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Monday, December 4, 2006

"David Ben-Gurion would roll in his grave"

Today Echud Olmert told the IDF not to defend the country against the Kassam missiles fired from Gaza. The Jerusalem Post reports that Syria has given Hezbollah all the new missiles it needs, right under the nose of UNIFIL. I guess those IAF fly overs aren't too bad. Right now, Israel is now in more danger than she has been at any time since Egypt almost overran the Israeli Armored Corps during the Yom Kippur War over 3o years ago. Both 1n 1973 and today the reason for the danger is the same, an Israeli government that is putting its "international standing" before the lives of her soldiers and civilians.

In 1973 Golda knew what was coming, but she was warned by Sec of State Kissinger not to build up troops or to strike first. My friend Avi, who was a tank commander at the time, told me that if wasn't for President Nixon's airlift of weapons there would be no Israel today.

Olmert is facing similar pressure today from Secretary of State Rice, but the difference is Olmert created the problem himself. When Soldiers were kidnapped on the Lebanese boarder he struck with a vengeance for a few hours. Then instead of trying to win the battle, he just bombed as many Hezbollah installations as possible. When he was told by his generals that Israel need to fight the battle on the ground, he delayed, thus giving Hezbollah what is at least a psychological victory, and emboldening Israels enemies all over the world.

The Mayor of Sderot responded with Olmerts announcement about not firing back with words that I could never hope to match, he said:

"I believe that if there is a new attack, the residents' nerves will be worn out. People needed this break, and they were euphoric. I was first to welcome the ceasefire although I never believed in it from the beginning. There is a threat and we need to deal with it … We are not stupid to believe that the Qassam fire ended, but the government thinks so," he said. 'Ben-Gurion would roll in his grave' He added that the government has to protect its citizens. "It is absurd that Israel is not responding. If there is information that someone is about to harm us, should we let him do as he wishes? We need to protect the citizens and therefore we need to harm him," he said.
What about up North? Why isn't there indignation coming out of the spineless Olmert about the missles being supplied to Hezbollah? Why isn't he having showing picture to the world, calling on the UN to do its Job? Why Isn't he screaming bloody murder about the contents of this IDF report printed in today's Jerusalem Post

Long-range missiles as well as truckloads of advanced anti-tank missiles originating in Iran and Syria have been smuggled to Hizbullah in Lebanon during the past four months since the war ended this summer, The Jerusalem Post has learned.

The IDF destroyed most of Hizbullah's long-range missile array during the month-long war, including the Iranian-made Fajr and Zelzal. But according to new intelligence obtained by the defense establishment, Hizbullah has received in the four months since the war, weapon convoys carrying short-range missiles, anti-tank missiles and long-range missiles. Most of the weapon convoys crossed into Lebanon from Syria at night.

Hizbullah, Military Intelligence believes, might use the Lebanese political instability as an excuse to launch attacks against Israel, not necessarily by renewing Katyusha rocket attacks - 4,000 rockets were fired at Israel during the 34-day war this past summer - but by firing anti-aircraft missiles at Israeli aircraft which fly over Lebanon to collect intelligence.

Hizbullah, MI has learned, has been using the post-war period to rehabilitate its armed wing. MI believes that "sooner or later" Hizbullah will resume military operations against Israel in the form of mortar and rocket attacks on northern Israeli communities as well as kidnapping attempts along the border.

Over thirty-two years ago, Israel faced destruction because her leaders ignored what was coming so they would look nice for the international community. She avoided destruction because of the Grace of G-d, the spirit and brilliance of her fighting men and women and because of Nixon's airlift. Today, her weak leaders are sending the country down the same path. Indeed Ben-Gurion must be spinning in his grave. Hopefully, the government of Israel will change before Ben-Gurion is joined by millions of today's Israeli citizens.


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Carl in Jerusalem said...


Actually, UNIFIL is doing exactly what it's supposed to do under 1701. Olmert and Livni (especially Livni) blew it when they agreed to a resolution that prevented UNIFIL from acting except upon the request of the Lebanese government.

Droid said...

Lebanese government. There is no real Lebanese government.

This news is disgusting. Olmert must be kicked out by any means nessessary.

Any means.