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Thursday, October 11, 2007

What Muzzlewatch Doesn't Want You to Know

I think its important to know where some is coming from so after reading that little disingenuous post about Bishop Tutu written by Cecilie Surasky of Jewish Voice for Peace (JVP) Muzzlewatch Stifles Debate on Bishop TuTu. I Decided to do a little research on Ms Cecilie Surasky and Jewish Voice for peace. It seems that Ms Surasky is not being forthright in her background and that of her organization.

As investigative journalist Lee Kaplan writes on his blog Ms Surasky's organization denies the fact that Jews EVER lived in the holy land.

In the past, the JVOP newsletter has written that it is doubtful Jews ever lived in the Holy Land at all, and that the First Temple and Exodus from Egypt were myths. Also, claims that Jews in Israel are really descendents of Khazarians from southern Georgia in Russia were mentioned.
So rather than trying to promote "free discussion" like she writes about the JVP is promoting a disbelief of historical facts-believed by Jews and Christians alike, JVP wages war by other means. For instance, JVP’s website encourages IDF soldiers to desert. It also promotes divestment from Israel, along with support for Arab leaders like Mazen Qumsiyeh, who called Jews living in Israel “a disease.” (Unsurprisingly, JVP has mourned the deaths of Yasser Arafat and Sheik Ahmed Yassin of Hamas, who murdered hundreds of Jews in terrorist attacks.)

The Jewish Voice for Peace works with Anti-semitic organizations such as the International Solidarity Movement:

Jewish-Palestinian Solidarity Committee
The Jewish-Palestinian Solidarity Committee (JPSC) supports Israeli and Palestinian peace activists. We work in solidarity with those who oppose the Israeli military occupation of the West Bank and Gaza. We support Israeli soldiers who refuse to serve in the Occupied Territories and those who refuse to serve in the army for political reasons and reasons of conscience.

JPSC has organized events that support the Rebuilding Homes Campaign, Yesh Gvul, New Profile, and presented speakers from those groups. We provide a forum for other groups and actions supporting Palestinians who are resisting the Occupation, expansion of settlements, and expropriation of land. We work in support of Palestinian and Israeli groups committed to nonviolent resistance to the Occupation, including the International Solidarity Movement and Ta’ayush. We support cultural and political exchanges not only in Israel and Palestine but locally as well. We recently helped sponsor an evening of Arabic and Jewish culture at the Arab Cultural Center in San Francisco, and will continue to learn about and celebrate both cultures together. Source other examples can also be found here and here

For those of you not familiar with the international solidarity movement:

The International Solidarity Movement (ISM) has harbored known terrorists and openly advocated violence and the destruction of Israel. ISM spokesman Raphael Cohen was asked at a May 2003 press conference to define “occupation.” His response: “The Zionist presence in Palestine.”82 When asked to express his view of peace, he answered, “a one state solution,” by which he meant the creation of a Palestinian state in place of Israel.

On ISM's web site, the Internet directory is called “traveltopalestine.” Their site also located Ben Gurion Airport in “Palestine.” It includes an information packet for volunteers that features a country guide to “Palestine.” The guide lists the landmass of “Palestine” as “26,323 km2 = 10,162 miles2” – the size of the entire State of Israel, plus the West Bank and Gaza. The country guide describes the geographic boundaries of “Palestine” as extending from Jordan to the Mediterranean Sea, and from Lebanon to Aqaba; that is, again incorporating all of Israel.83

The ISM does not hide its incitement to violence. Its web site states that it recognizes “the Palestinian right to resist Israeli violence and occupation via legitimate armed struggle.” Cohen admits that, on April 25, 2003, he hosted a group of 15 people at his apartment. Included in that group were Asif Mohammad Hanif and Omar Khan Sharif, British nationals. They subsequently participated in various activities planned by the ISM. Five days later, the two carried out a suicide bombing in a popular pub next to the American Embassy in Tel Aviv that is frequented by Embassy personnel. Hanif and Sharif entered Israel under the guise of “peace activists” and “alternative tourism” – perhaps a reference to the ISM-precursor “Alternative Tourist Group.”84 ISM denies responsibility for the actions of the British bombers

On March 27, 2003, ISM was caught harboring Islamic Jihad terrorist Shadi Sukiya. He was arrested by the IDF in ISM's office, where a handgun was also found, after two foreign ISM activists helped Sukiya hide. These foreign activists tried to bar IDF soldiers from entering ISM offices, knowing that Sukia was there.85 Source

JVP and Hamas:

Here is how A Jewish Voice for Peace talks reported the Hamas election victory:

Hamas Wins Palestinian Elections: Questions you need answered

The stunning victory by Hamas in the Palestinian election has raised many questions. Jewish Voice for Peace offers some answers to help our members and supporters make sense of these momentous developments.

Hamas’ charter explicitly calls for Israel’s destruction; it bars recognition of Israel and compromise with her. The charter also commits the group to armed struggle and, in describing its view of Israeli and Zionist plans, cites the Protocols of the Elders of Zion (a Russian forgery from the very early 20th century that is the seminal piece of modern anti-Semitic literature) as its source. Hamas has engaged in many criminal acts of attacking civilians.

But Hamas has another side as well. It has established an extensive social services network, especially in the Gaza Strip. Many Palestinians have gotten much more material aid through and from Hamas than the PA over the years… [this sounds like "Hitler--at least he called his mother"

Q: Is Hamas prepared to engage in diplomacy with Israel?

A: Not at present, but there are indications that this could change. Hamas’ charter bars negotiating, recognizing or making any compromises with Israel. For the time being, they are sticking to that line, but even their own officials are saying that such a stance is incompatible with being the leading Palestinian party. Hamas understands that they are going to have to change. One Hamas official has already said that, while Hamas is not prepared for direct negotiations, if Israel has “something to offer, 1,000 ways can be found” to negotiate, which likely means negotiating through third parties. [something to offer? you gotta love it. the last THREE prime ministers has offered a Palestinian state--yet Hamas Still keeps its terrorist ways.

Along with the Solidarity movement JVP is also involved with ICAHD.Dr. Mark Braverman, a member of Jewish Voice for Peace serves on the Boards of Israeli Committee Against House Demolitions(ICAHD). Covered extensively on this blog (see here, here and here) the ICAHD is an NGO organization run by a self-hating Jew, dedicated to the One state Solution (Arab of course).

Folks there is a lot more to add, including the results of an IRS audit of JVP and some other allegations that I am researching. I guess the point is, when I write for this blog people know where I am coming from...I am passionately pro-America, pro-Israel and anti-Terror. The JVP is not a voice for peace and openness as they claim, that are passionately anti-Israel and pro-terror. They should at least be honest about it. To admit anything different would be, as Judge Judy would say, "peeing up my leg and telling me its raining"
Below is some more info aboout JVP and its leader from the Blog of investigative Journalist, Lee Kaplan.


I've written for the last four years that Jewish Voice for Peace is an Arab front group established to convince American Jews that they can still be good Jews but
advocate the destruction of the Jewish state. In the past, the JVOP newsletter has written that it is doubtful Jews ever lived in the Holy Land at all, and that the First Temple and Exodus from Egypt were myths. Also, claims that Jews in Israel are really descendents of Khazarians from southern Georgia in Russia were mentioned. These were some of the gems allegedly written by Mitchell Plitnick, the former head of the JVOP.

As the result of an audit of JVOP, Plitnick was downgraded from his position as head of JVOP and a new leader was brought in from the radical anti-Israel leftist front in Israel. Cecilie Surasky, Plitnick's replacement as mouthpiece for the JVOP started a blog titled Muzzlewatch, where she tried to present the image that Jews
who were less-than-supportive of Israel were being stifled in their freedom of speech.

Now new information comes out about Cecilie Surasky. In 2004, Ms. Surasky wrote an editorial for the Al Awda-linked website Electronic Intifada, run by the former
webmaster for Bir Zeit University (stronghold for Hamas recruitment) named Nigel Parry.

Parry has accused me of fabricating half of what I write and insists that Al Awda has absolutely nothing to do with Electronic Intifada and vice versa. I have uncovered enough evidence and proof that it does, since two of the co-founders of Electronic Intifada, Arjan El-Fassed and Ali Abunimah are respectively a co-founder of Al Awda and leader of Al Awda. The source of this information?

Nigel Parry himself.

What is significant about Al Awda's links to Electronic Intifada and Cecilie Suransky of Jewish Vocie for Peace? Well, for one thing I've proven that Al Awda, besides being highly anti-Semitic and advocating for the total annihilation of Israel
also is allied with the American Nazi Party. It was this revelation that got the international Al Awda conference kicked off the UC Riverside campus about six months ago by me. Cecilie Surasky in 2004 did not just have a letter to the editor published on the Electronic Intifada website, she wrote an editorial, that is an official poistion for the website Electronic Intifada, part of the Al Awda/US Nazi Party collaboration against Israel and, by extension, all Jews.

We'll have a more detailed breakdown of all of this on my websites at and very soon. Bill Levinson, an expert researcher at Stop the ISM will also have the story on the weblog soon too.

Ms. Surasky, you have been outted, not as a "Jew of conscience" against Israel, but as a shill for the anti-Semites and pro-Nazis in Al Awda and at Electronic Intifada.

Who do you think will probably replace you next at Jewish Voice for Peace?

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