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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Obama's ANTI-ISRAEL Feelings Slip Through Again

This item was SHOCKING in its stupidity:
Jimmy Carter, John Kerry and Chicago Mayor Richard Daley will be among the speakers at next week's Democratic National Convention, organizers announced today.......

Former president Carter also is scheduled to speak Monday night, as is Jerry Kellman, a mentor to Obama during his days as a community organizer in Chicago source

So the question is...which is it. Is Senator Barack Obama TOTALLY insensitive to the Jewish Community or is he just BRAIN DEAD. If the Democratic candidate is trying to court the Jewish vote he has a funny way of showing it. JIMMY CARTER IS THE MOST ANTI-ISRAEL AND ANTI-SEMITIC PRESIDENT SINCE ISRAEL WAS CREATED IN 1948. And now Senator Obama is giving the bigot, a NATIONAL STAGE at the convention.

Ambassador Marc Ginsburg who was Jimmy Carter's deputy senior adviser on the Middle East, and from 1977 through 1980 was White House liaison to the State Department. He has a unique perspective of Jimmy Carter's Middle East dealings. According to the Ambassidor, the reason that the Peanut President goes out of his way to bash Israel is that he feels American Jews did not kiss his butt enough for all that he did for Israel. Let me put it another way Carter Screws Israel to Get Back at American Jews. You get Obama? The man doesn't like Jews.

Jimmy Carter says America Should Negotiate with Hamas. Is That YOUR position?

Jimmy Carter Says Israel is an Apartheid State. Is That YOUR Position?

Did you read one newspaper last year when he was prancing around the world trying to de-ligitimize Israel?

Or is it that your true anti-Israel feelings slipping through again?


Findalis said...

This is gonna be one fun convention to watch. Will Dhimmi Carter dis Israel? Will anyone? If they do, all bets are off on NY, and Florida. Could Jews vote for an openly anti-Semite?

Can't wait for the fireworks to start! Getting the popcorn, milk duds and pop ready for the week.

Bloviating Zeppelin said...

Sir: in a nutshell, Obama simply IS that thick and inconsiderate. I'll wager he hasn't given 30 seconds thought to Israel or Jews.


Anonymous said...

Obama is not only that stupid, but he's that evil too. Everyone who surrounds him is either a terrorist or an old-school ROTC-bombong communist. Not only is Jimmy flipping Carter going to speak at the DNC, but so is the president of ISNA, an offshoot of the Muslim Brotherhood, the organization which drove every Jew out of Egypt and spawned such lovely offspring as Al Qaeda, Hamas, the MSA, MAS, NAIT, etc. A quick search for 'ISNA' on the Investigative Project on Terrorism pulled up 50 results, and I think it only finds the top 50. Check it out: . This is a clearer endorsement of anti-Semitism, America-hatred, and outright support for terrorism than, well, buying property with Tony Rezko and the son of Elijah Mohammed and filling his campaign headquarters with convicted terrorists. This is public.