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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Rolling Stone Reporting Obama Has Already Decided To Reject Keystone Pipeline

In an article posted on its website today, Rolling Stone is reporting that high-level White House sources report the Keystone Pipeline will soon be killed by President Obama. In fact The only question now is the timing of the announcement.
At the same time, the president is likely to announce his decision on the northern leg of the Keystone XL, the hugely controversial 1,179-mile-long pipeline that would bring tar-sands oil down from Alberta to Gulf Coast refineries. Although no final decision has been made, two high-level sources in the Obama administration told me recently that the president has all but decided to deny the permit for the pipeline – a dramatic move that would light up Democratic voters and donors while further provoking the wrath of Big Oil.
And later the same story says:
Keystone supporters spent $11 million to target anti-Keystone candidates in 18 races – and none of them lost. In the 2014 election, it doesn't hurt that billionaire Tom Steyer has pledged that his political-action committee, NextGen Climate Action, will spend $100 million targeting climate deniers and Keystone supporters. "President Obama is obviously very committed to this issue," Steyer told me in an e-mail. "My goal is to support him in this in any way I can."

Exactly how the president has weighed the decision on Keystone is a closely guarded secret in the White House, known only to a few senior advisors like Valerie Jarrett and Dan Pfeiffer. But it's no surprise that I was told recently by members of the administration that the pipeline would, in fact, be rejected. "If the president is really serious about his legacy on climate change, he can't have that and approve Keystone," an Obama insider told me. "The only question now is the timing of the announcement."
The reason for the rejection is "its legacy time," and Obama wants to shove the global warming hoax down the throats of Americans, destroying the economy:
Obama's other motivation is the judgment of history. When he took office in 2009, he had four major tasks on his to-do list: pump up the economy, get out of Iraq, fix health care and take action on climate change. He put a lot of political muscle into the first three, but on climate change, it was mostly poetic speeches, under-the-radar regulatory reform and billions of dollars in loan guarantees for clean-energy projects. The president's supporters boast that he's already done more to tackle climate change than any president before him, but that's not saying much. He avoided risky political battles and too often treated the greatest challenge human civilization has ever faced as if it were no more urgent than reforming teachers' unions.

Now Obama has one last shot. "Taking action on climate is one of the most important goals in the president's second term," John Podesta, counselor to the president and his point man on climate policy, told me a few weeks ago. "He feels a profound and urgent obligation to get as much done as he can before he leaves office
In other words, damn the truth, damn the economy, Obama wants to look good to the progressives before he leaves office.

Sen. Mark Udall (D-CO) Takes Billionaire's Money To Oppose Keystone Over the Wishes Of Voters

With all the bashing of the Koch Brothers coming from Senate Democrats its a wonder why they don't criticize Senator Mark Udall (D-CO). The latest poll of Coloradans reports that two-thirds of voters want the Keystone pipeline built, but thanks to California billionaire Tom Steyer donating to his reelection campaign, Senator Udall who represents energy producing state Colorado has decided to oppose the the pipeline.

Steyer, has made no secret of the fact that he would funnel at least $100 million support candidates who make climate change and opposing Keystone, a key issue on the 2014 midterms. Steyer is hosted a “Blue Green Council Dinner” fundraiser for the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee at his San Francisco home in February. One of the Democrats showing up to kiss the anti-energy ring was Marc Udall.

No that Udall is getting away with it, American Commitment, a national advocacy group with over 1,800 Colorado members, is launching ad campaign targeting Udall’s opposition to the Keystone Pipeline—and his apparent motivation, San Francisco hedge fund kingpin Tom Steyer's money.
“Mark Udall sold out his Colorado constituents by choosing a San Francisco billionaire over jobs and affordable energy for Colorado,” said Phil Kerpen, president of American Commitment. “Mark Udall is the only energy state Democrat to pick Tom Steyer over the very constituents who sent him to Washington to represent their interests. Mark Udall’s vote against the pipeline last year was a vote against Colorado, and his recent conspicuous refusal to join other energy state Democrats on a letter supporting the pipeline shows Udall continues to choose his billionaire California backer over his Colorado constituents."

The new ad, titled “Colorado Steyer Infection” opens with the narrator outlining Mark Udall’s cozy relationship with Tom Steyer: “California Billionaire Tom Steyer is bankrolling Colorado Senator Mark Udall’s campaign. Steyer even hosted Udall for a fundraiser in his San Francisco mansion.”

Narrator: “But Steyer’s hurt our state. He tried to make millions by diverting water from southern Colorado. When local residents spoke out, Steyer’s partners pushed statewide ballot initiatives to ‘bankrupt’ local opponents and ‘steal San Luis Valley water.’”

Narrator: “Now Mark Udall is helping Steyer kill the Keystone Pipeline…even though Coloradans strongly support it.”

Narrator, quoting a press release shown on screen from union president Sean McGarvey: “Pipeline delay is a victory for Tom Steyer, but ‘a cold slap in the face of American workers.’”

The ad concludes, “Call Mark Udall: Tell him to put Colorado ahead of his billionaire backer and support the Keystone Pipeline.”
The ad is embedded below:

Hamas, Abbas' PLO Announce Reconciliation Agreement: Peace Process Now Totally DEAD

If there were any remote signs of life in the Israel/Palestinian peace talks, they died today with the announcement of a reconciliation agreement between terrorist group Hamas, and the "moderate" terrorists of Fatah who run the PLO.

The two groups agreed on Wednesday to implement a unity pact, both sides announced in a joint news conference:

The move envisions forming a unity government within five weeks and holding national elections six months after a vote of confidence by the Palestinian parliament.

Palestinians have long hoped for a healing of the political rift between the PLO and militant Hamas, which won a Palestinian election in 2006 and seized control of the Gaza Strip from forces loyal to Western-backed Abbas in 2007.

But Arab-brokered unity pacts reached between the two sides have yet to be implemented, leaving many Palestinians skeptical about their leaders' reconciliation pledges.

"This is the good news we tell our people: the era of division is over," Hamas prime minister Ismail Haniyeh told Palestinian reporters to loud applause.
While both Fatah and Hamas call for the destruction of Israel, Hamas is more overt in it's threats making them in all languages and is considered a terrorist group even by the appeasement-prone European Union. Fatah, on the other hand is considered "moderate" because its call for the destruction of Israel are only made in Arabic.

Understandably, earlier this week Israeli PM Netanyahu said he would not negotiate with a government which includes Hamas unless it renounces violence and terrorism (which is as likely as Nancy Pelosi calling for the repeal of Obamacare).

The US State Dept. understands Netanyahu's stance:
In Washington state department spokesperson Jen Psaki said the US was troubled by the announcement, which "could seriously complicate" negotiations to extend peace negotiations.

"This certainly is disappointing and raises concerns about our efforts to extend the negotiations," she said.

"It is hard to see how Israel can be expected to negotiate with a government that doesn't believe in its right to exist." She also indicated there could be broader implications for an array of US policies towards Palestine, including aid, should Hamas enter into government without abiding a set of principles, including recognition of Israel, agreement to previous agreements, and a commitment to non-violence, dictated by Washington.

Newsbusted: Obama Announces He Will Decide on Keystone (As Soon As Cubs Win World Series)

Despite the fact that it will stimulate the economy, and that every study has shown it will not hurt the environment, President Obama has been avoiding giving a final answer about the Keystone Pipeline. As part of a Good Friday news dump, we learned that once again the administration is delaying giving a final answer whether or not he will approve this economic stimulus. They didn't even say when they will have an answer--until now.  According to Newsbusted Anchor Jodie Miller (see video below) we learn that the President promises an answer when the Chicago Cubs win the World Series, or the NY Jets win the Super Bowl (what ever comes second).

Other news items covered in the latest installment of Newsbusted the weekly  faux news feature from (embedded below) include; how the President made children cry at the White House Easter Egg hunt; MSNBC's proof that the IRS Scandal was bogus; why Jay Carney is so tired;  and much, much, more.

Please make sure you watch the video below because something bad always happens to the people who don't. Last week President Obama forgot to press play and Putin continued to make him a laughing stock. So if you don't want to become a world-wide laughing stock, you better press play.

Oh and if you cannot see the video player below please click here

IRS Gave Bonuses To Employees Who Didn't Pay Their Taxes

If you forget to pay taxes the IRS will be on your back very quickly, If are part of a conservative group the IRS will target you.  But if you work for the IRS and you owe taxes you get a bonus.  According to the IRS IG (Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration), IRS employees who had been disciplined for tax and conduct issues were nonetheless rewarded with monetary awards or time off, according to a watchdog report released yesterday (embedded below).

"While not prohibited, providing awards to employees who have been disciplined for failing to pay federal taxes appears to create a conflict with the IRS’s charge of ensuring the integrity of the system of tax administration,” Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration J. Russell George said.

The watchdog found that in the period from October 1, 2010 to December 31, 2012 over 2,800 employees who had been disciplined for conduct problems, including issues with federal tax compliance, had received over $2.8 million in monetary awards and over 27,000 hours in time-off awards.

The watchdog found that the more than 1,100 employees who had issues with tax compliance received more than $1 million in monetary awards and more than 10,000 hours in time-off awards.

The IRS said in a statement it has already developed a new policy linking conduct and performance bonuses for executives and senior level employees.
Of course there is that other question, like why the hell are government employees getting bonuses.
"Even without a formal policy in place over the past four years, the IRS has not issued awards to any executives that were subject to a disciplinary action," the IRS said in a statement. "We are also considering a similar policy for the entire IRS workforce, which would be subject to negotiations with the National Treasury Employees Union."

The IRS had about 100,000 workers during the period under review.

In the 2011 budget year, more than 70,000 IRS workers got cash bonuses totaling $92 million, the report said. In the 2012 budget year, nearly 68,000 workers got cash bonuses totaling $86 million.
So about 7 out of 10 IRS employees got a bonus.  A little high don't you think?
The report said the IRS considers prior conduct before awarding permanent pay increases. "However, IRS officials stated that the IRS generally does not consider conduct issues when administering other types of awards," the report said.

There are no government-wide policies on providing bonuses to employees with conduct issues, the report said. However, a 1998 law calls for removing IRS employees who are found to have intentionally committed certain acts of misconduct, including willful failure to pay federal taxes.

Tax compliance at the IRS is generally better than at other federal agencies.
Ladies and gentleman, another prime example of your tax dollars at work.

H/T Fox News