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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

South Park Was Right about Scientology's Belief in Evil Alien

A long denied story about the  Basis of beliefs of Scientology have finally been admitted by a senior member of the church. A core doctrine of Scientology belief is that freeing the human body of attachment to alien soul remnants, or Thetans, created by Xenu.
Also known as Xemu, Xenu is the name of the evil Galactic Supreme Ruler who around 75,000,000 years ago was responsible for a mass murder on the planet Teegeeack (Earth). Xenu's story is featured prominently in OT3 (specifically Incident II) and was later expanded by L. Ron Hubbard into an unproduced movie script treatment called Revolt in the Stars.
According to Hubbard, the Galactic Confederacy was horrendously over-populated, so Xenu (before an imminent coup) told untold billions of aliens to come in for income tax audits, whereupon they were drugged with alcohol and glycol, cryogenically frozen, and sent to Teegeeack. Here they were dropped at the bases of volcanoes which had Hydrogen Bombs detonated from within, killing all the aliens. Xenu was later captured by Loyal Officers, who imprisoned him inside a mountain on a distant planet behind an eternally-functioning force field. Supposedly he remains there to this day.

Which is exactly how South Park described it a few years ago (see video)

Read more about the interview below:

Scientology spokesman confirms Xenu story

It's all true after all

By John Leyden

A Scientology spokesman has confirmed that Scientologists believe that mankind's problems stem from brainwashed alien soul remnants created millions of years ago by genocidal alien overlord Xenu. The admission follows years of attempts to dismiss the story, first leaked by defectors, as anti-church propaganda.

In an interview ( with KESQ News Channel 3, Scientology spokesman Tommy Davis was quizzed over the Xenu story, which leaked papers show is revealed to senior Scientologists as part of their induction to "Operating Thetan Level III". Davis at first denied the story, as he had done in the past.
However, when the KESQ reporter read from a book written by Scientology founder L Ron Hubbard which refers to the Xenu story, Davis admitted that the story is authentic, albeit confidential and restricted. He then laid into KESQ reporter Nathan Baca, accusing him of "forwarding an agenda of hate".

The Xenu story has previously been routinely denied by senior Scientologists, including actor Tom Cruise (story here ( The Church of Scientology has long used copyright and trade secrecy laws in legal actions designed to suppress the tale.

According to anti-Scientology protest group Anonymousrecording (, a leaked ( shows Scientology founder Hubbard giving a lecture on OT III. A handwritten document summarising the Xenu story, in Hubbard's own handwriting, has also turned up, it adds.

A transcript of the OCIII procedure can be found on Wikileaks herehere ( ( and a collection of Scientology documents - which, true to form the Church tried to supress - can be found on Wikileaks

Scientologist doctrine suggests that exposure to the fantastical Xenu story before the completion of numerous preparatory stages might result in pneumonia or even death. Scientologists pay an estimated $350,000 to reach OT III. A core doctrine of Scientology belief is that freeing the human body of attachment to alien soul remnants, or Thetans, created by Xenu when he kidnapped millions and brought them to earth for a fiery execution, is key to achieving spiritual progress and relief from worries

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We created an article around this same video and put a credit to you in it. I tried to put it in "Add a Link" but could not get it to work. Anyway, here is the article:

The truth about Scientology revealed in cartoon show, not by the news media

Keep up the great work!