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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Barak, Peres and Olmert, the Trifecta of Israeli Disasters

The Chanukah Song Mi Y'maleil? has a line that says " In every age a hero or sage arose to save the people" Today Israel is in dire need of that hero or sage. With the political announcements coming out of Israel over the last two days, I hope I am wrong, but it doesn't look like that hero train will be arriving before Shabbos.

Proving that G-d has a good sense of humor the Knesset today elected Shimon Peres one of the architects of Oslo as the President of Israel. Some reports say that this is the first time Peres was ever elected to anything. I think that is unfair! Since it was the Knesset and not the Israeli population that voted him president, Peres is still a perfect zero.

While a mostly ceremonial position like the Queen of England (who probably would ha
ve made a better choice) the job does give Peres a bigger soap box than the Vice Premier post to make a fool of himself by saying the wrong thing at the wrong time.

This is on top of yesterday's news that the Labor party is also trying to get one more use out of an old tea bag by electing Ehud Barak. You may remember Barak, he is the guy who thought it was a splendid idea to pull out of Lebanon. His plan was to leave without any sort of transition with the Lebanese Army. Wham Gone, faster than the Exodus from Egypt. Heck they didn't even have time to make unleavened bread. Barak's brilliant strategy allowed Hezbollah to fill the vacuum left by the Israeli solders and ultimately lead to this past summer's war in Lebanon.

Barak and P
eres are tied together by two of the biggest misjudgments in Israels 59 year history, when you add Olmert and the disengagement you hit the trifecta.

Um--er--Lord? We could use that Hero or Sage right about now.

Professor Steven Plaut was so "excited" about Peres' victory that he composed a little song for ArtuzSheva about it.

Well, it is now official. Shimon Peres, the godfather of the Oslo appeasements and "peace process", is the new President of Israel. For those who dismiss this as a harmless empty gesture to the old geezer, think again.

The President of Israel is mainly an honorary post, like a member of the House of Lords. But Peres will not be out hunting foxes in tweeds. In Israel, the President has powers of granting clemency. And smack at the top of Peres' new presidential appeasements will be his granting clemency to imprisoned PLO mass murderer Marwan Barghouti! (For more information on Barghouti go here and here)

All of which brings us to the new song about Israeli President Shimon Peres, with apologies to Irving Berlin:
The Peres Presidential Waltz
To the tune of Fred Astaire singing "Cheek to Cheek"
(written by: Irving Berlin)

Heavens, Nine Elevens,
And my brain hurts so that I can hardly speak;

For I cannot find the sanity I seek,
When he's dancing with Barghouti, sheik to sheik.

Heavens, Nine Elevens,
Cause the Knesset chose a loser and a geek;
And it's soon to be Barghouti's lucky streak,
When he's dancing with Barghouti, sheik to sheik.

Oh! He loves to patronize us,
Oslo victims in his heap;
But that doesn't scare me half as much,
As his prancing sheik to sheik.

Oh! he loves to take us floating,
With no paddles down his creek;
And he loves to go appeasing,
when he's dancing sheik to sheik.

The Peres Waltz,
Barghouti's arm about him;
No terror halts,
He'll produce more 9-11s:

Heavens, Nine Elevens,
and I'm speechless at this presidential freak;
And I cannot find the sanity I seek
Cause he's dancing with Barghouti, sheik to sheik.

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