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Thursday, January 3, 2008


Ladies and Gentlemen---there you have it: the Nominations for 2007 Most Self Hating Jew Awards.

Below are the Nominees in all four categories:
  1. Self Hating Jews of 2007-24 Nominees
  2. Not Self Hating---JUST STUPID- 8 Nominees
  3. Self Hating Ex-Jews-2 Nominees
  4. Self Hating Media- 3 Nominees

Self Hating Jews Of 2007:
  • Amira Hass, Editor at Ha'aretz. If KRB were a working journalist that's AH - . According to her Wiki entry, she's lived among Palis continuously since 1993.
  • Gerald Michael (Geraldo) Rivera GERALDO RIVERA DOES IT AGAIN! special kuddos to my daughter on this one, because it is her idea..of course I am a only a little prejudice.
  • Israeli prof Gary Sussman - who's also a self-hating South African, it seems.

Not Self Hating-Just Stupid Award:

  • Orthodox Anarchist" Daniel Sieradski, who forcibly injects post-avant garde and hip-hop influences into Orthodox Judiasm in an online format.

Self Hating Ex-Jews:

Self-Hating Media

The winners were announced on 1/6/08

To see who won Click Below

And 2007's Most Self Hating Jews Are....


Anonymous said...

1. Self-hating - Shimon Peres & entire Olmert led government
2. Just Stupid - Alan Combs
3. Self-hating ex-Jews - Daniel Sharon
4. Self-hating media - Ha'aretz

This was tough. I wanted to vote for every one of these morons.

Terrific idea!

Daniel said...

1. self hating-Adam shapiro- hopefully the muslims will take care of him.
2.Just stupid- Alan Colmes. I hope next time he debates Ann Coulter that she'll challange him on his Jewishness.
3. self hating ex jews- Robert Novak-note that he is the only republican on the entire list. May he suffer lockjaw with his oversized dentures.
4. Self hating media- NYT. no matter how bad am haaretz gets , they can never achieve the height of the NYT's burying the Holocaust. May the entire Sulzberger clan suffer aids encephalitis.

I would have added to the list of nominees Andrew Silow-Carrol(O'Carrol) the editor of the Democratic Party paper-The NJ Jewish News, with all it mixed marriage announcements, and the Ortho blogger DOVBEAR that actually supports Yoffie/ lerners pary line.

Right Truth said...

Wow, what a list. Makes it pretty hard to choose, but here goes:

1. Self-Hating: Christiane Amanpour's Husband

2. Just Stupid: Alan Combs

3. Self-Hating Ex Jews: Bob Novak

4. Self-Hating Media: The New York Times

Debbie Hamilton
Right Truth

Anonymous said...

1.Self-hating-Rabbis on KGIA Advisory Board and those that support the school.
2.Just stupid Larry Choler-Esses
3.Self-hating ex-Jews-Daniel Sharon
Self-hating media-Ha'aretz

Anonymous said...

ugh ......too hard but I have to go with Olmurderer but not enough blame goes to the detroyers - the media

Susan Duclos said...

I agree, very hard decision.

1. self Hating Jew-Jeff Halper
2. Alan Combs, STUPID.
3. Self Hating Ex-Jew-Daniel Sharon
4. Self-Hating Media-New York Times

Anonymous said...

Suppose around 1965 someone had written:
"Communists are very dangerous" - Most of us can agree to that.
Then they gave a list of dangerous communists
Joe Stalin
Nikita Krushchev
Fidel Castro

So far so good.
Then they added to the list, other dangerous "Communists"
Dwight Eisenhower
Martin Luther King
Adlai Stevenson
Most people would conclude that the person who made the list is a weirdo extremist.

Your list says more about you than it does about the people on your list.

On the one hand you have a point. People like Jeff Halper, Marsha Cohen, (you forgot her - oops), Naomi Klein, Finkelstein, Ilan Pappe, Avi Shlaim and others are hard to explain as anything other than psychiatric aberrations.

Richard Cohen seems to be an erratic and ignorant theater critic whose heart might be in the right place, but who makes bizarre observations from time to time.

Shimon Peres is a different matter however. In each day of his adult life, Peres probably did more for the Jewish people then you will ever do if you live for a thousand years Mr. Lid - unless your pseudonym hides the name of a former head of the Mossad or some similar official. A group of self-hating Jews, poisoned by their own hate, decided that Peres should not be president and voted instead for a degenerate rapist. We have the Peres haters to thank for Katsav's shameful fiasco of a presidency. Putin used it to make us the laughing stock of the world. What could have been more self-destructive and self-hating than that?

The "Entire Olmert Government" includes, for example, Ehud Barak, who risked his life on numerous occasions for the Jewish people and the state of Israel. He is our most decorated soldier. Where do you come off, sitting in America someplace with your aol account, deciding that Barak, Olmert and Peres are not good Jews or loyal Israelis? Did you go to Beirut dressed as a woman to whack Palestinian terrorists? Did you create the Israeli nuclear reactor? Father the hi-tech industry? Organize defense procurement in 1948?? Of course, everyone can have a different political opinion and make mistakes, but that is not the same thing as being a traitor or a self-hating Jew.

Aside from penning a venomous Web log for the faithful and inciting future Yigal Amirs, what is your great Zionist achievement that allows you to sit in judgement of people like Barak and Peres and declare that they are "self hating Jews"??

A guy who writes a screed denigrating the heros of Israel is a self-hating Jew. I vote for you. Write-in.

Ami Isseroff

Winged Hussar 1683 said...

Self-hating: can't I vote for more than one? Forman, Soros, Surasky, Lubin, Lerner, and Shapiro all qualify.

I nominated Forman so I suppose I have to vote for him. NJDC's Web site hosts anti-Semitic "Jew as Christian hater" material as well as anti-Christian hate propganda (Bubbie versus Jesus and Christians, I mean, Bubbie versus the GOP), and Forman sanitized and whitewashed MoveOn's anti-Semitic hate speech. It's easy to know when a NJDC blogger is lying; his fingers are moving over a keyboard.

Nonetheless, the others are certainly worthy. Soros hates Israel and calls the U.S. a threat to world peace.

Adam Shapiro is working with the ISM to destroy Israel, and Barbara Lubin's Middle East Children's Alliance once was a conduit for donations to flow to the ISM.

Not Self Hating-Just Stupid Award:

Abraham Foxman would stand head and shoulders above all the others were he capable of getting off his belly, on which he is currently lying to lick the shoes of (whitewashed MoveOn's sponsorship of anti-Semitic hate speech) and prominent racist and anti-Semite Al Sharpton. Then there was the Armenian genocide controversy into which Foxman stuck the ADL's nose.

Runner up: Eric Yoffie of the Union for Reform "Judaism." Remember, a vote for Al Gore and gun control is a vote for God! (2000, Million Mom March)

Self-hating Ex Jews:

Self-hating media: Tikkun magazine

Mr. Discretion said...

Barak was a jewicidal tool of Bill Clinton. Maybe he had hairy balls when he was a young man, but something happened later on.

Colms is more than a jewicidal jew, he is a hard core socialist, and has NO sense of honesty, unless you count that he probably notices the line (with a smirk) as he crosses over it every time he opens his mouth to bash the US, Christianity or conservatives.

Anonymous said...

You forgot Marcus Epstein.


Anonymous said...

No doubt that Peres is a self-hating ass. So is Barak, Beilin, Sarid and most of the 120 monkeys that sit in the Knesset, the most entertaining zoo in Yerushalayim. In America, take your pick, there is Finkelstein, Soros, Shapiro, Michael Lerner, and about 400,000 Israelis called Yordim.
To call them self-hating is kind of weird, I mean, these people actually love themselves with a passion hardly seen among the goyim. They are bad Jews, that is for sure, but maybe we need to come up with a better adjective for these morons.

Daniel said...

Ami Isseroff ,

Being a good Israeli and a good Jew are often diametrically opposed. Barak certainly is a loyal Israeli but a good Jew?
The whole ethos of his second aliyah/Labor culture was to create a New "normal" Israeli culture that was not Jewish. Those who cut the yemenite pais were Jewish rashas but perhaps were righteous "Israelis". Those who murdered the Altalena victims in cold blood were bad Jews but Good Israelis. The million yordim are probably good Israelis. The people that ape American trailer trash culture are good Israelis, with their hip hop violinists and their transexual singers.
I would commit kiddush Hashem to stay Jewish, but I'd rather be a Puerto Rican than an "Israeli" .
I guess I am a good Jew but a bad "Israeli"

Anonymous said...

I guess I should vote too

1)Kenny Roth
2)Rabbi Yoffi
3)Bob Novak

LEL said...

I would say Finkelstein wins hands down. You can't get more self-hating than defending nazis.

LEL said...

Just stupid-Alan Colmes

Self-hating media goes to Tikkun.

Anonymous said...

1. Abe Greenhouse, because no one else will vote for him and because I'll never forget or forgive him attacking a visiting dignitary from another country (my hero, Natan Sharansky) with a pie in the face ... and getting away with it.

2. Just stupid? Alan Combs, especially when in the company of Ann Coulter.

3. I abstain; there is no such thing as an ex-Jew.

4. ABSOLUT NYTIMES - in spite of the fact that they've taken on Bill Kristol to write an op-ed column, starting Jan. 7th. Can't wait.

Anonymous said...

1. Christiane Amanpour's husband
2. Alan Colmes
3. Daniel Sharon
4. New York Times

Batya said...

Here's a little extra Electioneering!

I vote:Peres and all those politicians
Daniel Sharon
David Landau

Anonymous said...

Self Hating? Amy Goodman and Noam Chomsky. Actually, self-loathing Capos.

Just Stupid? Anyone Jew who believes Bush would ever have defended Israel against an Arab country.

Self Hating ex-Jews? Maybe Casper Weinberger -- and that is a stretch because his father, and not mother, was Jewish. Cappy went out of his way to quash his Jewish background. He called Pollard the worst traitor while his bosses at Reagan-Bush, Inc. were handing out WMD to Saddam, and Money, Arms and CIA manuals to the Bin Ladens of the world. Weinberger also was on the board of the Anti-Israel Becthel Corporation as were most Reagan cabinet members. Kissinger was also a maumser. Allowed Israel to be attacked by Arabs to 'bloody their noses.'

Self hating media? FOX News. Goes about calling Moslems fascists yet its largest private owner is a Saudi terrorist financier.

Anonymous said...

Tough to choose, they'd all get my vote.

1. I immediately thought of Chomsky, but since he wasn't on the list, I'll vote for Finkelstein.

2. Alan Colmes. I didn't even know he was Jewish Dayum.

3. Bob Novack

4. NYT

Daniel said...

I suggest another category- Self Hating Jewish Organizations:
JNF, UJA, ADL, ACLU( technically not , but in reality), Metrowest,Peace Now, Americans for Peace Now etc

Jeremayakovka said...

* Shimon Peres and the entire Olmert-led government
(Fight the power!)

* Orthodox Anarchist
(Has too much influence on the under-30 crowd)

* Daniel Sharon
(A case of the "transgression" of homosexuality being patently regressive.)

* The New York Times
(The Gray Bitch gotta go.)

Anonymous said...

1 Soros

2 Foxman, although self hating may apply too.

3 Novak rules this category.

4 Have to go with the NY Times although Haaretz gave them a good run.

Anonymous said...

1.Self Hating: Norman Finkelstein

2. Just stupid: Ehud Olmert gov.

3.Self hating Ex jews: (abstain)
Once a yid always a yid.

4:Self hating media: Ha'aretz

***new category's***
#5. Traitor to the people:
"rabbi" Yoffi
#6. People who would not be missed if hit by a truck:
Abe Greenhouse(same as above, for hitting Natan Sharansky with a pie in the face.

News Service said...

Self hating awards:
1- To all people who bandy this term about.
2- To Massada2000 who has a hit list of "self hating Jews"
3- This year: to those who blacken Zionism, Israel and Judaism as violent, racist and hating peace. To Steve Plaut and Jewish Press, Gold Medal awards in making Israel look bad for advocating turning south Lebanon into a parking lot, and in general for promulgating Jewish Khomeiniism.

4- Silver medal for effort goes to Ilan Pappe for his book about Ethnic Cleansing and a lifetime in service of invented history. But Pappe doesn't do as much damage as Jewish extremists who seem to prove his thesis.

See Q&A: From Khartoum to Annapolis with self-hating Zionists

5. Bronze campaign medals to all of those who engage in name calling, insulting Israel's leaders etc.

Ami Isseroff

adamdalgliesh said...

1.Self-hating Jew: Richard Silverstein
2. Just stupid: Rabbi Yoffi (I think he also qualifies as self-hating)
3. Self-hating ex-Jew: Robert Novak
4. Self-hating media: Haaretz.

Richard Silverstein's personal abuse of those who disagree with him, such as Rachel Neuwirth,and his efforts to drive those who criticise him off the internet ( Masada2000)puts him in a class by himself--self-hating hypocritical Jew of the year.


Anonymous said...

From Bruce Wechsler

1. Self-hating - Shimon Peres & entire Olmert led government
2. Just Stupid - Alan Combs
3. Self-hating ex-Jews - Bob Novak
4. Self-hating media - NY Times

Daniel said...

Ami Isseroff,
Where you are missing the point is that you see "Israeli" and Jewish as synonomous. King Ahab was a great Isreali but a shitty Jew. Or maybe you would have defended him then.

Anonymous said...

Self Hating: BARBARA LUBIN! [my grandma] and yes, i'm a pround self hating jew myself.

Soccer Dad said...

1. Henry Siegman - I nominated him and he's been doing this for years.
2. Alan Colmes
3. Robert Novak
4. New York Times

Anonymous said...

Just 1. Self-hating - entire Olmert led government.

Jewish Odysseus said...

1--Anyone who strives to put tanks, machine guns, bombs and bullets in the hands of Joooo-hating Arabs while he ALSO DISARMS THE JEWS WHO LIVE NEXT TO THEM...this is far worse than self-hating, this is a hillul ha-Shem and an atrocity...OLMERT, HANDS DOWN.

2--OLMERT, HANDS DOWN--he deserves a double!

3--Novak, greaT journalist but the man needs a shrink.

4--New York Slimes, all the way. BTW, is Tony Lewis dead yet?

Jewish Odysseus said...

1--Anyone who strives to put tanks, machine guns, bombs and bullets in the hands of Joooo-hating Arabs while he ALSO DISARMS THE JEWS WHO LIVE NEXT TO THEM...this is far worse than self-hating, this is a hillul ha-Shem and an atrocity...OLMERT, HANDS DOWN.

2--OLMERT, HANDS DOWN--he deserves a double!

3--Novak, greaT journalist but the man needs a shrink.

4--New York Slimes, all the way. BTW, is Tony Lewis dead yet?