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Monday, September 3, 2007

CAIR Continues Bullying and Lying To Avoid Truth

This is the 50th post about CAIR I have written since Oct. 2006. Many of those posts have shown that CAIR, indicted co-conspirator in the Holy Land Case and terrorist supporter, bullies anyone that tries to point out the truth about Islamofacists and terror. Some of My Favorites are at the end of this post. Now that Daniel Pipes has accepted and advisory position in the Giuliani Campaign they are going after him ---again. The article below from Pipline news is a great example of some of CAIR's methods in distorting the truth.
CAIR Continues Its Campaign Of Deceit Against Daniel Pipes

August 30, 2007 - San Francisco, CA - - The addition of Dr. Daniel Pipes as an advisor to the Giuliani campaign has drawn a predictable response from the Council on American Islamic Relations, CAIR, a recently named unindicted co-conspirator in the Holy Land Foundation Hamas funding prosecution, and whose veracity at best is questionable.

In shrill tones, one of today's CAIR newsletters makes a series of allegations:

CAIR says:


Daniel Pipes: "Yes, I do support the internment of Japanese Americans in World War II." (12/28/04, on his web site)

Pipes' full quote and context:

"This attempt at ambushing me on the radio not only failed to derail my nomination, but it also failed in a larger sense, for it provoked my curiosity about the Japanese internment and prompted me to read Malkin's book. Now, should anyone ask the same question Goodman did, I can knowledgeably reply: Yes, I do support the internment of Japanese Americans in World War II because, as Malkin shows, "given what was known and not known at the time," the U.S. government made the correct and sensible decisions. (December 28, 2004)

Dec. 29, 2004 update: The response to this column prompts two clarifying comments from me: (1) I am encouraged by the results of the Cornell survey because it means that many Americans understand the need to focus on the segment of the population that is engaged in Islamist activities; I do not specifically endorse its notion of Muslims having to register their whereabouts.

(2) I raised the subject of the Japanese internment because it "still matters" in its influence on the U.S. public debate, and not because I advocate the internment of anyone today. []

CAIR says:


Daniel Pipes backed French far-right racist Jean-Marie Le Pen. On his web site, Pipes said Le Pen's extremist views "represent an important outlook in the national debate over immigration and Islam." An appeals court in France upheld Le Pen's conviction for inciting anti-Muslim hatred in a newspaper interview. Le Pen has been convicted of racism or anti-Semitism at least six times in the past.

Pipes' full quote and context:

"Am I the only one to find something anomalous in the fact that the political figure who came in second in the race for the presidency of France in 2002 had a €10,000 fine upheld today by an appeals court for expressing his views on what is his central issue? He was fined on grounds of inciting racial hatred for having told Le Monde on April 19, 2003, that

The day that we have in France not just 5 million but 25 million Muslims, it will be them in charge. … The French will hug their walls [in fear], step down from the sidewalks [to the street], and lower their eyes. If they don't, they'll be told, "Why are you looking at me like that, buddy, you searching for a fight?"

Le jour où nous aurons en France, non plus 5 millions mais 25 millions de musulmans, ce sont eux qui commanderont. … Et les Français raseront les murs, descendront des trottoirs en baissant les yeux. Quand ils ne le font pas, on leur dit "qu'est-ce que tu as à me regarder comme ça, tu cherches la bagarre?"

Comment: One does not have to be a Le Pen fan to acknowledge that his views, however crudely expressed, represent an important outlook in the national debate over immigration and Islam. Le Pen should be able to state them without fear of getting in trouble with the law. That he cannot points to some of the profound contradictions in French society. (February 24, 2005)

CAIR says:


"I worry very much from the Jewish point of view that the presence, and increased stature, and affluence, and enfranchisement of American Muslims...will present true dangers to American Jews."

Pipes' full quote and context:

"I worry very much, from the Jewish point of view, that the presence, and increased stature, and affluence, and enfranchisement of American Muslims, because they are so much led by an Islamist leadership, that this will present true dangers to American Jews."

CAIR has once again proven itself to be comprised of dissimulators, engaging in a well-established pattern of half truths and misrepresentations that would make any of the Third Reich's propagandists proud.

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