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Thursday, July 24, 2008

Some VERY Creepy Obama Symbols

In Jewish tradition, Tisha B'av is the anniversary of the day the spies that Moshe sent to Cannan came back and delivered their report. Ten of the 12 spies warned the people not to go into the land. Because they did not trust God, the Jewish People were not only sentenced to wander in the desert for 40 years, but until the coming of the Moshiach (messiah), the 9th of Av was to be a day of mourning, where bad things would happen to the people. On that day, for example, both Temples were destroyed, over five hundred years apart. It was that day in 1492 that Spain, at the time one of the most vibrant Jewish Communities of the world had to either leave the country, convert or Die. There were dozens of other things that happened that day, here is one more

On July 27th, 2004 candidate for US Senator from the state of Illinois, Barack Obama delivered a Keynote address to the delegates of the Democratic National Convention in Boston. His speech called "the Audacity of Hope" was hailed as a classic and the candidate was anointed as the future of the Democratic Party. At the same time, observant Jews all across the world were finishing up one of only two major fast days on the Jewish calender. You see, July 27th, 2004 was the 9th day of the Hebrew month of Av, also known as Tisha B'av.

Obama is now in Berlin, a city that wears the history of the Holocaust on its shoulders. It was in Berlin where Hitler gave the orders for his horrible plans. He will be speaking from the Victory Column. On February 19, 1938 The NY Times reported on how the "Victory Column" was used as the backdrop for a major Hitler speech seen as the prelude for the takeover of Austria:

The Reichstag itself and its surroundings are decorated with flags and garlands. The most significant decorations, perhaps, are the huge banners hung from the victory column facing the old Reichstag building and the rising sun superimposed by the German eagle which will form Hitler's background when he speaks.

The Victory Column was a favorite of Hitler's, he even had it moved and improved to be the centerpiece of his New Berlin.

Tisha B'av and Victory Column--intentional ? I really don't think so, but I also don't believe in coincidences . Sometimes messages from heaven are there for those who look and this may be one of them.


Freedom's Cost said...

Sammy, how dare you mix religion with politics?!?!?

I always accused of being a closet Orthodox Jew, this piece more than corroborates it!

Seriously, the signs are there. Will enough people heed them? That is the question!

TexasFred said...

Awesome, I knew that great minds thought alike but now you're starting to frighten me a little...

LMAO.. Seriously, great post my friend...

Chana @ Lemon Lime Moon said...

I am glad you said this. There is a creepy feeling in the air about this whole campaign of his that I have not been able to pin down, just that it is unnatural.

Epaminondas said...

Obama doesn't even know his own family's history think these guys had a clue about THIS history?
Forget it.

His 'people' just looked for the best spot to get a crowd of 200k+.

They and the backdrop were all a TOOL. Look no further.

If Nuremberg never had a 'cathedral of ice' they would go for that dramatic a backdrop as well.

OR from the mall in DC.

It just doesn't matter.

It is the unspoken message of the crowd they want.

Admin1/obamanation said...

I was already getting chill bumps from listening to clips of Obama's speech there BEFORE I read this.

Keep up the great work buddy of standing for truth!

We all need to be praying for America.