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Thursday, May 7, 2009

Politicians Still DON'T GET IT !!

The mental "denseness" of politicians never ceases to amaze. Last month about one million Americans, most of whom had never protested anything before, rallied to show their anger about government spending. You would think that parties in power, especially on the local level would be doing their best to co-opt these protesters into the system. Unfortunately too many politicians have done their best to alienate the "tea party movement," by calling them racist, ignorant, republican's who refuse to recognize that they lost, ect.

Take this example from Quincy, Illinois:
Quincy Mayor John Spring says he has no regrets about a City Council vote which denied a taxpaying citizen to opportunity to speak before the city's governing body on Monday night....."The main focus of the meeting was supposed to have been a very special night for those council members, mayor and other elected officials who were there to be sworn in to serve...," said Spring, who is the mayor. "Unfortunately, that got a little overshadowed as I noticed in the coverage. Today, there wasn't much said about that's sad. That's a very sad thing in my mind that Quincy deserved better than that."....voted not to suspend the rules of the meeting to allow for public comment from Steve McQueen, a private citizen and organizer of the Quincy Tea Party movement. McQueen wanted to talk about the recently passed city budget, which included raises for most city employees, and increases in water and sewer fees.
Spring said vote to deny McQueen's request to speak went down party lines because 'a lot of people don't believe the election is over.'

Spring said the issue has garnered national attention because 'certain people' have created it and 'that's what they do every attack the city.' Source
Here's a little word for Mayor Spring and other politicians of who don't get it. YOU WORK FOR US !  The American people are not happy with government spending and high taxes. This is not a Democratic or Republican Issue its an American Issue. And unless you recognize it soon, we will throw you out of office.

By the way if you want to tell Mayor Spring what they "tea party movement" is about drop him a line.  His email address is

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I can understand modern liberals and democrats trying to take the steam out of tea parties, but why would republicans run like chickens with their heads cut off (many of them anyway) from tea parties?

My theory is they believe Obama has created a new political business model, and they like it. Even if they are out of power now, because of it, they think they can effectively employ it in the future, so they don't want the apple cart tipped now, ruining their future plans.