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Thursday, November 15, 2007

New Poll: Peace Process is an Olmert Sham

And here is the proof that Israelis are not stupid people. As reported by the Jerusalem Post a poll sponsored by the Israel Policy Center for Promoting Parliamentary Democracy and Jewish Values in Israeli Public Life shows
A majority (53%) agreed with the statement that the main reason Olmert was seeking an agreement with Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas was because he was worried about his personal and political future, and not about Israel's national interest.
Most Israelis want the Olmert's government toppled because of the continued investigation of his fraudulent activities.
In the poll of more than 1,000 people representing a sample of the Israeli adult population, some 55 percent of respondents said the Knesset should remove Olmert because of the investigations. Israelis were divided on the question on mostly political lines, with Likud supporters overwhelmingly in favor and Kadima and Labor backers against. Among recent immigrants, 78% were in favor of removing Olmert and only 22% were opposed.
Despite what Condelezza Rice Israelis are are doubtful that concession will bring peace.

Some 65% of respondents said that due to the lessons of 2005's disengagement from the Gaza Strip, they opposed a large withdrawal in the West Bank.

Some 61% said they opposed removing IDF soldiers from most of the West Bank and giving control over the territory to the Palestinians.

If Israel did withdraw, some 55% believe the territory would be used to fire rockets at Israelis and 65% believe there is a high or very high chance that Hamas would take control of the area. Some 77% said Abbas lacked the power to prevent attacks from the West Bank.
So how come everyone "Gets it" except for the politicians?

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