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Tuesday, December 9, 2008

William Pfaff -->Mumbai Was The Jews Fault ????

If you look up the biography of Columnist William Pfaff it says:
William Pfaff (born in 1928) is an American author, op-ed columnist for the International Herald Tribune and frequent contributor to The New York Review of Books. He was born in Council Bluffs, Iowa, and is of German, English, and Irish origin. He currently resides in Paris.
What is probably missing from the biography was that his favorite books are probably the Protocols of the Elders of Zion and Mein Kampf. In an Op-ed published in the International Herald Tribune this past Wednesday, Herr Pfaff decided that the reason behind the Mumbai attack was the JOOOWZE. In Fact ALL of the worlds problems started right after the creation of Israel:
If Kashmir’s situation was the motive for the Mumbai attacks, why were the targets hotels and restaurants frequented by western tourists, but also by residents of Mumbai and other prosperous Indians, and a Lubavitch Hasidic Jewish center, presumably associated with America and Israel? None of them have anything to do with Kashmir.

This makes the message seem a Middle Eastern message, having to do with Iraq and Palestine. But the terrorist who was captured said he was a Pakistani, and the evidence thus far is that the terrorist party embarked in Pakistan.

Could Samuel Huntington be right after all, and it is now indiscriminate war between civilizations? No. We know as a fact that the modern conflict between Muslims and the Europeans and Americans began with the Europeans’ post-1918 partition and colonization of the Ottoman Empire’s Arab possessions, and a quarter-century later, by Israel’s European-supported installation in Palestine.
Read the full article here

Gotta feel bad for Billy Boy. After all he grew up in Iowa in the 30's, that was a period of deep anti-semitism in America. Its the time where Henry Ford owned the Dearborn Independent and used to rail against the "Yiddish controllers" of America's Media. When hero's like Charles Lindbergh claimed that we were going to war against Hitler just to make the Jews happy (didn't Pat Buchanan say that about Iraq) and Icons like
Father Charles Coughlin the biggest radio star of the day would increasingly expressed sympathy for the fascist policies of Hitler and Mussolini as an antidote to Bolshevism. blamed the Depression on an "international conspiracy of Jewish bankers", and also claimed that Jewish bankers were behind the Russian Revolution. On November 27, 1938, he said "There can be no doubt that the Russian Revolution ... was launched and fomented by distinctively Jewish influence."

Most of the people who grew up during this time did not let this hate settle in, but for Pfaff, well lets just say this is obvious proof that the man has a soft, deformed brain. Its nice to know that the IHT is giving jobs to such a mentally "challenged" bigoted old man.

More on the Anti-Semitism brough out by the Mumbai attacks CLICK HERE to see the great job done by my friend Pamela at her site Atlas Shrugs

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