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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

The State of the Union and Other Business

Last night I sat on my easy chair, feet up on the ottoman, computer on lap all ready to "live blog" the President's State of the Union Address. Problem was, my lap-dog wanna be, a 65 pound golden doodle appropriately named Soos (Hebrew for horse), thought it rude for me to be blogging during the President's speech and kept pushing my hand away from the keyboard with her nose until I gave up and let her sit where the lap top had been. And so, almost ten hours later below are some of the observations about the State of the Union speech, as well as some more of the political goings on of the last 24 hours.
  • Caroline Kennedy's endorsement of Obama- OK I understand people giving Uncle Teddy's recommendation some credence, he is a long time US Senator, but Caroline? My daughter is not qualified to make marketing recommendations, why should we listen to JFK's daughter about a Presidential candidate?
  • Ted Kennedy's Endorsement of Obama- As someone who has made a career of pushing the same liberal agenda over and over again, what does he know about being a Change agent? BTW the endorsement must have take a lot out of him, it seemed as if he was sleeping every time the camera went to him during the speech.
  • Hillary Clinton- When the Camera was on her, she had this sour face on. Kind of like someone who mistakenly took a box of ex-lax and was trying to hold it in. Speaking of long faces, Senator Kerry was there.
  • Bubba Clinton- Now that he has alienated the entire African-American community, I understand he is going to convert to Judaism. Paula Jones can help the mohel pick out the right bris knife. If they can circumcise him-- we all know there is no end to that prick. Bill thinks converting will help his wife with the Jewish Community now that Senator Obama is going after it. He says it is like killing two birds with one stone. He will now say he was the first African American Jewish President--after all, the Jews were once slaves in Egypt and Egypt IS in Africa. But I guess that all depends what IS--IS.
  • Executive order regarding Pork-Barrel Spending- Excellent Idea Mr. President. Why didn't you announce it at your FIRST State of the Union Address.
  • The Supreme Court- Can anybody guess which one of them wasn't wearing anything under their robe? How about the one wearing the " pink silk French cut ?"
  • Nancy Pelosi- Anyone else notice that when the entire gathering stood to applaud the success of the surge, the self-styled "most powerful woman" in the world sat on her large posterior? Do you think she had some of Hillary's ex-lax?
  • John Boehner- Was the House minority leader wearing blush and lipstick? It kind of looked like it?
  • Senator John Warner- The Retiring Senator will be in the Next Star Wars movie starring as the evil emperor--at least he looked 9million years old. Is that what being married to Liz Taylor does to you?
  • Senator Barak Obama- I thought he was trying to unify the country? Why then, did he issue a statement that he hated Bush's speech BEFORE Bush gave it.
  • Positives of the Speech-
    • I think the President reached out to the Democrats, he said a few times that he wants their input on Issues.
    • It was given on Monday instead of Tuesday, if he preempted American Idol it would have been grounds for Impeachment.
  • Negatives of the Speech-
    • I can't believe he said that Abbas wants peace, that certainly belies the facts.
    • My dog fell asleep on my lap and would not move.
  • Gov. Kathleen Sebelius rebuttal-
    • I STILL don't understand why the President's marching orders to congress need a rebuttal. When the Democrats spend another 12 months trying to sabotage the war on terror, isn't that rebuttal enough?
    • She kept saying over and over, "Why don't you join us?" Excuse me Kathy but he is the Pres, and his approval rating is higher than Congress, why don't you join him?
    • She blew a big opportunity, she could have used the time as an infomercial to sell her Son's computer game about prison life called "don't drop the soap." Note:this is not a joke, sometimes the truth is much funnier than anything I can come up with.
    • IS Governor Sebelius a DULL speaker or what? I didn't need my Ambien last night I just replayed the speech
OK Kiddies, that is my thoughts. What are yours?

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