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Thursday, April 19, 2007

Was Bob Novak Lying?

On Monday I criticized Bob Novak Columnist (see below) a man who gave up his Jewish and sold his soul to the Arab nations who would have her destroyed.

Monday was the anniversary of the first Hamas homicide bombing and Novak used that opportunity to publish an interview with a senior Hamas figure. The thrust of the piece was that Hamas was no longer a terrorist organization---they were now Good Guys who wanted peace. Who Knew?

We'll apparently not Bob Novak because in today's Ma' an News Palestinian Education Minister Nasser Addin Ash-Sha'er, the guy that Novak interviewed denied saying many of the key points that Bob ascribed to him. So which was it BOB were you lying or were you a stooge?

Date: 18 / 04 / 2007 Time: 17:38
تكبير الخط تصغير الخط
Ash-Sha'er in a Ramallah press conference,
November 2006 (MaanImages Archive)
Jenin - Ma'an exclusive - Palestinian Education Minister Nasser Addin Ash-Sha'er has denied the declarations which the US daily newspaper Washington Post ascribed to him.

In an interview with Washington Post columnist Robert Novak published on Monday, Ash-Sha'er was quoted as saying that bombing attacks by Palestinians on Israeli targets had ruined past peace attempts.

Ash-Sha'er reportedly said that "previous attempts at peace were ruined by suicide bombers. Now, we look forward to a sustained peace."

On Wednesday, in conversation with Ma'an, he depicted the newspaper's allegations as imprecise.

The minister highlighted, "electronic websites took portions of a long interview, and what they took was absolutely out of the real context." It was misinterpreted, he explained.

Ash-Sha'er explained, "Every people in the world has the right of self defence, and nobody can incriminate his own history or his own right to self defence."

Whilst visiting the northern West Bank city of Jenin, the minister of education clarified in talks with Ma'an, "We have a joint agenda as a unity government based on the establishment of a Palestinian state on the 1967 borders."

However, according to reports of his interview with the Washington Post, quoted in the Israeli daily Haaretz, Ash-Sha'er is pessimistic about the possibility of achieving a two-state settlement. "I don't think the Israeli government wants a two-state solution." he was further quoted as saying. "Without pressure from the president of the United States, nothing is going to happen."

The Earlier Report Follows:

For some reason Columnist Bob Novak is not a fan of the Jews. He has railed against the "Jewish Lobby" that controls American Foreign policy, written extensively against Israel and even defended Pat Buchanan when he said the historic accounts of Treblinka were exaggerated. I am not a psychologist (or a proctologist) so I can't wax poetic about his motivation. I do suspect however it has something to do with the fact that he was a failure as a Jew and decided to move to another religion.

So the most optimistic way to say it is that Novak as no love for his former brethren. One thing he does have is an impeccable sense of timing. His column today was a discourse on how Hamas wants to make peace. It is based on a sit down that he had:

I sat down in a Palestinian National Authority office in Ramallah with a leader of Hamas, the extremist organization that won last year's elections. He pushed a two-state Israeli-Palestinian solution and deplored suicide bombers. But officials in Washington seemingly do not want to hear Hamas calling for peace. You can read his entire propaganda piece at the NY POST)
It is not surprising that the only "Journalist" to without the scruples to at least try to use the first amendment to protect his sources in the Libby case, would fall lock stock and barrel for a Hamas disinformation campaign.

Leaders of Hamas have said over and over they do not want peace with Israel, they have said over and over that the terrorism will continue:
On March 31 at a rally in Khan Yunis, Ismail Radwan , Hamas spokesman, said that Hamas would not abandon the resistance and would continue with the jihad as its strategic choice to liberate all of historical Palestine [i.e., Palestine from the Mediterranean Sea to the Jordan River. Hinting at the Riyadh summit meeting he said, Jerusalem will not be liberated by meetings, decisions and negotiations, but with the rifle, the Qassam and rockets . He told his listeners to prepare yourselves for jihad, the battle is at hand and our enemies know only the language of force(Pal-media Website, affiliated with Hamas, March 31).
I guess good ol' Bob didn't read that or the hundreds of other examples. I wonder if Bob knows what day he picked to write his sleazy propaganda piece? Today is the 14th anniversary of a Hamas first, the first Hamas Homicide bombing:

The Hamas Day of Infamy

By Nancy Kobrin | April 16, 2007

Today marks the 14th anniversary of the first suicide-bombing attack perpetrated by Hamas against Israel, an event that opened a horrific new chapter in the history of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

On April 16, 1993, Sahar Tamum Nablusi, 22, became the first Hamas suicide bomber. With a copy of the Koran on the front passenger seat, Sahar drove his bomb-laden Mitsubishi van rigged with cooking-gas canisters into two buses at a roadside café of the Mehola Junction in the Jordan Valley. This attack is also known as the “Bet-El bombing” (literally, the House of God bombing).

Nablusi killed himself and murdered a Palestinian laborer Maruan. Five people were initially reported injured, though some news reports placed the total number of wounded at eight. Tragically, it is more difficult to find out the names of the murdered and injured than that of the murderer. (One is reminded of the notoriety acquired by a serial killer, in contrast to his nameless victims.)

When I first read about the attack, in the still-hopeful days before the Oslo Accords, I knew that it augured a tragic future. Having watched Lebanon from the sidelines since the early 1980s, when Hezbollah launched its first suicide attacks (also in April), I realized that Israel had to brace itself for more attacks to come.

And, indeed, the horrendous example set by Nablusi has found countless imitators. Many have even acted in the month of April. On April 11, 2002, for instance, Nawar Nizar, a 24-year-old al-Qaeda operative from the French city of Lyon, perished while exploding a fuel tanker outside the Ghriba synagogue in the resort island of Djerba in Tunisia.

Why does April seem to coincide with an increase in suicide attacks? April is the traditional time of spring, a time of rebirth and renewal, with holidays like Pesach and Easter. For the Islamic suicide bomber, however, life holds no meaning. Joy is unknown to them, and those capable of feeling it must be attacked and destroyed. To these joyless automatons, we become a threat, a constant reminder of what they lack.

In today's world, Hamas’s inaugural attack speaks to the shallowness of Palestinian democracy, a democracy in which the people choose cold-blooded terrorists to represent them. Hamas has perpetrated the most heinous crimes against the Palestinians. Hamas sends Palestinian children, and sometimes even their mothers, to their deaths. It is Hamas that has given the world a phenomenon heretofore unknown in history: the post-menopausal grandmother suicide bomber.

On this April 16th, let us recall a seemingly minor suicide bombing that introduced the civilized world to the evils of suicide terrorism. It was a watershed moment, a psychological equivalent to 9/11 for humankind. It was with that attack that Hamas demonstrated the depths to which it will sink in its perversity.

In remembering that day, let us also bear in mind what Hamas seeks to destroy: civil society; democracy; and the right of citizens to live without terror. And let us never forget the thousands of victims killed or wounded by a terrorist’s final act. On this day and always, we must carry these innocents in our hearts.

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