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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Three New Rasmussen Polls That Should Frighten the Obama Campaign

As James Carville once said,  "it's the economy stupid!" and according to a just-released Rasmussen poll American voters trust Mitt Romney by a wide 49%-39% margin. In fact Romney topped Obama in four of the five issues;economy, health care, taxes, and (just barely energy policy).  Obama leads in national security.

The last time Rasmussen asked the question (March), the American Public felt the economy was the number one issue, 20% higher than number two (health care).

Health Care
Gov't Ethics and Corruption
Energy Policy
Social Security
National Security/War on Terror

Last month Romney and Obama were virtually tied when it came to voter trust on the economy. Perhaps the latest job slowdown and Obama's phony Buffett rule campaign are not boding well for Obama.

As one would suspect Romney wins with GOP voters on all issues and Obama wins with his fellow Democrats. The poll shows that Romney needs to do more with independents. With the unaffiliated voters the presumptive GOP nominee is slightly more trusted with the economy (40% to 37%) and with taxes (43% to 40%) but loses by a wide margin in the other three issues.

Eighty-three percent (83%) of Republicans have more faith in Romney on economic matters, while 74% of Democrats trust Obama more. But 20% of Democrats express more confidence in the likely Republican nominee, compared to only nine percent (9%) of GOP voters who like the president more in this area. Romney has a very slight edge in trust – 40% to 37% - among voters not affiliated with either of the major parties.

Another Rasmussen poll released today that shows 60% of independents rate the president's performance on the economy fair or poor and 52% give him bad grades on National Security. One released yesterday shows  64% of voters believe the country is on the wrong track.

When you put these together it is good news for Romney. While Obama is trusted more by independents, the Romney is more trusted on the number one issue, the economy. When judged by himself independent voters are not happy with the job Obama is doing.

Based on what was presented today, and the fact that the GOP circular firing squad is over and the Republican focus moves to Obama, I predict you will see an improvement when Rasmussen surveys these questions next month.


Insufficiently Sensitive said...

Now if the Republican Party establishment just had some gonads, some publicly clear principles and some articulate spokesblokes to hammer them home.

AmPowerBlog said...

Nice posting!!

Victor Erimita said...

Well, that's great. But according to RCP's composite polls, it's still a 45/45% tie between "approve" and disapprove" of the job Obama's doing. Is there really solid evidence that the voting public with pull its collective head out and make the fundamental connection between how poorly the country is handling the issues this poll says they care most about and the policies of this administration?