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Monday, July 6, 2009

NEW EVIDENCE--> Global Warming Is an Expensive Hoax

If you troll around the internet you can find much evidence that the Global Warming, Global Climate Change ect. is all a scientific Hoax. Lets take a look at this past month of June.

  • Former NASA Scientist Dr. Roy Spencer reports that global temperatures in June have fallen for the 8th straight year. June 2009 saw another - albeit small drop in the global average temperature anomaly, from +0.04 deg. C in May to 0.00 deg. C in June, with the coolest anomaly (-0.03 deg. C) in the Southern Hemisphere
  • In my home town New York City’s Central Park was also cool, cloudy and wet. The month averaged 3.7F below normal and tied with 1897 as the 8th coldest June since records were kept(151 years). And in other Parts of the world according to ICECAP:
  • In other parts of the world, Southern Brazil had one the coldest June’s in decades and New Zealand has had unusual cold and snow again this year after a banner year there and in the mountains of southern Australia last year. The Mt. Lyford Ski Area is experiencing some of the best early snow it’s ever seen. With a current 135cm average base on the slopes along with 50cm of snow fall earlier this week and an additional 5cm of windblown powder last night, ski area operator Hamish Simpson says there are “plenty of fresh tracks to be had”. “We have got the best early season snow in years,” said Mr Simpson. “Even better than last year - wall to wall white! The Terako rope has 100% cover with plenty of fresh tracks to be had.”
  • As reported in Climate Depot,two prominent U.S. Government scientists made two separate admissions questioning the reliability of climate models used to predict warming decades and hundreds of years into the future.

    Gary Strand, a software engineer at the federally funded National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR), admitted climate model software “doesn't meet the best standards available” in a comment he posted on the website Climate Audit. “As a software engineer, I know that climate model software doesn't meet the best standards available. We've made quite a lot of progress, but we've still quite a ways to go,” Strand wrote on July 5, 2009.
Another government scientist -- NASA climate modeler Gavin Schmidt -- admitted last week that the "chaotic component of climate not predictable beyond two weeks, even theoretically." Schmidt made his admission during a June 29, 2009 interview about the shortcomings of climate models. Schmidt noted that some climate models “suggest very strongly” that the American Southwest will dry in a warming world. But Schmidt also noted that “other models suggest the exact opposite.”“With these two models, you have two estimates — one says it's going to get wetter and one says it's going to get drier. What do you do? Is there anything that you can say at all? That is a really difficult question,” Schmidt conceded
And perhaps the most Unusual revelation comes from Minnesotans for Global Warming who report that global temperatures have dropped almost 3/4 of a degree since Al Gore released his movie.
So where does this leave us? If the proponents of global warming were intellectually honest the would have to admit that there is at least some evidence that disputes their theories. But most of the proponents are not intellectually honest, they prefer to cut off all debate, the matter is proven they say, as proven as the fact that the earth is round. Well if you are a regular reader if these pages you would know that the above data is just the latest of many we have shared. To be kind, I will call Al Gore's meal ticket an unproven theory.

Our President and his Democratic colleagues are using an unproven theory to justify the largest tax increase in our 233-year history, a tax program that even they admit Is a job killer that will drive many businesses over the edge. It is sad that our once proud government uses a flawed science to pass a flawed cap and tax bill, that they haven't read.

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