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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Prince Charles' Climate Stupidity!

Its easy to feel bad for Britain's Prince Charles, after all the guy's main purpose in life is to wait for his mum to die so he can take over her Job.  Even there he has recently compared that possibility of ascending the throne a prison. Charlie has spend his life looking for his "special purpose."

Remember the revelation in 1993 that he was so lost, looking so hard for a purpose in life that he offered to work as his girlfriend's trousers, or even her tampon. If that doesn't show a lost soul looking for a purpose, what does?

Since then Prince Tampon Wannabe has been concentrating on the earth's environment, still wanting to find a purpose, Prince Charles runs around the world blaming everything on mans inability to protect the environment. His latest claim failure to manage Earth's natural resources was a major hidden contributor to the Syrian crisis.

Speaking at the Islamic Economic Forum Prince Charles said:

"The tragic conflict in Syria provides a terrifyingly graphic example, where a severe drought for the last seven years has decimated Syria's rural economy," he said.
"Driving many farmers off their fields and into cities where, already, food was in short supply.

"This depletion of natural capital, inexplicably, little reported in the media, was a significant contributor to the social tension that exploded with such desperate results."

He said Islamic banking, or alternative banking, could provide the answers where conventional" banking could not, given Islam's emphasis on the "moral economy".
Perhaps the Prince never heard of the battle between Sunni and Shia Muslims. Because the Syrian revolution, which broke out in February 2011 as a democratic mass revolt against the dictatorship after the Arab spring, has now turned into a power struggle between the  Shias and Sunnis.

On one side the Shia front allied with Bashar Al Assad’s Regime, Iran, and Hezbollah with Russian Support and the Sunni Front consists of Free Syrian Army (FSA), Al Nusra Front, Islamist rebel groups including the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, and Hamas and is supported from Sunni-dominated regimes of Saudi Arabia, Turkey and the parts of the west.

The Sunni-Shia conflict has been going on since the  death of the Muslim Prophet Mohammad in 632 C.E. Shia followed Ali, Mohammad’s son-in-law and Sunni went behind Abu Bakr, Father of Mohammad wife Aisha. Therefore the roots of the Syrian "civil" war goes back approximately 1,400 years...long before the Prince's nemesis, industrialization and its effect on the environment.

Perhaps the Prince should stick to tampons, because his history and current events knowledge is really lousy.

1 comment:

Leif said...

A 2011 study by the Israeli government predicted the revolt on the basis of declining output in Syrian agriculture. Drought was a huge contributor to that decline, even if one rejects the global warming aspect. Charles is a fool, but not so foolish here as the article claims.