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Friday, December 19, 2014

News Media Watchdog Calls ABC Meteorologist 'Pornographer' For Not Obsessing on Climate Change

Ginger Zee, an ABC meteorologist for Good Morning America and World News Tonight was likened to a "pornographer" by network news media watchdog/consultant Andrew Tyndall because she talks about the weather rather than obsessing about climate change
If Ginger Zee reported in the role of climatologist rather than meteorologist, I would praise ABC's 'World News Tonight's' decision as a daring intervention into a crucial national and global debate, instead, she is more like a pornographer.
Weather has become a particularly important part of ABC's nightly news broadcast, in fact according to the Associated Press, The correspondent most frequently seen on either ABC, CBS or NBC's evening newscasts this year doesn't work out of the White House or some overseas trouble zone. It's Ginger Zee, ABC's chief meteorologist.

Apparently "weather porn" is a pejorative term by meteorologists to describe reports about harsh weather storms like hurricanes or tornadoes.

Washington Post weather editor
This unflattering portrayal of Zee and her work is uncalled for.
Zee has earned accolades for on-the-ground coverage of some of the most devastating storms to afflict the U.S. in recent years, from Superstorm Sandy to the Moore and El Reno, Okla. tornadoes.

“I was left speechless by [Tyndall's] comment,” blogged Mike Smith, a senior vice president at AccuWeather Enterprise Solutions. “Ginger is an extremely hard working, agenda-free scientist who does a terrific job in a position with tight constraints. Calling her a pornographer is beyond the pale.”
This video is an example of what Smith was talking about

Andrew Tyndall's name calling is typical of the global warming supporters.  As evidence builds against their hypothesis which they cannot rebut,  they rely on name calling, skeptics are called flat-Earthers, deniers, anti-science and worse. Ms Zee may very well be a believer in warming but because she does her job and talks about the weather she is called names. It's a very childish response for a very desperate climate change believing community.

Fun Catfight: Whoppi vs. Rosie Fight About 'Is America Racist?'

As we learned earlier this week, America is so "racist" that short white people feel justified in asking for Michelle Obama’s help reaching high shelves at Target. Well either that or any short person will ask the closest tall person to get something off the top shelf (it has happened to me often and I'm white). 

Anyway this incident spurred a discussion (OK a fight) on The View regarding whether or not America was a racist nation, Rosie O said we are, Whoopi said no and a white woman shouldn't tell a black woman what is racist.

It doesn't get real heated til the 5:50 mark but the entire segment is worth watching.

Newsbusted: Obama 'Likes' Iranian Facebook Page Called, 'I Love Fighting Israel'

Maybe because he just doesn't care, or because he has nothing left to lose, but ever since his party was crushed in the mid-term elections President Obama has been getting bolder in his actions. There was the immigration executive action, and his actions opening up relations with Cuba, and now as reported by Newsbusted Anchor Jodie Miller (see video below) the President is even getting bolder in his social media. He recently went to an Iranian created Facebook page called,  'I Love Fighting Israel' and hit the "like' button (after all it does agree with his foreign policy.

Other news items covered in the latest installment of Newsbusted the twice- weekly faux news feature from (embedded below) include; China's economy surpasses the US to be the biggest in the world; Obama's still trying to sell immigration reform; Colorado woman gives birth to 13lb 13oz baby; and much, much more.

Please make sure you watch the video below because something bad always happens to the people who don't. Last week the Chairs of Sony Corp forgot to press play and now they are losing up to $100 million dollars on their movie "The Interview" So unless you want to lose $100 million dollars, you better press play.

Oh and if you cannot see the video player below please click here

Was 'The Washington Post' Hacked? (Or Is It Snowing In Hell?)

This "Washington Post" editorial must be investigated! The progressive daily must have been hacked. Well either that or hell has frozen over. Possibly there are pigs flying around in the sky. At issue is an editorial blasting Obama called "Obama gives the Castro regime in Cuba an undeserved bailout." Understand this is not an op-ed but a piece supposedly produced by the editorial board of the newspaper who reveres this President, whose only conservative columnist is a liberal. Heck this paper's mantra is "take my liberty or give me death!"

Not only did it produce an editorial that went against the President's policy, but it went against the progressive line.

The piece begins by explaining that Cuba was nearing collapse, its friends were gone and citizens were growing bolder. This despite the fact the progressive line was the embargo of Cuba wasn't working.
In recent months, the outlook for the Castro regime in Cuba was growing steadily darker. The modest reforms it adopted in recent years to improve abysmal economic conditions had stalled, due to the regime’s refusal to allow Cubans greater freedoms. Worse, the accelerating economic collapse of Venezuela meant that the huge subsidies that have kept the Castros afloat for the past decade were in peril. A growing number of Cubans were demanding basic human rights, such as freedom of speech and assembly. It goes on to detail the President's actions on Wednesday easing U.S. restrictions on Cuba and warned, "that liberalization will provide Havana with a fresh source of desperately needed hard currency and eliminate U.S. leverage for political reforms."

See what I mean? (Maybe Marco Rubio has a hacker on his staff?)

The editorial continued in its criticism of the newspaper's Messiah/President. Regarding the Alan Gross release the Washington Post added, "While Mr. Obama sought to portray Mr. Gross’s release as unrelated to the spy swap, there can be no question that Cuba’s hard-line intelligence apparatus obtained exactly what it sought when it made Mr. Gross a de facto hostage."

Maybe it was Ted Cruz who hacked in, because the WAPO editorial even said it disagreed with Obama's argument that the embargo was a failure:

In fact, Cuba has been marginalized in the Americas for decades, and the regime has been deprived of financial resources it could have used to spread its malignant influence in the region, as Venezuela has done. That the embargo has not succeeded in destroying communism does not explain why all sanctions should be lifted without any meaningful political concessions by Cuba.
The editorial staff even had the nerve to say this President was snookered in the matter of Cuba's promised prisoner release:
U.S. officials said the regime agreed to release 53 political prisoners and allow more access to the Internet. But Raúl Castro promised four years ago to release all political prisoners, so the White House has purchased the same horse already sold to the Vatican and Spain.
It also argued that past improvements of relations with communist countries have not improved those countries' human rights records, beside Obama doesn't really help people trying to overturn tyranny either.
The administration says its move will transform relations with Latin America, but that is naive. Countries that previously demanded an end to U.S. sanctions on Cuba will not now look to Havana for reforms; instead, they will press the Obama administration not to sanction Venezuela. Mr. Obama says normalizing relations will allow the United States to be more effective in promoting political change in Cuba. That is contrary to U.S. experience with Communist regimes such as Vietnam, where normalization has led to no improvements on human rights in two decades. Moreover, nothing in Mr. Obama’s record of lukewarm and inconstant support for democratic change across the globe can give Ms. Sánchez and her fellow freedom fighters confidence in this promise.
The Vietnam outcome is what the Castros are counting on: a flood of U.S. tourists and business investment that will allow the regime to maintain its totalitarian system indefinitely. Mr. Obama may claim that he has dismantled a 50-year-old failed policy; what he has really done is give a 50-year-old failed regime a new lease on life.
This editorial was an impossibility. "The Washington Post" would never criticize its supreme leader this severely. The paper must have been hacked, there is no other explanation.

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Anti-Semite/Hate Monger Naomi Klein Says Climate Skeptics Are Racist

Progressive conspiracy theorist and Anti-Semite Naomi Klein has come up with a new one: People who are skeptical of the climate change hypothesis don't care about climate change because it will only damage countries where people of color live.

Writing in The Nation, Klein says:
What does #BlackLivesMatter, and the unshakable moral principle that it represents, have to do with climate change? Everything. Because we can be quite sure that if wealthy white Americans had been the ones left without food and water for days in a giant sports stadium after Hurricane Katrina, even George W. Bush would have gotten serious about climate change. Similarly, if Australia were at risk of disappearing, and not large parts of Bangladesh, Prime Minister Tony Abbott would be a lot less likely to publicly celebrate the burning of coal as “good for humanity,” as he did on the occasion of the opening of a vast new coal mine. And if my own city of Toronto were being battered, year after year, by historic typhoons demanding mass evacuations, and not Tacloban in the Philippines, we can also be sure that Canada would not have made building tar sands pipelines the centerpiece of its foreign policy.
Among most scientists, even the global-warming believers do not believe Katrina or last year's major typhoon in the Philippines had anything to do with a change in climate.

Klein adds:
If we refuse to speak frankly about the intersection of race and climate change, we can be sure that racism will continue to inform how the governments of industrialized countries respond to this existential crisis. It will manifest in the continued refusal to provide serious climate financing to poor countries so they can protect themselves from heavy weather. It will manifest in the fortressing of wealthy continents as they attempt to lock out the growing numbers of people whose homes will become unlivable.
As of December 1, the Earth hadn't warmed in 18 years and two months. Droughts have not increased, the Antarctic Sea Ice is at record levels and the Arctic ice cap has seen record growth. Global sea ice area has been averaging above normal for the past two years.

Klein is the same writer who has reinvigorated the medieval anti-Semitic blood libel in her unsupported attack against Israel. Instead of the "traditional" using the blood of non-Jews to make matzos, Klein modern version is Israeli Jews make war on the Palestinians so they can sell more weapons.

She claimed in her book The Shock Doctrine  that Israel is run by a vast "military industrial complex that purposely perpetuates war against the Palestinians so they can develop and more importantly sell, new weapons on the worldwide market."

During a 2009 speech in Ramallah Klein claimed all Jews were blood thirsty, [Some Jews] even think we get one get-away-with-genocide-free-card. Klein was also one of the first leaders of the anti-Semitic boycott, divestment and sanctions movement which singles out the Jewish State for supposed offenses while ignoring the real human rights offenses of the Arab Muslim states and the Palestinian terrorists.

Sadly, The Nation allows Klein to peddle her hatred and her lack of science on their pages which proves why the magazine has few readers outside the progressive community.