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Friday, November 30, 2007

60 Years Ago Today..the UN Created a Jewish State--60 Hours ago It's Destruction Began

Thirty-three for. Thirteen against. Ten abstentions and one country absent from the vote. The resolution is approved.
With that. the United Nations partitioned Palestine...creating an Arab state and a Jewish State. Yes Mr. Abbas it said JEWISH STATE. With that, the Arab world declared war on the nascent Jewish State, sixty years later they still refuse to acknowledge the existence of that Jewish State
. Diane Steinman of the AJC writes in today's New York Post:
In the last 60 years, the UN's partition decision has been overwhelmingly vindicated. In a region plagued with religious extremism, tyranny and economic stagnation, Israel stands as a model of democratic pluralism, economic growth and human progress. The Jewish state has contributed to the global community in myriad ways, including an entrepreneurial social sector and a cutting-edge high-tech economy. It has also generously offered its assistance to all countries in need. Yet Israel's right to exist is still under attack, often by the same forces that rejected the two-state solution six decades ago. .....In an Orwellian twist contrived by Arab countries, the UN in 1977 declared Nov. 29 a "Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People." This distorted the original UN decision beyond recognition - using it to undermine, rather than promote, the cause of peace. Last year's "Day of Solidarity" UN event, for example, featured a large map of "Palestine" on which Israel did not appear. The official explanaton was that it was simply that the map predated Israeli independence - but the implication of a Palestine without Israel was clear.

When Steinman says --on this 60th anniversary, it's time for UN member states to reclaim the moral high ground and to once again allow the United Nations to become a relevant player in the quest for peace. She is only partially right. The United States must also regain the moral high ground which it held for the first six years of the Bush Administration. It is disingenuous for us to reward and "prop up" a man who is still trying to destroy Israel, as witnessed by their failure to recognized Israel as a Jewish State, failure to recognize any of the Jewish holy sites as Jewish, and most importantly the fact that Fatah which is run by President Abbas is still conducting terrorist activities.

As Amos Oz's father told his young son on Nov. 29, 1947, "From now on, from the moment we have our own state, you will never be bullied just because you are a Jew and because Jews are so-and-so's. Not that. Never again. From tonight that's finished here. Forever."
Unfortunately, Amos Oz' dad was wrong ..Israel and Jews all over the world are bullied and just because we are Jewish. Israel's Prime Minister and America's Secretary of State are doing their best to join with the rest of the world to make Mr. Oz a liar.

Olmert and is Kadima cohorts are once again proving the genius of Ze'ev Jabotinsky who said:

It is incredible what political simpletons Jews are. They shut their eyes to one of the most elementary rules of life, that you must not "meet halfway" those who do not want to meet you.

--Ze'ev Jabotinsky, The Iron Wall November 4, 1923

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Anonymous said...

Jabotinsky learned that lesson the hard way, we would do well to listen and remember
Rememberance Hanukkah 5768