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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Support Yisrael Medad-Threatend by Wonkette Editor

Ken Layne of Wonkette threatens a Yisrael Medad with legal action for criticizing Wonkette’s antisemitic posts: See My Right Word: Wonkette Threatens Me With Legal Action.

Yisrael is a good writer and a special person (he was the first person to pick up one of my posts from yidwithlid)

Please read that post and others on his site...I read him everyday

As for Mr. Layne he is at best flippant and insensitive about Jews
Like when he suggested that the Jews create a homeland in Mexico

It's the digital era, after all. Movies and DNA and books and music can all be perfectly copied. How about Israel? You think God cares about what chunk of dirt you call home? Sure, the Torah says otherwise, but the Torah also says you should sacrifice your son if a voice in your head gets too loud. Jesus Christ lived and died around one little piece of ground in modern-day Israel, yet the Catholic Church is based in Italy. Come to Baja, Israel.
Or when he calls the NY Times the JEW York Times...Which isn't too smart considering the fact that the NY Times is one of the most Anti-Jewish newspapers in the World.

Do I think the guy is an, I think he is an idiot whose statements sometimes cross the line into anti-Jewish bigotry

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YMedad said...

Thanks for posting and thanks for the compliment and thanks for reading.

See where I was today for Tisha B'Av.