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Thursday, March 1, 2007

Discriminitory Fla Condo Board: Get Mezzuzah Out of Town by Friday

A few weeks ago I covered the story of Laurie Richter, Ft. Lauderdale resident. Laurie's condo wants to start fining Ms Richter because the management of the Port Condo as a ban on displaying objects on "public space" the ban applies to Mezuzahs, which are obligated by religious law, but not Christmas wreaths, which aren't . See Jew Hatred in Our (other) Ancestral Homeland: Florida

One of my reader's forwarded to me an email she recieved from Jim Nagle, Mayor of the city who is urging the Florida State Legislature to look at the Issue.

The good News is That the legislature IS taking a look

"State Rep. Julio Robaina, R-Miami , known as the champion of the unit owner because of laws he has gotten approved, this week is filing a long list of measures drawn from the AARP's Bill of Rights for unit owners. Working with him in the Senate this session will be Sen. Alex Villalobos, R-Miami."

"Their bills include: letting residents with doctors' prescriptions have pets regardless of the rules; allowing religious symbols on doors ; regulating homeowner associations the same way the state regulates condo associations; letting the condo ombudsman also serve homeowner associations; requiring boards to notify every owner by certified mail when they plan a vote to change the bylaws; and clarifying the right of owners to have hurricane shutters."

"Danille R. Carroll, the state condo ombudsman, this week also plans to send Gov. Charlie Crist and legislative leaders a list of proposals for consideration." (source: South Florida Sun-Sentinel 2/21)
The BAD news is that it may be a little late for Ms Richter last Friday she received a letter from the condo board giving her Mezzuzah one week to "git out of Dodge." Ironically it has to be off her door before Shabbos!

As you can see by the letter above, the condo board not only trying to limit Ms Richter’s religious observance but also her free speech. If you want to protest the stance of the condo board please write to the Condo Association

General Manager
The Port Condominium Association, Inc.
1819 S.E. 17th Street
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33316
Phone: 954-765-1000
Fax: 954-764-1400

Ms Richter also has appealed to the Local ADL for help--- but Art Teitelbaum, its Miami-based southern area director does not wish to get involved. Hey Abe Foxman-- Stop watching Mel Gibson movie and tell this guy to get on the ball.

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