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Saturday, November 3, 2007

Americans: 1 out of 7 Hate Jews

According to the ADL (yes they sometimes they do things per their mission) almost one out of seven adults in the United States are card carrying Jew Haters. Nearly 35 million American adults - 15 percent - hold views consistent with making them anti-Semitic, according to a survey released yesterday.

The survey, conducted over a two week period in the middle of October also showed that 31% of Americans Believe that Jews are more loyal to Israel than than the US. More 25% believe the blood libel that Jewish killed Christ.

The survey showed that the nearly 35 million adults Americans who held views making them "unquestionably anti-Semitic" increased the rating 1 percentage point from the 14 percent of the 2005 survey.

In 1998, the number of Americans with hard-core anti-Semitic beliefs was as low as 12 percent.

The survey also showed that 15 percent believe Jews have "too much power in the U.S." - unchanged from 2005.

But what really riled Abraham Fox, executive director of the ADL, was the 31 percent who believe Jews are more loyal to Israel than America, down from 33 percent in 2005 - but not enough, he says.

"Since we started the survey 40 years ago, that is one question that has never budged - one in three continue to say that," he said.

"This is very sinister. It is a classic anti-Semitic canard. They used it on Dreyfus in France, and Hitler used it. It is very serious."

On the other hand, Jews received high marks in questions that related to ethics and family.

Seventy-five percent said they believe that Jews provided an "emphasis on the importance of family life," 65 percent said that they "contributed much to the cultural life of America," and 55 percent said that Jews provided a "special commitment to social justice and civil rights."

In addition, the survey showed men are more likely than women to hold anti-Semitic views, particularly unmarried men without a college degree.

Foxman said that compared to Europe, the United States is a bastion of tolerance. In a survey earlier this year, half of the Europeans said they believe Jews are not loyal to their home nation. Source: NY POST

Others attribute to the uneasiness over the Jewish Population to the fact Kinky Friedman used to sing about (see below or click here)


Anonymous said...

Just because someone may have a negative opinion about Jews does not mean he or she is a "Jew-haater," as you label it. I've heard much worse things said about non-Jews by frum Jews than I've heard anti-Semitic comments from non-Jews -- and for many years I "passed" as a non-Jew due to my name, appearance, and lack of any religious outerwear.

Batya said...

Considering the rise in the Muslim population, they should change the questions a bit.

Numbers are basically the same, reduction may be more that it's pc not to tell the truth about such things.

OpinionBug said...

I find that hard to believe. Where I grew up you'd think everyone hated Jews, but I rarely ran across them.

Yeah, if you poll the KKK, Nazis, Black Muslims you're going to get negative numbers.