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Thursday, February 7, 2008

WINOGRAD REPORT A SHAM ! Report Skewed to Save Peace Process

After all that waiting, the Winograd Report is a sham. According to committee member Prof. Yechezkel Dror the reason they did not call for Olmert's resignation was they were afraid that Netanyahu would win the election and the "peace process" would end.

“Listen, if we think the prime minister, Ehud Olmert, will advance the peace process, that is a very honorable consideration,” Prof. Dror told Maariv newspaper, which headlined that comment on its front page Wednesday. “What do you prefer?" Dror asked rhetorically, "an Olmert-Barak government or new elections where Netanyahu will rise to power?”

Prof. Dror explained to Maariv that in his view advancing the diplomatic process with the Palestinian Authority will save more lives, and it is therefore justified to take a prime minister’s willingness to engage in negotiations into account when issuing a report like the Winograd Committee published last week. “The peace process, if successful, will save so many lives that it should be given great weight,” Dror said. “It is not right to only look at one aspect.”

Asked if the bereaved parents of the Second Lebanon War are not a consideration, Prof. Dror responded: “I am thinking about the bereaved parents in a future war. If the peace process will prevent a war in the future, so think about those parents, who won’t undergo the greatest pain there is.”

OH MY GOD !!!! Not only did they issue a bogus report, but they set themselves above the people in the political process. WHO DIED AND LEFT THEM KINGS !!!
The comments registered shock and condemnation from MKs, who said that it was clear that the Winograd Commission did not adhere to its mandate of examining the Second Lebanon War, but saw itself as fit to choose Israel’s political leadership. MK Zevulun Orlev (National Religious Party), who heads the Knesset Control Committee, has called an emergency session to which Prof. Dror will be asked to explain himself. SOURCE:Winograd C'tee Member Admits: PM Spared Due to 'Peace Process'by Ezra HaLevi

If this turns out to be true the Winograd report should be renamed the Watergate report and the committee members should be thrown in Jail for trying to disenfranchise the Israeli Electorate.

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