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Saturday, August 18, 2007

Islamic Hatred of anything Christian

Here is something that you wont see covered by any human rights organization or the MSM. Life for Christians under Islamic law is getting more difficult every day. In the supposedly moderate country of Saudi Arabia, it is against the law to bring in a Christian Bible or set up a Christmas tree. The daily horrors happening in Darfur is the extreme example of what happens to Christians in a Muslim society. But that Islamic hatred of anything Christian has spread to other countries.
Last week it was announced that Iranian authorities in Tehran lashed a man on his back earlier this year for having a bible in his car, an Iranian Christian group said in a report on its website on Friday.

The man was only identified by the initials A. Sh.

On 5 May, the man, driving his vehicle, was involved in a road accident with a car belonging to security guards for a government official in Tehran.

A bible and a video of Jesus Christ were found in the man's possession upon inspection of his vehicle by the state security forces (SSF). (Source Iran focus)

In another "moderate" Muslim state, Egypt, anti-Christian pograms are starting to ramp up:

a recent wave of state-sponsored persecution of Christians calls into question Egypt's current course and the growing influence of the most radical elements of Muslim society.

Members of Egypt's State Security Investigations (SSI) arrested Christian activists Adel Fawzy and Peter Ezzat on Aug. 8, accusing the men of charges that include insulting Islam, jeopardizing state security, and preaching Christianity.

Both men work for the Middle East Christian Association (MECA), a Canadian-based human-rights group created to promote Christian equality in the Middle East. Just one day prior to their arrest, Ezzat and another MECA member were investigating the death of a Coptic worker from Cairo who was reportedly thrown off his balcony after refusing to pay police officers extortion money. The MECA employees took pictures of the crime scene and filmed statements from family and friends who witnessed the death of Nasser Sediq Gadallah, apparently inciting the rage of SSI officials who wanted to report the death as a suicide.

Fawzy and Ezzat were arrested the next day while State Security members ransacked Fawzy's apartment, confiscating computers, pamphlets, and copies of the MECA book Persecuted, which documents cases of Christian suffering under the watch of government officials

The two men were taken to Lazoghly Square—notable for its torture—and kept in relative solitude. According to Roderick, they were able to meet with their lawyers once during the weekend following their arrests. The lawyers reported that 61-year-old Fawzy—the government's primary target—had been denied food, water, and necessary medicine for at least a day and a half and could be facing a prison sentence of 5 to 15 years. (Source: World Magazine)
And in Gaza, ruled by the Hamas that much of Christian Europe wants Israel and the United States to "Engage" in negotiations, it is becoming much more dangerous to live as a Christian.

Gaza Christians Living Under Growing Islamic Threat

By Ryan Jones Correspondent

Jerusalem ( - The few reports emerging from Gaza regarding the area's tiny Christian minority indicate that Palestinian followers of Jesus are under increasing pressure to either become Muslims, submit to Islamic law or leave the Gaza Strip.

Hamas, an Islamic terrorist group that won last year's Palestinian parliamentary elections, completed a military takeover of the Gaza Strip in June, handily defeating its rivals in Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas' Fatah movement.

Following the conquest, spokesmen and various local officials affiliated with Hamas announced that an era of strict Islamic rule had begun in Gaza.

According to a report in Middle East Newsline last week, Hamas and its followers are moving fast against non-believers in the area. Fatah officials who spoke to the news service on condition of anonymity said Hamas is pressing leaders of the 2,000-strong Christian community to either convert to Islam or emigrate.

The Jerusalem Post earlier reported that Prof. Sana al-Sayegh, dean of the science and technology faculty at Palestine University and a Christian, had been abducted by several of her Muslim colleagues and forced to convert and marry a Muslim man.

Weeks after her disappearance in late June, al-Sayegh's family was invited to a meeting with several aides to Hamas Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh. Surrounded by Hamas gunmen, a distraught and crying al-Sayegh informed her family that she had become a Muslim.

Hamas maintains that al-Sayegh's conversion was a matter of personal choice and that it is vigorously protecting the rights of Gaza's Christians, but Dr. Walid Phares, a leading Middle East expert and senior fellow at the Foundation for the Defense of Democracies, told Cybercast News Service that the exact opposite is true.

"Hamas states that it 'protects' minorities with the same energy as the Taliban and the Islamist regime in Sudan have stated before," said Phares. However, "the reality is that the Jihadist agenda of Hamas includes gradual but strict implementation of shari'a law.

"What that means for the Christians of Gaza, explained Phares, is that they will "be subjected to second-class citizen treatment."

Phares said that as a result of this increasing Islamic pressure, Gaza's Christian community is considering fleeing the area en masse. Many have already left.

Christians are not the only victims of Hamas' iron-fisted rule of Gaza. The group does not tolerate any hint of criticism or dissent, even from fellow Muslims.

On Monday, some 300 Palestinians violated a Hamas ban on public demonstrations and gathered in a central Gaza City square chanting, "We want freedom." Many more people were prevented from ever reaching the location.

Heavily armed Hamas militiamen quickly broke up the protest, wounding a large number of people with clubs and rifle butts, and arrested many others before subjecting them to long hours of interrogation.

Later in the day, Hamas forces raided the local offices of international and Palestinian news agencies and confiscated all coverage of the demonstration and the suppression of its participants.

The group reportedly also broken up a number of weddings where songs affiliated with the rival Fatah organization were being sung.

Throw into the mix the recent establishment of an Al Qaeda branch in Gaza, and you have a "recipe for Talibanization," noted Phares.

With all of this happening in Muslim countries tell me again why Church groups such as the Presbyterians and the Lutherans are boycotting Israel where Christians live in total freedom? Maybe it has more to do with Presbyterians and Lutheran attitude toward Jews than it has to do with anything Israel?

I also invite you to go to Atlas Shrugs and read
The Road to Hell is Paved by Lutherans

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if we in the west ie democracies dont wake up to all these extremist assholes the muslims the vast majority i beleive are anti everyone but their own twisted sick neolithic views i beleive that if any other community suffered as the jews have they would have every rigth to protect themselfs from another holocaust and you are the only people standing up to the zealots if only goverments did likewise in the west intolerance is a two way street unless of course your a muslim.