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Friday, August 29, 2014

Muslim Sermon "ISIS Was Born From Hillary Clinton's Filthy Womb"

Rumors that the terrorist group ISIS was created by the United States have been permeating throughout the Arab world for months. This latest version is unique because it names the people in the U.S. believe to have created ISIS.

On August 22, Sheik Muhammad Ma'moun Rahma in Damascus charged, "Oh world, what has changed? Obama, wasn't it you who gave birth to ISIS? Didn't Hillary Clinton, that whore, admit that she had given birth to ISIS from her filthy womb? Obama, what made you kill your spoilt daughter, ISIS?"

Rahma's sermon at the Umayyad Mosque in Damascus, Syria on August 22, 2014 first opined that Saudi Arabia was an American puppet, then blamed the creation of the terrorist group on President Obama and Hillary Clinton.
After over three years of this world war, which was waged against us and against the entire Arab world, the tables have been turned overnight.

The Mufti of Saudi Arabia shows up and tells the world and ISIS and Al-Qaeda are the sworn enemies of Islam and that it is permissible to kill them. Then their American master, Obama, shows up and tells the world that ISIS is a dangerous and criminal gang, and that the world must fight and kill it wherever it may be. Then Cameron admits that there are French [sic] terrorists fighting in Syria. America admits this too. Belgium admits this too.

Oh world, what has changed? Obama, wasn't it you who gave birth to ISIS? Didn't Hillary Clinton, that whore, admit that she had given birth to ISIS from her filthy womb? Obama, what made you kill your spoilt daughter, ISIS?
Rahma also contended that Syria and its president Bashar Al-Assad will defeat the West and take over the world.
Oh, sheep of the West, you have seen nothing yet from Syria. We are a nation that bows to none but Allah, because truth is on our side. The day is near when we will celebrate the great victory, crowned by the whole world. Bashar Al-Assad will become the leader of the entire world.
The same sheik at the same mosque gave another sermon three weeks earlier in which he encouraged the entire Arab world to unify to fight the Jews:

The war that the Jews would like to impose on us is a religious war. If they succeed, it will mean the eradication of all the Arabs and Muslims. We all know that most Arab rulers do not want this war for economic, social, and political reasons. But the Jews will impose this war on us, whether we like it or not.

So what should the Arabs do? The rifts between all the Arab governments should be bridged. The Arabs should reconcile and become one big family. The fountains of jealousy and animosity between the Arabs must be dried up.

It is through these rifts that the Jewish march will infiltrate to establish the Greater Israel.

(..) Where is the Arab League? Where are you Nabil Al-Arabi? We have seen you crying and barking for the sake of Syria so many times, but we don't see you now uttering even a word of threat against the Israeli entity.

(..)The only honorable Arab ruler is Bashar Al-Assad. Why don't the others condemn what the Zionist Jews are doing in Gaza? It is our duty, as peoples, to stand alongside the resistance, and to say to the sons of Zion and to Obama, who provides for the mercenaries on his own turf...

We say to Obama, to Fabius, to Erdogan, and to the Gulf rulers: No matter how much you finance terrorism in Syria, and no matter how much you support [Israeli] terrorism in Gaza, and stand by your dwarf ally, Israel – the Arab peoples, headed by the great Syrian people, will support the Palestinian cause, until we regain Jerusalem and the Al-Aqsa Mosque.
I guess that's why they call it the religion of peace.

Check out the video below:


1 comment:

Unknown said...

I'm always pleased when I see fanatics like Sheik Muhammad Ma'moun Rahma cut loose with the venomous, vile and HATEFUL "sermons" the harangue their charges with. A "sermon" such as that delivered in Damascus by this pervert, clearly shows Islam to be a "religion" of Peace, Love, Learning, Understanding and Tolerance. The good Sheik is correct however, in laying the blame for Islamic State smack dab on the (large) butt of Hitarly Clintoon, however.