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Monday, November 19, 2007

Haveil Havalim 141- The Save Israel Edition

This was originally going to be called Haveil Havalim 141: The Bar Mitzvah Edition. A week ago my wife and I were hosting 220 of our closest friends and family at a party celebrating my youngest child's Bar Mitzvah. My Son did a wonderful and very funny D'var Torah on Vayetzei which I posted at Kvelling about My Son

His Bar Mitzvah really put things in perspective. Much of the past year my family spent wrestling with serious illnesses of loved ones. The miracle of my son's Bar Mitzvah was the entire family was there to enjoy it proving that Ben Gurion was Wrong !

By the way I am not the only one writing about their son this

Making a Hebraist Out Of Jr posted at Ari's Blog and
The Missing Tefillin posted at The Muqata جميل في المقاطعة
By last Sunday afternoon the family was gone and it was back to the real world. And this puts the real world in perspective the most Please Help: Missing 16-Year Old Girl posted at Daled Amos. Please pass that post around it is the least our little network of Bloggers and readers can do.

Many of you have been contacted by me about a group I have been working with the Coordinating Committee to Save Jerusalem (If you haven't been contacted and want to be involved please leave a comment or email me and I will include you).

The Committee's website was finally opened with an announcement made by the one and only Dry Bones The Battle for Jerusalem.

While I am at it let me Just say SHAME ON YOU ! to AIPAC, to the Conservative movement (of which I am a member) for not getting involved with Coordinating Committee to Save Jerusalem--they were invited. I guess when it comes to saving Jerusalem their feeling can be best described by this picture. AIPAC proves once again that it is not a real organization... it takes its orders from the Israeli government..right or wrong. As for the Conservative movement, since is all tied up in its underwear trying NOT to take clear a stand on Homosexuality, the role of women, and the use of musical instruments in Shul on Shabbos, why should I expect it to take a give a rat's ass whether Jerusalem remains Jewish.

With the Annapolis conference right around the corner and a real danger of Olmert putting Israel in mortal danger I gave preference to articles discussing Annapolis and other threats to Israel and the Jewish People

muse reminds us that we don't need anyone's permission to rebuild Israel in Is the 29th of November a Day to Celebrate? posted at Shiloh Musings(and kudos to muse for using my second favorite prophet Schmuel in the piece--my favorite is Elisha who really knew how to handle people who picked on bald guys). Rabbi Without a cause tells us why we rate having claim to Jerusalem Religious Zionism, not Zionism - based-on-Religion.We ALL rate whether we were born Jewish or are New Jews posted at Schvach - פני דל. Because we are all Jews even those who have to re-discover our Judaism like The Ballad of the Living Jew posted at Letters of Thought.

Rabbi Meyasha the grandson of Rabbi Yehoshua ben Levi said (Kesuvos 75a): This verse is applicable to any Jew that was born in Zion and one who yearns to see her. Even Jews who were born elsewhere will be considered children of Zion, provided that they yearn to return there --read
Yearning to the Return to Zion posted at Daf notes. Here is somemone who did return Ben-Yehudah presents Wayeshev Ya'aqov posted at Wayeshev Ya'aqov, saying, "This is my new aliyah blog. I'm marking 10 years in Israel by not only actively encouraging aliyah, but trying to help on a practical level, by passing on what I've learned. Please let me know if you have similar blog, and would like to exchange links."

Perhaps the biggest danger facing Israel and the Jewish people is Ehud Olmert who continues to ignore reason and the will of Israeli citizens Israelis overwhelmingly OPPOSE Splitting Jerusalem just check out these Protest Posters posted at My Right Word. Maybe Bush should check out Land For Peace', American Style posted at J O S H U A P U N D I T As my friend Chaim says Annapolis is just The Mad Rush to Disaster

Olmert is however bowing to the will of other people Olmert to release another 300-400 terrorists; 'Palestinians' won't recognize Israel as a Jewish state (posted at Israel Matzav). I guess everybody knows Olmert is a Backstabber Who Can't be Trusted (posted at Fiery Spirited Zionist). Pamela shows us how he is so quick to allow the Palestinians destroy the Temple Mount Dr. Eldad Calls out Muslim Israeli Minister. After they are done with the Holiest Site in all of Jewry the Palestinians are Targeting Mother Rachel.

Carl in Jerusalem wonders if with his latest pronouncements about Iran Was Olmert sending Bush and Rice a message?, Ted Belman of Israpundit says “Land for War” Deal or “Palestine for Bomb” Deal.

Maybe they were just wasting time..there is a new way to say it too there is a
NEW HEBREW WORD - Named For Condi Rice used by Israeli Government Officials - Means Meetings that Accomplish Nothing read about it at the Town Crier. I disagree- - Rice is accomplishing something...screwing Israel..Carl calls it Burnt Rice Olmert and Rice arent the only danger...beware of Liberal Hawks (posted at JoeSettler) maybe its because as Daled Amos says Condoleezza Rice--Making It Up As She Goes Along.

Yisrael Medad
proves that when it comes to THIS David Gillmour, the Lunatic his in HIS head--read Balfour Made No Blunder posted at My Right Word. Muse presents View of That Wall From Pisgat Zeev, Jerusalem posted at Shiloh Musings. Speaking of Walls --Streets Of Jerusalem presents The Walls of Jerusalem posted at The Streets of Jerusalem.

One of the big issues of Annapolis is what Palestinians call "the right of return" basically should everybody who once knew a Muslim that left Israel in 1948 be allowed to move back, thus causing Israel to stop being the Jewish Homeland. Olmert made it an issue this week --well sort of PA Doesn't Accept a JEWISH State of Israel: And Still Olmert Negotiates
InContext puts it more succinctly Utter nonsense he says. .Soccer Dad presents The peace inoculation posted at Soccer Dad.The first Arab country to make "peace" with Israel doesn't believe it its a Jewish State either in fact as my friend Pamela of Atlas Shrugs shows, Egypt is not a big friend of any kind of Jew read Jew haters of the World.Speaking of Jew haters lets for a minute look at the largest set of ears in the world yes I am talking about the man who's present wife once wished he was a tampon: Prince Charles Doesn't Want to Visit Israel?!?

Keep in mind not all Palestinians are radical Yitzchak Goodman reminds us that the UNRWA chief: We're in danger of alienating the still unradicalized Palestinians--all three of them One thing UNRWA wont talk about What about the JEWISH Refugees?: The US and Israel Refuse to Help even though Jewish Refugees Hold Deeds to Former Homes in Arab Lands.

One Jewish-directed Blood Libel was in the news this week as France 2's report of the supposed death of Muhammad al-Durah ,which lead so many deaths across Israel and the PA territories, was not only shown to be a lie, but the French "News" station looked moronic in its defense of the missing "nine" minutes please read More on The Al-Durah Courtroom Follies: France 2 Libelers"On The Run" on my site or The al-Dura trial is about much more than France 2 posted at Israel Matzav, and AL DURA RUSHES SCREEN IN FRENCH COURT at AHMADINEJAD AND THE JEWS.

SnoopyTheGoon posted Another puzzled muzzled to explain to the Arabs why we are frightened of a nuclear Arab country. While the Elder of Zion debates the question Is Zionism colonialism? And Snapped shot shows us that Just maybe your eyes cant believe everything it sees in A Proper Context for Everything · snapped shot.
My Friend Chaim would just say its Arab Arrogance - Part I or Arab Arrogance - Part II.

Ok folks I need to turn it down a notch before I explode..before I go on let me post some news of the weird, funny or other stuff to bring a smile on my face so I can calm down..enjoy this semi-Comic Interlude:

SnoopyTheGoon presents Beckham's disgusting groupies posted at SimplyJews.

If I die before I finish HH 141 at least I am in peace because Howard Dean Says I Can Go To Heaven On a more serious note Rafi G tells us about a man willing to make the sacrifice so he can go to heaven this is a man with integrity

oo bad my wife and I just bought a new car because this one seem interesting (and very funny) Features of the New Islamic Car

Holy Contentions, Batman posted at Schvach - פני דל.

Yisrael Medad reminds us that people in Indiana aren't used to Jews wearing T'fillin The Terrorizing Tefillin Tale is posted at My Right Word,

If reading all of that doesn't make me feel a bit better..maybe I need to go to TherapyDoc's site and read Being Great and the Self in Self-esteem

To me, this short post shows what being Jewish is really all about read
Washing Machine "Gmach" posted at me-ander.

My friend Yael reminds us that nothing ever changes in the mid east read same, same posted at Boker Tov Boulder She is right...I just call it Liar, Dammed Liars, and Annapolis Liars The real question is asked by my friend Chaim Munich 1938, Annapolis 2007 is there really any difference Chaim doesn't think so...neither do I.

Veteran's Day was last week, Chanukah is in two week so this post about heroes is very appropriate Sacrifice, Survival, and Hope posted at Juggling Frogs.
One more about Heros, this post touches on the Heroes in the IDF and the heroes in Iraq this one will surprise you REVEALED: What Israel Bombed in Syria

Folks this is the earliest I have ever finished a HH so I am going to conclude my rant and try to calm down and go to sleep--- thanks to all who submitted. If I made a mistake in any of the above let me know and I will fix.

Please before you write or read another post....write a letter, make a donation send a anything you can do to help Save Israel from the dangers of Annapolis and one-sided concessions.

AND DON'T FORGET when you are done with this carnival make sure to got to Dr. Pat Insanity for the always funny and thought provoking.CARNIVAL OF THE INSANITIES - Happy Thanksgiving!

Submit your blog article to the next edition of haveil havalim using our carnival submission form. Past posts and future hosts can be found on the blog carnival index page.

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Way to Go! Good job all around.

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Mazel tov on your son's bar mitzvah; thanks for the plug and let us pray that through our efforts and others, the Jewish people, Israel and Yerushalayim will all be protected.

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B"H Great Job! Comprehensive, well-organized, and with a moving and personal theme. Two thumbs up!

Thanks for the link!

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Excellent, hard hitting hh. That lid must be something.

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