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Saturday, September 1, 2007

Videos of Temple Mount Destruction !!! Please Sign Petition

Please act now!!!!
Look at the videos below to see the on-going destruction of the relics from the Temple Mound (If you are reading this post on you need to click on the read more link at the end to see the videos)

Now--Please Click here to sign Petition H/T Yael from Boker Tov Bolder

Multiple news services are reporting that the Waqf dig has uncovered a a massive seven meter-long wall that Israeli Archaeologists suspect may be a part of the Second Temple:

Gaby Barkai, an archaeologist from Bar Ilan University, urged the Israeli government to stop the pipework after the discovery of what he said is "a massive seven metre-long wall."
Members of the Committee to Prevent the Destruction of Temple Mount Antiquities held an emergency press conference which was covered by Arutz Sheva

Dr. Gavriel Barkai opened by saying, "A month and a half ago, the Muslim Waqf [religious trust] began digging a trench more than 400 meters [1,300 feet] long - the largest such work ever carried out on the Temple Mount... These are criminal acts that have no place in a cultured country."

"Some man-worked stones have been found in the trench, as well as remnants of a wall that according to all our estimations, are from a structure in one of the outer courtyards in the Holy Temple. Such important work is being done without the supervision of the Antiquities Authority."

Dr. Eilat Mazar, who has long been involved in the fight to preserve the Temple Mount from unsupervised digging, said she saw Israeli policemen observing but taking no action against the dig. "Irreversible destruction is going on there," she said.

The Committee has demanded that Prime Minister Ehud Olmert (fax: 02-670-5475, or 9722-670-5475 from abroad), Jerusalem Affairs Minister Rafi Eitan (Pensioners), and the Antiquities Authority order the work stopped immediately. In addition, they demand that tractors not be allowed to work on the Mount at all, nor may any digging take place without appropriate archaeological supervision.

"The archaeological damage is many times worse," Mazar said, "in light of the fact that the ground level is only slightly above the original Temple Mount platform. And in fact, the bedrock has been uncovered in some places - meaning that earth that has been in place for many centuries, even possibly since the First Temple, has been removed

"No other country in the world would allow such grave damage to its most precious archaeological treasures," Mazar said.

The Committee is planning to file a complaint with the police, and is considering submitting an appeal to the Supreme Court.

Well what's it going to be Omert? Are you going to let the Temple Be destroyed Again ?

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