-iron. Not even God can hit a 1-iron."

It was a big week for remembering the forgotten 1948 Refugees. Aaron the Bagel Blogger wrote Why Jews Fled the Arab Countries, An article written 12 years ago is even more relevant today.and Joshuapundit wrote about something positive that Congress has done Congress to Hold Hearing on Middle East Refugees - Jewish ones....!

Rafi G wonders if Israel is abandoning our soldiers. For more about our kidnapped soldiers as Human beings not captives see Has Anybody Here Seen Ehud, Eldad, or Gilad?

Aussie Dave shows the unique way the Jpost remembered the Israeli solders who were Kidnapped by terrorists Reasons I Love Israel #587 Yael at Boker Tov Boulder has another reason to love Israel in her post We Got Mail: a letter from summer camp

Soccer Dad criticized the LA Times for turning its pages over to Terrorist Moussa Abu Marzouk
in Debate and terror and so did my Mom's Favorite Blogger with Read LA TIMES For the Terrorist Point of View . When I was done with the LA Times I went after the NY Times with Lies, Dammed Lies,and NY Times Lies My Article criticizes some of the NY Times lack of facts in last Sunday's puff piece about Tzipi Livni in his article-- Carl goes after Tzipi Feigele's reality. You know Carl,Tzipi does have one good thing about her, she was born on July 8th also. Meryl doesn't like to come to my blog because of the color scheme, but I still like going to hers, this post is a good reason why Lies, damned lies, and blaming Israel

Jack bemoans the Jblogsphere's lack of basic English skills in The Yeshiva Owes Your Parents a Refund. I was worried that Jack sent me this post for a reason, then I remembered I never went to a Yeshiva (although I wish that I had).

In Undermining the moderates Lynn-b puts the stupidity of one-sided concessions In Context. Dave at Treppenwitz suggests Another reason to love Google his post gave me the chills.

Jack tells us about a research study that tells us the obvious Study: Women Are in Charge at Home after you read those random thoughts you might want to listen to Tim Allen's famous Man Song (is that OK Honey?)

Carl at Israel Matzav isn't a big fan of Shimon Peres Since he knows that I am not a fan of the man who was never elected by the Israeli public to any position of power he suggested that I use A black day for Israel: The inauguration coronation of Shimon Peres

You notice that when ever a Jew goes near the Temple Mount every Muslim in the world has a canary fit. Yet once again the Arabs are digging up parts of the mount without archaeological supervision. Carl asks
The Temple Mount: Where is the outrage? Batya says that it is Signs of the Moshiach! May Hasem send him today.

In Burg Brain
Chaim tells why Avram Burg should be in the Self Hating Jew Hall of fame and then Carl Talks about why we should all be worried about Avram Burg and the battle between the right and left in Israel

A whole bunch of posts talked about various aspects of Jewish/Christian relationships Ben-Yehudah tells us how One Christian Missionary Can Ruin My Day,
A Friend in Need Should Not Be Conned, and some guy named Yidwithlid wrote about the Society of St. Pius X The Anti-Semitic Hate Group That Pressured Pope for the Old Mass. Schvach thinks we should go back to the old Aleynu text..and I think that would be cool read Bored Again Jew

You need to go to Carl's post on the stupidity of the release of 250 terrorist prisoners for the picture alone (the write up is great too) A 'prisoner' release without criteria?
Batya says it just the game of Israeli Baseball

Irina has a great DVD suggestion in the post When History Comes Alive read it to understand the true spirit of Israel's war for independence. Cosmic-X talks about a different kind of Jewish Survival in The Conference on the Future of the Jewish People

Personally I think that the survival of Judaism is tied to my favorite city in the world and Muse gives us pictures of it in Jerusalem, again, busy day!
Muse also reminds us whats important in Late Night which no parent can read without it bringing tears to their eyes

Isn't it cool that Archaeologists have found Miram's Well Heichal HaNegina tells us all about it Here
Reb Mottel tells a heartwarming tale of bringing a Challah for Henry and Phishaliya has only 18 days to aliyah...

Psycho toddler has a beef about The Early Minyan and he is 100% correct. Psycho I have had the same problem but with Maariv.

Smoothstone found one game I will not let my kid by you should read about it in Attention Video Gamers
Please heed the Goblin King and GET A CARBON MONOXIDE DETECTOR. NOW! the lives you save may be your children's.

You cant go a week without more reports of anti-Semitism. Yael of Boker Tov covers the European events The latest in antisemitic attacks (and a bit of a rant)
.Chaim of Freedom's Cost Covers hate filled Political Cartoons in Canada A New Cartoon Controversy?And here's more about the anti-semitic cartoons in Arab lands Jews are Christ Killers, Snakes or Nazis: Sweet Thoughts From the Arab Media. And from the ministry of silly government's Bagel Blogger brings us 'Israel' banned from Canadian passports Speaking of Anti-Semites Whats a Haveil Havalim without a pot shot at the worst president in American History so take a look at Mugabe's Zimbabwe Reign of Terror: A Jimmy Carter Production

Hey Seraphic Secret did you know that new Israeli developed gun you talk about in Did That Bullet Turn a Corner? was on CSI Miami this year. Speaking about CSI do you know why they never developed a CSI Tennessee? Because no one in Tennessee has teeth and everyone has the same DNA.

Take a look at this one and tell me if you think my buddy Aaron found the funniest true news story of the year or is he pulling my leg? Mahmoud really is Nuts! Iranians arrest 14 squirrels for spying
Speaking about nuts Judeosphere reports that
Yemen Claims That Al-Qaeda Are Zionist Agents The real nuts how ever may be in the US State Department at least so hints Jewish Current Issues in What Kind of Salmon is State Smoking Now? Rich I think its salmon soaked in bong water.

Carl Points out why Peace Now should be called
for Shakranim zeh anachnu (Carl thanks for the Hebrew help) because they incite war not build peace. See Peace Now' raises Syrian flag at Jerusalem's entrance . Speaking about inciting war let me recommend The UN and Shaba Farms-->Fanning the Flames of WAR
It seems that Omri is not a big fan of the UN either ---read
UN Report On Security Fence Predictable In Every Way: Aggressively Contradictory, Blames Israel

The BBC got their reporter back and Aussie Dave tells us The Truth Behind Alan Johnston's Abduction While I point our that the freed reporter is just Alan Johnston :Terrorist Tool

Chaim Rubin wonders why our Rabbi's haven't gotten around to banning smoking... he is right, read Smoking and Jewish Music. Avrom from Daf Notes is also smoking (mad) about smoking PROTECTING THE FOOLS (who smoke) - Yevamos 72 - Daf Yomi

Note to Rivka tell your Rabbi What would I want my rabbi to know? Part II and if he takes it personally get a different Rabbi.

Unlike the Muslim world Judaism does not approve of zealotry Postblogity writes about it in The Destruction of the Jerusalem Temple Because of Humility or Religious Extremism

The last post on Haveil Havalim # 50,000 is from my friend Danielle of Baleboosteh, it is probably the shortest post on this list--but I think its the most special. My Mom always tells me that she likes the hand made cards better than the store bought ones a little over a month ago was Danielle's Mom's Birthday--Danielle's Mom is no longer with us, but the card she posted made me cry. Danielle your Moms knows about the card and she is very proud of you folks I invite you to go to Another Year Goes By - Happy Birthday...

Well thats it for is 6:00 in the morning and I gotta get some sleep. If I didn't put up all of your submissions please forgive me, its not a reflection on the quality of your posts, its more a combination of the fact that I have been up all night and my ADOS (attention deficit...............................Oh Shiny object!)

If I have screwed up a link or two please email me and I will fix when I wake up.

Dave--thanks for the opportunity.

Now I am going to go to sleep and try to get over the fact that I am closer to my Next Bar Mitzvah (G-d willing in 33 years than my last one 37 years ago)

Say goodnight Gracie


Carl in Jerusalem said...

Wow! Get some rest!

As to that obnoxious organization, I think you were looking for Shakranim zeh anachnu, but I usually just refer to them as piece by piece now.

Baleboosteh said...

Wonderful, wonderful job Sammy! You have obviously spent a lot of time and care putting all those posts together, well done.

Thanks so much for including my post.

Avromi said...

Thanks for the links, and great commentary!

Batya said...

great job
Have a happy 50th youngster!

Esser Agaroth said...

B"H Yashar Ko'ah! ...and Happy 50th Birthday! I hope you like chocolate...

Schvach said...

Mazel tov, mazel tov, mazel tov, and
keyneinhorah! Happy 50th - and 1,000th - and thanks for the links.

Smooth said...

Good roundup, YWL, and thanks for the link. Happy 50th Birthday!

Mr Bagel said...

Great Job YWL, Hope you next 50th Birthday Haveil Havalim is just as sharp and witty!

Shalom Mr Bagel

Unknown said...

I call them Shalom Never as they do not deserve full Hebrew. I also suggest Misa Achsav (Death Now) as they want the death of Israel immediately without a war, so they cannot be called Milchama Achshav

Irina Tsukerman said...

Thanks for the link and the great round-up. Hope you had a great birthday! : )

PsychoToddler said...

Thank you!

Today I got my 3 sons out of bed at 5am to make sure we'd get a minyan.