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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

SHOCKING REPORT: Rand Corp Tells US Army Its Time For a National Stability Police Force

This has to be the scariest thing I have read in a very long time. The Rand Corporation was asked by the US Army to prepare a report recommending whether or not the US Needed a National Stability Police force. Basically a call for American "Brown Shirts" Rand's answer was a resounding yes.
Our analysis clearly indicates that the United States needs an SPF or some other way to accomplish the SPF mission. Stability operations have become an inescapable reality of U.S. foreign policy. Establishing security with soldiers and police is critical because it is difficult to achieve other objectives—such as rebuilding political and economic systems—without it.

The cost of not fixing this gap is significant. The United States will continue to experience major challenges in stability operations if it does not have this policing capacity. These challenges include creating the ability to establish basic law and order, as well as defeat or deter criminal organizations, terrorists, and insurgents. In some cases, allied countries may be able to fill this gap. Allies did this effectively in Bosnia and Kosovo, both of which were successful in establishing security. In other cases, the United States may not be able to count on allied support. The United States should not depend on allies to supply these capabilities, because doing so would limit U.S. freedom of action on the international stage. Consequently, the United States should seriously consider building a high-end police capacity.

The report recommends that these police would not only have a role in foreign lands but also in the United States:
The ability of SPF personnel to act in a law –– enforcement capacity while in the United States. One important aspect of the return on investment from an SPF option is what SPF personnel do when not deployed. Given that an SPF will be deployed one out of every three years at most for active duty options and one out of six for reserve options, whether its members can perform law enforcement functions and so contribute to domestic tranquility and homeland defense when not deployed will have a major impact on whether an option is cost-effective. Two categories of options—military units and contractors—cannot do so under current statutes and regulations.
In particular, for the MP option to be as cost-effective as possible, relief from the Posse Comitatus Act [which forbids the US Army from being used in law enforcement in the United States] would be required to permit its members to perform domestic law enforcement functions. The issue of contractors performing law enforcement functions is moot (our only “contracting” option does not consider a standing contract force, but rather one hired as needed) and would probably be insurmountable if it was not. Furthermore, as noted in our DOTMLPF discussion, working as police officers would greatly contribute to the state of training and readiness of SPF personnel. MPs can do this on military installations, but contract personnel would not so act at all.
The report goes on to say that this Stability Police Force should be placed under the US Marshal Service because that will make it easier for it to have domestic US responsiblities.
Given that it is unlikely that MPs would be permitted to perform civilian policing tasks in the United States, the USMS, despite its capacity and management shortfalls, is the agency best suited to take on the SPF mission under the assumptions of this study. Placing the SPF in the USMS would place it where its members can develop the needed skills under the hybrid staffing option. Furthermore, the USMS has the broadest law enforcement mandate of any U.S. law enforcement agency and many of the required skills, though it would need to increase its capacity significantly. Furthermore,the Department of Justice stands at the center of the rule-of-law effort, with lead roles in policing, judiciary, and corrections efforts.
I wonder what kind of Domestic Role the Stability Police can have, controlling Tea Parties? "Fixing" Fox News? A national police under the control of this or any president will do nothing less than signal the end of freedom in the United States. Any movement toward this force must be voted down.  The Full document is embedded below:


MO23 said...

The "smart guys" see the financial system unravelling and are getting prepared. This is exactly the plot of a novel I read 12 years ago called A Distant Crossing. Financial meltdown, unrest. Fiction has become reality.

Ran said...

Shalom. Linked you over at my place.

The story gets deeper and scarier. Anyway, I guest blog at Libertarian Republican. I hope to send you some traffic. 'Tis a mitzvah.

By the way... the pushke up top has no lid, dude.


Anonymous said...

Didn't get here fast enough, I guess. I can't see the document. Is it me, or did they take it down so people wouldn't see it? If they took it down, I hope you made a copy first.

Unknown said...

Its still there, I could see it with firefox, IE and AOL

Anonymous said...

Thank you. I have taken this post to my site to share with my readers. Everytime I start to hope it can't get any worse I read of one more act of treason or promoting treason as this does. BB

Chris Ferrell said...

Great post,
I read your blog often and this time agree withyou entirely.
For another opinion about the same topic take a look at this article by Will Grigg

Keep up the good work

1776jedi said...

A solid core of armed brownshirts is an absolute necessity when it comes to cramming unwanted draconian government interference down our throats. I mean really, whose going to check that your thermostat is set right and make sure you sign up for government health control? Somebody has got to pull over Ron Paul supporters and people with Gasden flag bumper stickers to roll them into the no fly list.

Don't let it get that far, else bullets will matter more than ballots.