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Thursday, October 23, 2014

Canadian Terrorist Contacted Known Syrian Terrorists

Police sources confirmed this image tweeted from an ISIS account depicts Michael Zehaf-Bibeau

The day after the attack we are learning more about Michael Zehaf-Bibeau, the slain Muslim convert who shot and killed Cpl. Nathan Cirillo in an attack on the Canadian parliament. The most stunning new information is that the terrorist had connections with Muslim extremists in both Syria and in Canada:
As the investigation of Wednesday's shooting rampage in Ottawa continues, CBS News can report that his passport was revoked by Canadian officials after he contacted known militants in Syria, possibly with the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, or ISIS.
The Toronto Globe and Mail is reporting that while Zehaf-Bibeau had known at least one Muslim extremist in Canada his motivation may have been less of a terrorist than simply mentally ill. According to the report he told one friend that the devil was after him.
Mr. Zehaf-Bibeau grew up in Eastern Canada, including Ottawa and Montreal, and had spent time in Libya before moving to Western Canada to become a miner and labourer, according to friend Dave Bathurst.

Mr. Bathurst said he met Mr. Zehaf-Bibeau in a Burnaby, B.C., mosque about three years ago. He said his friend did not at first appear to have extremist views or inclinations toward violence – but at times exhibited a disturbing side.

“We were having a conversation in a kitchen, and I don’t know how he worded it: He said the devil is after him,” Mr. Bathurst said in an interview. He said his friend frequently talked about the presence of Shaytan in the world – an Arabic term for devils and demons. “I think he must have been mentally ill.”
The last time Mr. Bathurst saw him was a month and a half ago and Zehaf-Bibeau was talking about going back to Libya so he could learn more about Islam. Soon after his passport was confiscated.
His father’s history offers a hint of what Mr. Bathurst was concerned about. In 2011, a Montrealer named “Belgasem Zahef” was quoted in a Washington Times dispatch from the front in Libya, where he had travelled to join the rebel fight. The man described being detained at the Zawiyah oil terminal, where he witnessed torture.

At the Burnaby mosque, Mr. Bathurst said his friend’s “erratic” behaviour – he did not elaborate – caused frictions with the elders at the house of worship, who asked him to stop attending prayers. At that time, Mr. Zehaf-Bibeau was living in a barely furnished single-room apartment.
According to Bathurst his friend knew Hasibullah Yusufzai, a Vancouver-area resident who was charged in July by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police with traveling to Syria with the intent of joining a deadly terrorist group. Authorities have issued an international warrant for Yusufzai, but he remains at large.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Senate Democrats: ‘The Ineptitude Of The White House Political Operation’ is ‘Embarrassing’

The National Journal is reporting that the White House and Senate Democrats are fighting again. Their relationship hit a new low Tuesday evening after the administration's press office released a transcript of first lady Michelle Obama's appearance in Iowa on behalf of Democratic Senate candidate Bruce Braley. As I realized when I opened my email box in the morning and saw the original transcript of Mrs. Obama's address and underneath that a corrected version there was a big mistake in the email---the subject line of the e-mail referred to Braley as the "Democratic candidate for governor."
The botch came after the first lady repeatedly referred to the Democratic Senate nominee as "Bruce Bailey" in a campaign appearance earlier this month—and it took an attendee in the crowd to correct her mistake. On Tuesday, she made light of the incident, reminding the audience she messed up his name last time and joking that she sometimes calls Barack Obama "Bo." But the self-inflicted errors continued after her speech with the White House press shop's email. At midnight, two hours after the initial press release, the White House issued a corrected e-mail that reflected his accurate title.

Indicating the sensitivity of the mistake, top Senate Democratic officials wasted no time lashing out at the Obama administration's political team in response, suggesting it was acting like a junior varsity operation two weeks before the midterms. The slipup comes one day after President Obama told Rev. Al Sharpton on his radio show that Senate Democrats keeping their distance from him are still "folks who vote with me. They have supported my agenda in Congress." That alarmed Senate Democrats up for reelection this November, most of whom are working hard to distance themselves from an unpopular president.
To Senate Democrats the President is like Lord Voldermort "He who must not be named"
"The ineptitude of the White House political operation has sunk from annoying to embarrassing," one senior Senate Democratic aide told National Journal. Another Senate official told the Washington Post that Obama's comments were "not devised with any input from Senate leadership."
Now why would they expect their political operation to be any better than the economic or foreign policy operation.  When you think about it the only part of the White House working correctly is the cover up the scandals operation.

Canadian Shooter Recent Convert To Islam-Michael Zehaf-Bibeau, Formerly Joseph Michael Hall

Cpl. Nathan Cirillo The Canadian Soldier Killed Today At The War Memorial
Fox News is reporting the shooter in the Canadian Parliament attack is a recent convert to Islam Michael Zehaf-Bibeau (Aged 32) who was born with the name Joseph Michael Hall.

Sources told The Toronto Globe and Mail newspaper in Canada that he was recently designated a “high-risk traveller” by the Canadian government and that his passport had been seized – the same circumstances surrounding the case of Martin Rouleau-Couture, the Quebecker who was shot Monday after running down two Canadian Forces soldiers with his car.
A government official told Fox that investigators believe Zehaf-Bibeau, who was killed at the scene, had changed his name from Joseph Michael Hall. U.S. agencies also have been advised he was believed to be a convert to Islam and was from Quebec.
Police sources confirmed this image tweeted from an ISIS account depicts Michael Zehaf-Bibeau.
Counter terrorism investigators are reviewing his social media traffic and profile, with a focus on any link to the attack on two soldiers in Quebec Monday.
At a news conference hours later, authorities described a "dynamic" situation, and could not confirm whether more potential gunmen were at large, although they said no arrests had been made.

"We're still in the process of clearing Parliament Hill. It is a slow and methodical process," Ottawa police Chief Charles Bordeleau said.

The shooting at the government complex came after witnesses said they saw at least one man jump out of a Toyota Corolla and run toward the memorial and open fire on the soldier, who later died at Civic Hospital.
The soldier was identified as Cpl. Nathan Cirillo, according to his aunt, the Globe and Mail reported. Cirillo was a member of the Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders, a regiment of Reserve Forces based in Hamilton, according to the Globe, and was training to join the Canada Border Services Agency. May his soul rest in peace.

The Sergeant-at-Arms of Canada's Parliament is being hailed as a hero after shooting  the terrorist dead. Kevin Vickers, a former member of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, shot the suspect, said Veterans Affairs Minister Julian Fantino.

Kevin Vickers, Sergeant-at-Arms of Canada's Parliament

Incredible Shrinking Goats: The Latest Addition To The Official Stupid Things People Blame On Global Warming List

Global warming proponents have blamed the collapse of gingerbread houses in Sweden to UFO sightings in the UK on the climate change hypothesis. The latest example offered up to scare people into believing that global warming is set to kill us all is that certain Alpine goats appear to be shrinking in size.

According to a study by England's Durham University, Chamois a species of mountain goat, now weigh about 25 per cent less than animals of the same age in the 1980s.
Body size declines attributed to climate change are widespread in the animal kingdom, with many fish, bird and mammal species getting smaller," study author Tom Mason, a biologist at England's Durham University, explained in a recent press release. "However the decreases we observe here are astonishing. The impacts on Chamois weight could pose real problems for the survival of these populations.

(...) We know that Chamois cope with hot periods by resting more and spending less time searching for food, and this may be restricting their size more than the quality of the vegetation they eat," study co-author Stephen Willis said. "If climate change results in similar behavioral and body mass changes in domestic livestock, this could have impacts on agricultural productivity in coming decades."
Despite the fear mongering this study originally published in the journal Frontiers in Zoology did not find that global warming is causing smaller goats. It simply finds that these mountain goats aren't as big as they were 30 years ago. The scientists claim it is a result of global warming but they do not present research proving linkage between the two.

There are also issues with the research itself, specially the way they got their data. The scientists didn't weigh the goats by taking their bathroom scales or some equivalent up to the mountains and asking the Chamois to step on. They received their data from checking the records of hunters who have shot goats. They didn't even weigh the deceased nannies and bucks they just used the claims of hunters, assumed that all the scales were calibrated the same and that technology hasn't changed the scale in the past 30 years.

Another problem with the scientists' claim is that people have been over-harvesting of older male Chamois goats, leaving a higher concentration of smaller younger animals.

If the researchers were being truthful they would admit there's no scientific link between the shrinking goats and global warming.

Therefore this latest scare becomes the 51st item the official "Stupid Things People Blame On Global Warming List" ach one of the items below, from the Arab Spring to Vampire Bats and the Sinking of the Titanic have been blamed on climate change. You see if someone in the world stubs their toe, a global warming fear monger will find a way to blame it on global warming.

Each of the 50 Items below link to an article explaining the claim---not included are regular natural phenomena such as hurricanes, wildfires,etc. Those have been rebuked in other posts.

  1. The Arab spring
  2. Incredible shrinking sheep,
  3. Invasion of jellyfish in the Mediterranean
  4. Surge in fatal shark attacks 
  5. Boy Scout tornado deaths,  
  6. Severe acne,  
  7. Global conflict,   
  8. Beer tasting different,  
  9. Suicide of farmers in Australia
  10. Bigger tuna fish
  11. Fish shrinkage
  12. Longer days
  13. Shorter days,   
  14. Collapse of gingerbread houses in Sweden
  15. Cow infertility,  
  16. UFO sightings in the UK,  
  17. Rise in insurance premiums
  18. Heroin addiction 
  19. Bear attacks in Japan  
  20. Frigid Cold Winters in Great Britain 
  21. Cancer
  22. Death from heart disease, diabetes, stroke, respiratory disease and even accidents,
  23. Homicide, suicide
  24. Water -borne disease outbreaks
  25. Heavier, wetter snowstorms treacherous for travel and ambulation, 
  26. Lyme disease, swarms of allergy-inducing, stinging insects, along with mosquitoes and devastating pine bark beetle infestations and the spread of forest and crop pests  
  27. 40,000 dead crabs 
  28. Shorter, higher pitched frog mating calls
  29. Unrest in the Middle East.  
  30. Screwed-up love making,  
  31. The Japanese earthquake-tsunami,  
  32. Horrible rash of tornadoes in southeast United States
  33. Extended severe allergy seasons, Lyme disease, malaria or dengue fever, trauma, depression, high blood pressure and heart disease, 
  34. Eye Disorders.
  35. Increased threat of wars, violence and military action against the UK. 
  36. Migration of possibly rabid Vampire bats from Mexico, 
  37. Extreme weather, disappearing islands and less productive workdays
  38. Giant Snakes
  39. Armed robbery, prostitution, and drug abuse in Ghana,  will make you go nuts,
  40. The rise of terrorist group Boko Haram 
  41. Caused the Seychelles snail to go extinct (its alive and well), 
  42. Rock Snot
  43. Increase anxiety, fear and depression
  44. Expensive Olives
  45. No more red-haired people, women will become pear-shaped,  incontinent, impotent bald guys with extra hair growing from his toes. 
  46. Global Cooling
  47. The Sinking of The Titanic 
  48. Illegal Immigration  
  49. ISIS 
  50. Walrus "Convention" 
  51. Shrinking Goats

James O'Keefe Answers Donna Brazile With New Must Watch Video Exposing Voter Fraud In Colorado

When Democratic Party wonk and progressive ideologue Donna Brazile tweeted that there was no concrete evidence of voter fraud, she must have forgotten the ACORN scandals exposed in part by James O'Keefe.

When Project Veritas' James O'Keefe saw the tweet he promised some new havoc which would prove her wrong. Today he delivered again.

A video released on Wednesday by O’Keefe’s Project Veritas has agents going undercover and recording Senator Mark Udall advocates in Colorado condoning voter fraud. (By the way James the mustache looks good you should grow one).

One woman, Meredith Hicks, the Director for Work For Progress, says, “That’s not even like lying or stealing, if someone throws out a ballot, like you want to fill it out you should do it.”

The nearly eight-minute video has case after case of O’Keefe talking to different Democratic operatives admitting to possible voter fraud.

One woman who works for Greenpeace told O’Keefe where he can find recycled or discarded mail in ballots to fill out for Udall and give him the extra votes.

Another woman, Nicole Hanlen, directed a PV agent to a location where out-of-state people from Oregon can cast their vote by just using bills and not a Colorado I.D.

Knowing O'Keefe I am sure there is more coming. Watch the video below: