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Thursday, July 30, 2015

Protecting Hillary? Kerry's Trying To Delay State Dept. Email Release

Back in May Judicial Watch filed a lawsuit to compel the State Department to try to find the "missing" Hillary other U.S. Department of State employees emails on their end.  They were supposed to answer in 60 days (by August 7th) but the State Department is seeking an extraordinary 38 more days to answer the complaint.
Judicial Watch notes in its opposition to the delay that Kerry has already had 60 days to respond to the Judicial Watch lawsuit. Judicial Watch notes that the concerns about unsecured classified information on Clinton’s email system increases the urgency of the issue:

This case involves the removal and ongoing failure to recover agency records. Nearly every day brings new, startling revelations of possible destruction of these records and Defendant’s continuing failure to recover them. See Exh. B (Michael S. Schmidt, No Copies of Clinton Emails, Lawyer Says, N.Y. Times, July 24, 2015). Even more disturbing, many of which apparently contain classified information. See Exh. C (Michael S. Schmidt and Matt Apuzzo, Hillary Clinton Emails Said to Contain Classified Data, N.Y. Times, July 24, 2015). While Defendant would like 98 days to fashion a response to the Complaint, time is of the essence in taking action to recover these records.

Kerry argues to delay the lawsuit by consolidating it with a case brought by Cause of Action Institute. The Cause of Action lawsuit argues the same legal theory as Judicial Watch’s lawsuit, was filed nearly six weeks after Judicial Watch filed its complaint, and raises no new legal issues that require 38 days of legal work.
Now some of you may think that Kerry is doing this to protect the future Democratic Party nominee, Hillary Clinton.  But keep in mind he has been very busy coming up with a deal screwing our Sunni Arab friends in the Gulf, Israel, and our children. Afterwards he has been busy trying to convince Americans that what is in the agreement isn't really there.
Judicial Watch attorneys note to the Court that if the two lawsuits against Kerry are so similar that they require consolidation, then Secretary should be able to respond to both complaints next week. Consolidating two or more lawsuits is supposed to be used “avoid unnecessary cost or delay” under federal court rules.

While at the State Department, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton conducted official government business using unsecured email server and email accounts. Her top aides and advisors also used non-“” email accounts to conduct official business. Clinton left office February 1, 2013.
“Secretary of State Kerry and the Obama administration are obstructing the courts at every turn on the Clinton email scandal,” said Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton. “Secretary Kerry doesn’t want to answer to the public or to the court about why he hasn’t taken steps required by law to secure Hillary Clinton’s emails, which he knows includes unsecured classified material. The law requires quick action and our lawsuit may be the best vehicle for finally forcing action to recover and preserve all the government documents and classified information Mrs. Clinton is unlawfully keeping.”

Wow: Another Strange Hillary State Dept.-Clinton Foundation 'Coincidence'

It's incredible! All of these strange "coincidences" between companies that had issues with the U.S. State Dept. when Hillary was running Foggy Bottom,  and just around the same time those same companies gave money to the Clinton family foundation.

The latest example involve the giant Swiss Bank UBS.  In a story published by the Wall Street Journal we learned that soon after she was sworn in as secretary of state, Mrs. Clinton met with the Swiss foreign minister in Geneva to discuss  an Internal Revenue Service suit against UBS AG. Taking a break from the targeting of tea party groups, the IRS was trying to get the identities of Americans with secret Swiss bank accounts.

This put UBS between a rock and a hard place. If UBS lost the law suit but refused to turn of the names they would be breaking U.S laws, but if they turned over the names they would be violating Swiss bank secrecy laws.

Even though negotiating this kind of deal wasn't usually done by the State Dept. (of course having personal email servers are also not done by the State Dept.) Ms, Clinton had hammered out a tentative settlement with the bank, UBS would give up information on 4,450 accounts, or roughly 8.5 percent of the accounts sought by the IRS. The Democratic Party-controlled Congress was upset at the deal as Hillary settled for such a small percentage of potential tax violators.

Now here comes the amazing coincidence part. Before 2008 UBS had donated a total of $60K to the Clinton Foundation After the agreement , UBS’s contributions to the Clinton family’s charitable organization increased ten-fold to over $600K over the next six years, but that's not all:
The bank also joined the Clinton Foundation to launch entrepreneurship and inner-city loan programs, through which it lent $32 million. And it paid former president Bill Clinton $1.5 million to participate in a series of question-and-answer sessions with UBS Wealth Management Chief Executive Bob McCann, making UBS his biggest single corporate source of speech income disclosed since he left the White House.
Now the Journal made sure to say that they could find no evidence of any link between Clinton’s involvement in the case and the bank’s donations to the Bill, Hillary and Chelsea Clinton Foundation, or its hiring of Bubba. The entire thing might be one very unfortunate "coincidence," if you believe in coincidences--I don't.

4th Video of Planned Parenthood Selling Fetal Parts: Aborted Body Parts Pricing, and How to Not Get Caught

"We don't want to get caught selling fetal body parts."  Those were the words of Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains’ Vice President and Medical Director, Dr. Savita Ginde. She didn't say it to reject selling pieces of aborted babies, she said it because she wanted to assure the "buyers" that her lawyers would structure a deal correctly.

The video was posted by the Center for Medical Progress early Thursday morning and shows Dr. Savita Ginde, negotiating a fetal body parts deal, agreeing multiple times to illicit pricing per body part harvested, and suggesting ways to avoid legal consequences. Actors posing as representatives from a human biologics company meet with Ginde at the abortion-clinic headquarters of PPRM in Denver to discuss a potential partnership to harvest fetal organs. When the actors request intact fetal specimens, Ginde reveals that in PPRM’s abortion practice,
“Sometimes, if we get, if someone delivers before we get to see them for a procedure, then we are intact.”
 Since PPRM does not use digoxin or other feticide in its 2nd trimester procedures, any intact deliveries before an abortion are potentially born-alive infants under federal law (1 USC 8).
“We’d have to do a little bit of training with the providers or something to make sure that they don’t crush” fetal organs during 2nd trimester abortions, says Ginde, brainstorming ways to ensure the abortion doctors at PPRM provide usable fetal organs.
 The sale or purchase of human fetal tissue is a federal felony punishable by up to 10 years in prison or a fine of up to $500,000 (42 U.S.C. 289g-2). Federal law also requires that no alteration in the timing or method of abortion be done for the purposes of fetal tissue collection (42 U.S.C. 289g-1).
When the buyers ask Ginde if “compensation could be specific to the specimen?” Ginde agrees, “Okay.” Later on in the abortion clinic’s pathological laboratory, standing over an aborted fetus, Ginde responds to the buyer’s suggestion of paying per body part harvested, rather than a standard flat fee for the entire case: “I think a per-item thing works a little better, just because we can see how much we can get out of it.”
The sale or purchase of human fetal tissue is a federal felony punishable by up to 10 years in p
As the buyers and Planned Parenthood workers identify body parts from last fetus in the path lab, a Planned Parenthood medical assistant announces: “Another boy!”

The video is the latest by The Center for Medical Progress documenting Planned Parenthood’s sale of aborted fetal parts. Project Lead David Daleiden notes: “Elected officials need to listen to the public outcry for an immediate moratorium on Planned Parenthood’s taxpayer funding while the 10 state investigations and 3 Congressional committees determine the full extent of Planned Parenthood’s sale of baby parts.” Daleiden continues, “Planned Parenthood’s recent call for the NIH to convene an expert panel to ‘study’ fetal experimentation is absurd after suggestions from Planned Parenthood’s Dr. Ginde that ‘research’ can be used as a catch-all to cover-up baby parts sales. The biggest problem is bad actors like Planned Parenthood who hold themselves above the law in order to harvest and make money off of aborted fetal brains, hearts, and livers.”
Watch the video below but remember that the last two minutes are graphic.

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

IT'S A MIRACLE! Lois Lerner Emails Reappear (And They Implicate The IRS)

This may be the biggest miracle since the 1969 Mets those missing Lois Lerner emails which were destroyed, dissipated because of a lousy broken hard drive, shot through a cannon and locked in a room with Rosie O' Donnell, have been rescued. Well either that or when a federal judge got angry the IRS finally got off their butts and found the emails.

Judicial Watch, which sued to force the miracle production of the Lerner emails,  reported that the emails confirm that Ms. Lerner and her colleagues were aware of the sensitive nature of the cases but appeared to hide details of the massive backlog they were amassing as they held up hundreds of tea party and conservative group applications for nonprofit status.

In one Nov. 3, 2011, exchange between Ms. Lerner and Cindy Thomas, a program manager in the Cincinnati office that was handling the cases and was involved in a back-and-forth with Washington, the IRS admitted to having hundreds of cases stacked up and awaiting action.  Ms Thomas ordered one of those inquiry letters to be sent, just to prevent one of the organizations being held up from complaining. to congress.
“Just today, I instructed one of my managers to get an additional information letter out to one of these organizations — if nothing else to buy time so he didn’t contact his Congressional Office,” 
That email exchange not only proves that the IRS employees knew what was going on, and they tried to cover it up from congress but also that Washington were deeply involved in making decisions about the nonprofit groups’ cases. Another IRS lawyer responded to Lerner’s email with an admission that IRS’ D.C. headquarters legal staff had hundreds of cases backlogged.  Michael Seto, who headed the Exempt Organization Technical Unit, acknowledged to Lerner on November 9, 2011, that there were 446 application cases open beginning of fiscal year 2012, with many open for more than two years. The emails also show that Lerner and other top officials of the IRS were aware of complaints about treatment by Tea Party groups.  In response to a February 2012 complaint and request for briefing from Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) with the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee about, according to the IRS, a Tea Party an organization that applied for exemption about 18 months previously and only “just recently” heard anything about the status of its application: 
“When it did finally hear from us, we [the IRS] apparently asked some fairly detailed questions and gave the organization a short deadline to respond.”
Miller, who was then-IRS Deputy Commissioner for Service and Enforcement, emailed  “let me know if it’s a taxpayer I should know about.”  He also complained about the number of emails about the issue, writing:  “Will the emails never stop?”  Miller became Acting Commissioner for the IRS later in the year and was shown the door after the Obama IRS scandal became public.
 “These recovered Lois Lerner emails had to be dragged out of the Obama IRS, which is still resisting a federal court order requiring disclosure of Lerner’s ‘lost’ emails,” said Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton.  “This material shows that the IRS’ cover-up began years ago.  We now have smoking-gun proof that top officials in the Obama IRS unlawfully harassed taxpayers just to keep them from complaining to Congress about IRS’ targeting and abuse.  No wonder the Obama IRS has had such little interest in preserving or finding Lois Lerner’s emails.”

Mika Brzezinski Should Show Guts And Bash Her Jew-Hating Father Before Attacking Huckabee

On Saturday, former Arizona Governor and 2016 Democratic Party Candidate Mike Huckabee made what turned out to be a very controversial comment:
This president’s foreign policy is the most feckless in American history. It is so naive that he would trust the Iranians. By doing so, he will take the Israelis and march them to the door of the oven,” Huckabee said.
One of the strongest negative responses came on Morning Joe where Mika Brzezinski gave what seemed an emotional take down of Huckabee on Monday, and doubled down on her criticism a day later.

The issue with Mika's statement is before she criticized Huckabee;  she should fix the problems in her own house. Her father Zbigniew Brzezinski was Jimmy Carter's National Security Adviser. Throughout his post-White House career the elder Brzezinski has spewed hateful anti-Semitic comments, which are reminiscent of the period his daughter Mika criticized Huckabee for bringing up.

Mika Brzezinski's words on Monday's Morning Joe were described as an emotional take down of the former Governor (video of her monolog is embedded below).
If you’ve been to Auschwitz, if you’ve been to Birkenau, if you’ve been to any of these places where people were killed, and you see the piles of glasses, the piles of hair, the piles of shoes, and the piles of clothes and every bit of their humanity that had to be stripped away, handed over, as they went and then burned to their deaths, among other things, it’s really not a good comment to say. It’s a deal breaker! It should be over for him. You don’t say that. And, by the way, if you said it by mistake, that’s a sign of who you really are.
On Tuesday Mika doubled-down and accused Huckabee's GOP colleagues of cowardice for not criticizing the former Arkansas governor.
“Huckabee should apologize — even though at this point it would be empty since he has doubled down — and his fellow Republicans should have the guts to do and say the right thing. and they don’t.”
Ms. Brzezinski has the right to her opinion in fact there are people who I respect that believe Huckabee's statement was hyperbolic. However her statement about guts was hypocritical. Before she brought up "guts"  Shouldn't Mika have the "guts to do and say the right thing" when her father former Clinton National Security Adviser Zbigniew Brzezinski spews his anti-Semitic hatred?

Some may say the elder Brzezinski is simply anti-Israel, but Zbigniew has long since crossed that line by using anti-Semitic canards. Like the time he was interviewed by Salon :
Brzezinski has both praise and criticism for the president: “He was an improvement by a very large score over his predecessor, but he could have been better.” He thinks the Obama administration “should have stuck to its guns in promoting a fair settlement” in the Middle East. A longtime foe of Israel’s partisans in the United States, he says the Obama team “fumbled by getting outmaneuvered by the Israelis.” Then he gets blunter: “Domestic politics interceded: The Israelis have a lot of influence with Congress, and in some cases they are able to buy influence.”
If Brzezinski had any evidence that Israeli officials were U.S. politicians, law enforcement he should have produced it. But of course Mika's daddy wasn't really talking about Israelis. He was using polite language to say American Jews have a dual loyalty and have subverted the interests of the United States on behalf of a foreign power.

In 2008 while Zbigniew was teaching Barack Obama the foreign policy ropes, he used the same anti-Semitic canard but added that [the Jews] too readily respond to those types of anti-Semitic comments by saying they are antisemitic.
Former national security adviser Zbigniew Brzezinski says that the pro-Israel lobby in the US is too powerful, while the slur of anti-Semitism is too readily used whenever its power is called into question.
There is no logic to what Brzezinski said, if that pro-Israel lobby (a nicer way to say Jews) was so powerful in this country how come they couldn't stop the U.S. start negotiating with the Palestinians? How did Jonathan Pollard stay in jail for 30 years?  The slander Brzezinski uses of the powerful Jewish lobby is straight out of the anti-Semitic classic, "The Protocols of the Elders of Zion."

Whether or not Huckabee's analogy was correct is not really the point here.  Before Mika Brzezinski criticizes the former governor, or other Republicans for a lack of guts, she should show some guts and criticize her father for being an anti-Semite. Even if she doesn't do it publicly-- at the very least she should stop inviting him to guest "Morning Joe" where his hatred of Jews has led him to twist facts and go on anti-Israel rampages.