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Thursday, November 15, 2007

NEWS FLASH: Al Dura Tape Missing NINE Minutes

This Just In from CAMERA

Today — November 14 — the public will finally be able to view the 27 minutes of raw footage of the death of Mohammed Al Dura and determine whether or not it was a fake. Or will they?

France 2 refused to hand over the original film but a court order last month by the French court of appeals forces the station to air the 27 minutes of raw footage--which actually consists of staged scenes of Palestinians pretending to be shot, according to the few journalists who previously saw it.

But just when we thought the truth would finally be revealed, France 2 is backtracking again. Enderlin now is telling the Jerusalem Post, there were never 27 minutes of raw footage:

"I do not know where this 27 minutes comes from," he said. "In all,
there were only 18 minutes of footage shot in Gaza."

Enderlin might not remember where the 27 minutes came from, but we can
remind him. His cameraman in whom he claimed to have "full confidence"
testified to the Palestinian Centre for Human Rights that he had "spent
approximately 27 minutes photographing the incident which took place
for 45 minutes." And the three French journalists who were invited by
France 2 to view the footage, Luc Rosenzwieg, Denis Jeambar and Daniel
Leconte, reported that "In the 24 minutes of film preceding the footage
of Al Dura, young Palestinians are performing for the television
cameras. They fall and when they think that no one is around, they get
up. "

Philippe Karsenty Says---BULL ! (from Media Backspin)
But Philippe Karsenty, the director of the media watchdog group Media-Ratings - and the man whose assertion that France 2's coverage of the incident was "a hoax" lies at the heart of the ongoing legal battle - was adamant that there were indeed 27 minutes of footage. He vowed further legal action "if France 2 remains stubborn and refuses to hand over the complete 27 minutes of unedited footage."

Its Rosemary Woods time again.

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