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Thursday, August 28, 2014

The Truth About ISIS: Why Is This Terrorist Group Different From All Other Terrorist Groups?

ISIS is different from other terrorists in two main ways. First it is unprecedented in its level of violence. We are talking about a terrorist organization whose leaders were thrown out of al Qaeda for being too violent. That is a special kind of crazy. But just as important is the fact that ISIS is a more of a single operation, unlike al Qaeda, which had a core group surrounded by many "franchise" terrorist groups, ISIS is a single entity. And as a single entity the "Islamic State" or whatever they are calling themselves today has been able to develop a self-sustaining economy that among other things makes it the richest terrorist group ever and able to fund a lot more evil than other terrorists.

As you can see by the chart above, ISIS has taken over large swaths of both Iraq and Syria, and closing in on Jordan, Turkey, and Lebanon and everywhere it goes it raises money through extortion, oil pirating and kidnapping. This is significant because one of the ways free nations fight terrorists is cutting off the money, since ISIS has its own money that strategy would be a much more difficult task.

Today's Wall Street Journal outlines the emerging financial empire being built by the vicious terrorist group that is building a self-sustaining economy across the territory it controls in Syria and Iraq, by  pirating oil and exacting tribute from a native population of at least eight million people.

Pretty soon Qatar won't be lying when it says it doesn't help fund ISIS.
For Western and Arab nations that are striving to stop Islamic State, the group's local funding sources pose a conundrum: A clampdown on economic activity that helps fund the group, counterterrorism officials and experts said, could cause a humanitarian crisis in the already stressed areas it controls.
"Can you prevent ISIS from taking assets? Not really, because they're sitting on a lot of assets already," said a Western counterterrorism official. "So you must disrupt the network of trade. But if you disrupt trade in commodities like food, for example, then you risk starving thousands of civilians."

From Raqqa in Syria to Mosul in Iraq, Sunni radicals from the group administer an orderly extortion system of business and farm tributes, public-transport fees and protection payments from Christians and other religious minorities who choose to live under the militants rather than flee, according to residents of these areas, analysts who have studied the group and government officials tracking it.

Islamic State also does business with people from some of the same regions whose governments are trying to stamp it out. From the territory the group has taken, it controls the sale of oil, wheat and antiquities, spurring a vast gray market with buyers as unlikely as the Syrian regime and Shiite and Kurdish businessmen from Lebanon and Iraq, said Western officials and Syrians and Iraqis with knowledge of the now-common business transactions.

"They have a stable economy, more or less, across their territory in Syria and Iraq," said Hasan Abu Hanieh, a Jordanian scholar of Sunni radicalism who is an expert on al Qaeda and Islamic State.

ISIS gets a large slice of its operating income from kidnapping ransoms. While the US doesn't pay ransom Europe does and has for a long time. In fact Islamist terror from the days of Yasser Arafat through ISIS  today, was suckled on the teat of European financial appeasement as well as European and U.S. political appeasement.
In its moves in Syria last year and its blitz through Iraq this year—militants grabbed oil fields, crop lands and central-bank branches—Islamic State appeared to surprise outside observers. But Mideast experts say the group remains very much the successor of al Qaeda in Iraq, which became al Qaeda's richest branch using the same sorts of local taxation and extortion.

"At the time, no one could do any simple daily transaction or business—a truck couldn't pass down the road—without payment," Mr. Abu Hanieh said of al Qaeda in Iraq's heyday. "This local revenue strategy continues," he said. Islamic State is also structurally similar to its predecessor and is believed to have retained a financial committee with a "minister of finance" who oversees financial affairs, he said.

ISIS does its homework and that helps them strong-arm the locals into turning over their assets.
Earlier this year, as Islamic State militants swarmed northern Syria, one farming family got a knock on the door that would strip them of their livelihoods.

The militants, who introduced themselves as Islamic State members, said they were administering the town and had a list of how many acres of land and other assets the family owned, said one family member. They also said they had a list of the town's Christian families and the tribute they had to pay to be able to stay living there.

"They demanded to be paid in gold, silver or any other precious material for the annual crop we were about to plant," said the family member, who has since fled. He said farmers were forced to pay tribute based on land in their possession rather than the success of their crop—a hardship, coming in drought year.
ISIS also gets its cash from the fact it is an oil producing "state."
In Syria, the insurgents control eight oil and gas fields in the provinces of Raqqa and Deir Ezzor, according to Syrian rebels who once controlled the fields.

Again, from these fields, they trade with people from the very countries that are fighting them. They sell heavy oil at an average of $26 to $35 a barrel to local merchants, to merchants across the border in Iraq, or to upstart refineries financed by Turkish, Lebanese and Iraqi businessmen, said Syrians and Lebanese involved in the oil trade.

Light crude, which is higher priced on global markets, sells at up to $60 a barrel, these people said. Crude smuggled out, rather than sold locally, is priced higher to account for the often complicated way out. Syrian rebels estimated Islamic State-controlled fields produce between 30,000 and 70,000 barrels a day.

Trade beyond Syrian and Iraqi borders is buoyed by a network of business people. Kurdish merchants transport oil into Iraqi Kurdistan and sell it either to Turkish or Iranian traders. Those traders smuggle it into their countries and sell it at a discount over local prices, or sell it back to the Syrian government, said Syrians and Iraqis involved in the oil trade.

Turkey's foreign ministry said the amount of oil authorities have seized along the Turkey-Syria border has surged by 300% since the start of the Syrian uprising in 2011. "We are trying to see how we can stop this," a senior Turkish foreign ministry official said, "but the border is very difficult to police."
The ISIS economy has come just in time as many Muslim nations are looking at the extreme violence, beheading, crucifixions, etc., of the terrorist organization and realizing it is giving Islam a bad name.  Surprisingly these same countries said nothing (and still say nothing) about groups such as Hezbollah, Hamas, and al Qaeda.

Despite what the Obama administration says in public, ISIS which is extremist even for extremists and has its own source of cash, is an existential threat to the United States and the Western World. Many wars have been fought because people of reason have ignored the stated objective of despots.  More than a few times ISIS leadership has said it wants to put a huge hurt on the United States.

The combination of the anger against ISIS in the Muslim States as well as the fear of ISIS in Europe, leaves President Obama with an option his predecessor never had forming a truly international alliance to fight terrorism, at least ISIS terrorism. 

There is no way U.S. voters will tolerate any more American boots on the ground in Iraq and Syria (beyond the stated number of troops-about 1,000 there are probably Special Forces on the ground we are not being told about).  Americans probably would support air and Special Forces support for a ground force comprised of our allies.

Perhaps its time for our President to put together an alliance where other countries take the lead on the ground (its well past their turn) with support from the USAF and Special Forces. That would show the leadership he hasn't displayed since he arrived in the White House 6 and a half years ago.

Keep in mind though, unlike the case of our entry into Iraq eleven years ago, ISIS threatens the life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness for all Americans home and overseas. If Obama cannot put together an alliance in that other nations are the lead boots on the ground, America might have to go in ourselves. In the end the first priority of a national government is protecting its citizens and a war against ISIS would not be an optional war, they aren't lying when they say they intend to go after this country.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

No Way! Mitt Romney DID NOT Leave The Door Open To Running in 2015 (And Lloyd Did Not Get Mary)

(Scene from the movie Dumb and Dumber)
Lloyd Christmas: Hit me with it! Just give it to me straight! I came a long way just to see you, Mary. The least you can do is level with me. What are my chances?
Mary Swanson: Not good.
Lloyd Christmas: You mean, not good like one out of a hundred?
Mary Swanson: I'd say more like one out of a million.
Lloyd Christmas: So you're telling me there's a chance... YEAH!
Almost every news outlet that covered Tuesday's Mitt Romney interview with Hugh Hewitt said the 2012 candidate left the door to running in 2016 slightly ajar. They got the story wrong. As a regular listener to the Hugh Hewitt show, I listened to the entire interview live. The truth is Mitt Romney said it over and over again: "I will not run in 2016."

He said it before the four minute clip that was sent to the media:
Romney: (laughing) Well, I’m not going to be running, but I can give a lot of advice to the many folks that are going to be running. And you know, there are a number of things I’d tell them
He said it after the four minute clip sent to the media:
Romney: I want the country to win. I do not want to see Hillary Clinton as our next president. So I stepped aside so someone who has a better shot will be able to step forward.
During the entire interview a determined Hewitt kept finding different ways to ask the same question, in the end Romney stood his ground, saying, "I had the chance of running. I didn’t win. Someone else has a better chance than I do."

Romney did say circumstances can change but after Hewitt's relentless questioning, Romney did  quote Dumb and Dumber by offering the host his "one in a million" chance of running: if all the other candidates got together and said, "Hey, we’ve decided we can’t do it, you must do it." In other words, he isn't running. Note: At the end of Dumb and Dumber Lloyd does not get Mary

Read and listen to below the 4 minute segment sent to the media:
Hewitt: Now Governor Romney, because you were the governor of the Commonwealth, you know your revolutionary history. And so I want to throw a little Thomas Paine at you from December 23rd of 1776. They call it the darkest hour of the Revolution. It’s before Trenton and the Delaware crossing, after six months of misery and defeats. And Thomas Paine writes the famous opening lines of the crisis: "These are the times that try men’s souls. The summer soldier and the sunshine patriot will in this crisis shrink from the service of their country, but he that stands it now deserves the love and thanks of man and woman." So here’s the question. If you personally believed, I mean, really, genuinely believed that you were the only candidate who could beat Hillary, and that belief was confirmed by your family and your friends and respected political advisors, would you not then feel obliged to run?

(laughing) Well, Hugh, the reason I came to the conclusion I did, which is this is not the right time for me to run, is because of my belief that someone else stands a better chance of winning than I do. Had that not been the case, had I believed I would actually be best positioned to beat Hillary Clinton, then I would be running. But I actually believe that someone new that is not defined, yet, someone who perhaps is from the next generation, will be able to catch fire, potentially, build a movement, and be able to beat Hillary Clinton. If I thought that weren’t the case, well, I would have been running. But I think we’ve got a number of very good people looking at this race. I’m expecting someone to be able to catch fire and get the job done.

Hewitt: Now I’m pressing, and I’m pressing an advantage of long acquaintance, and so forgive me for this, but that’s subject to change, right? People’s candidacies implode, circumstances change. People who organized campaigns approach you. And so I’m not asking you to, I wouldn’t presume to ask you to say "Yeah, I’m in the race." But circumstances change. And if you thought that in fact it were not that way, that you thought you were the only one who could do this, you’d change your mind, wouldn’t you?

Romney: (laughing) I’m not going there, Hugh. I know you’re going to press, but you know, this is something we gave a lot of thought to when early on I decided we’re not going to be running this time. And again, we said look, I had the chance of running. I didn’t win. Someone else has a better chance than I do. And that’s what we believe, and that’s why I’m not running. And you know, circumstances can change, but I’m just not going to let my head go there. I remember that great line from Dumb and Dumber, where the…

Hewitt: So you’re telling me I have a chance?

There you go, you remember. You’re telling me I have a chance? That’s one of a million.

Hewitt: Hey, all, the takeaway is already circumstances can change. I know how we’re going to play this. But I hope it’s not the Harold Stassen nonsense, which overlooks the far more unlikely comebacks like Reagan’s and Nixon’s, and Dewey’s and Stevenson and William Jennings Bryant. In fact, not even Stassen became a joke until his ’64 run. His previous four runs were all very serious affairs. Here’s what your running mate said yesterday on this show.

Ryan: I would welcome it. I’ve told him that, I was with him last Thursday. I think he should run. I think people are getting to know who he really is. I think there’s buyer’s remorse, and I think he’d make an outstanding president. He says emphatically, though, that he won’t do it. You know, I just wish he would. I think he’d be a unifier. But I just, I’ll take Mitt at his word, and he’s pretty clear he’s not going to do it.

Hewitt: See, he’s not as abrasive as I am. And so you have been very clear you’re not doing it now. I just keep looking for that, I get asked everywhere I go because I wrote the book about you, have you heard if there’s any door open. And I said no, I haven’t. He always says no, no, no, but I’ve always also said that I thought if you thought you were the only guy who could win, you’d do it.

Romney: Well, you know, let’s say all the guys that were running all came together and said, "Hey, we’ve decided we can’t do it, you must do it." That’s the one of the million we’re thinking about.

Hatred In NYC--Jewish Couple Attacked By Palestinian Supporters

A Jewish couple in were on the Upper East Side of Manhattan New York Monday evening when they were physically assaulted by an anti-Semitic gang, who then fled the scene in cars flying the Palestinian Authority flag, according to the New York Post. An indication that the Islamist-led Antisemitism permeating through Europe has gained a foothold in the United States.

According to the report two cars along with multiple motorcycles pulled up to the couple on East 63rd Street near Third Avenue just after 8 p.m., and the assailants began yelling “anti-Jewish statements." Police reportedly believe the couple was singled out because the husband was wearing a yarmulke.

One of the goons threw a water bottle that hit the wife, and the 27-year-old husband was punched in the side of his head when he came to her defense, according to law enforcement sources.

Police sources said the creeps then raced back to their waiting vehicles, some of which bore Palestinian flags, and took off.

The victims, who live in the area but were not identified by authorities, were not seriously injured and refused medical attention at the scene.

The couple, who live in the neighborhood, reported the incident to the NYPD who has their Hate Crimes Task Force investigating the attack. Councilman Garodnick, who represents the community in the City Council, and Councilman Greenfield stand together to shine a light on this hate-driven act and send a clear message that hate crimes are never tolerated in our city.

The hate crimes task force is investigating the assault, and police sources said that the victim may have been targeted because he was wearing a yarmulke.  According to the NYPD, the men drove in a white Cadillac Escalade with New York license plates and a white Nissan Altima with Florida plates. The NYPD also said they may have the licence plate numbers of the cars. The five to eight suspects are believed to be males in their 20s with Middle Eastern descent.

There were no arrests as of early Wednesday morning and a description of the suspects was not immediately available

Listen Tonight @10PM EDT Actor Adam Baldwin On The Hump Day News Report

Actor, Master of Twitter, Hollywood Conservative, Patriot, and Good Guy, Adam Baldwin will be on the Hump Day News Report Tonight – 10PM ET – 8/27

Click below to listen live or listen to the podcast at anytime after the show.

AdamBalwin2Adam Baldwin was born in in Winnetka, Illinois, and has a lengthy list of movie and TV credentials, including My Bodyguard, Full Metal Jacket, Serenity, Independence Day, Firefly, and now in post-apocalyptic military drama The Last Ship.
At 6’4″ with a strong and sturdy build, Baldwin is the perfect type to play law enforcement and military roles.

On The Last Ship, Adam Baldwin co-stars as XO Mike Slattery, second in command to Commander Tom Chandler (Eric Dane), captain of the U.S.S. Nathan James, a Navy guided missile destroyer. For Adam who has played characters named Casey and Jayne it is a rare opportunity to play a character who does not have a girls name.

Kate O’Hare writes up a Baldwin interview at Breitbart:
…the Navy is apparently happy with how he wears the uniform in The Last Ship and with the show itself.

“They love it,” Baldwin tells Breitbart News. “They were thrilled, and the funny thing is, you have a dedicated fan base, and a built-in fan base, from the Navy, because our goal was to portray the Navy as realistically as we could within the scenario and within our Hollywood creation.”

“…When I can, I speak up for the Navy and the military, as much as I can. Hopefully they understand that I respect them, and I’ve raised some money for them. I wish I could do more.
Adam is a person of whom it was once said, "Man walks down the street in a hat like that, you know he's not afraid of anything"

Baldwin (no relation to Alec Baldwin or his brothers) is a conservative and, as noted, an avid supporter of the military. Adam and his wife, Ami Julius, have been married since 1988 and have three children.

Listen as Tami and I talk to Adam about show business, the troops, and events of the day. 

Follow Tami on Twitter at @tamij,Adam Baldwin at @AdamBaldwin , me at @yidwithlid AND The Hump Day News Report at@HumpDayNR.

*Interact and ask questions during the show via Twitter using the @HumpDayNR account and be sure to use our hashtag #HDNR!

Videos of Crown Heights Riot And TV Coverage--Strikingly Similar To Ferguson Missouri

In conducting research on the Faux Reverend Al Sharpton, these five videos, a compilation of the local TV news coverage of the Crown Heights riot were discovered (there were six but the last one couldn't be found)

In viewing the five films it became stunningly clear that the two incidents were striking similar.  Both started by a tragedy, both mis-managed by inept politicians, both had instigators from outside the community agitating the violence, both had Al Sharpton, both had the black community calling for arrests before the facts were revealed, both the Crown Heights and Ferguson communities complained that the media was only showing the violence, both in Ferguson and in Crown Heights some of the media protected Al Sharpton...and so much more.

Part 1: The Tragedy.  BTW notice how the local politicians immediately took sides, with out evidence. Disputing the Rabbi's account of the police directing the ambulance to take care of the driver. The Rabbis account turned out to be true.

Part 2: Day 2, Complaints the Jews got better medical attention. False reports about the ambulance go viral and stir the violence.  Two cops sent to the hospital, second night of rioting. Day 3 More violence, cops shot with BB guns, local Blacks continue to attack Jews. Mayor meets with local black groups, even goes to the local schools (just like Ferguson).

Part 3: More of the 3rd night's violence. City leaders get booed by Black community. Pictures of stores damaged an looted. Al Sharpton demands arrest of driver, without any facts.  Cops beaten up and mocked. Claims that the violent protesters come from outside of the community. The chants of the now familiar "no justice, no peace." This time the accusations were not-- too much police action, but the Jews were complaining that there was not enough police action.

Part 4: The Fourth night of the riots. Police show force. Both blacks and Jews complain that media is showing too much of the violence. It's true.  There were protests during  press conferences.  Also strange is that there was mention of Al Sharpton protests but little coverage of Al Sharpton's incitement during protests. For example the news  from this day reported the Sharpton rally marchers proceeded through Crown Heights, carrying antisemitic signs and an Israeli flag was burned. The MSM was protecting Sharpton even then.  Interestingly there was a discussion of how community pressure might effect whether or not there would be a prosecution just like Ferguson.

Part 5: Night 5 the first mostly calm night. 500 March with Al Sharpton (surrounded by 2000 cops). Still more complaints that if the driver that hit Gavin Cato was black he would have been arrested. Jews complain to reporters about outside agitators claiming to be black leaders [Sharpton] inciting the violence. Al Sharpton contends the Jews need to accept the blacks.

I am really disappointed the 6th tape does not exist because it might of had clips of Gavin Cato's funeral where, like Michael Brown's was dominated by a Eulogy by Al Sharpton.  Here there was a difference because in the Cato funeral Sharpton targeted the Jews.

Below is a description of Sharpton's eulogy from the book "Crown Heights Blacks, Jews, and the 1991 Brooklyn Riot by Edward Shapiro" which is presently out of print.