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Sunday, February 10, 2008

Why Rush and Ann HATE McCain- The REAL REASONS

Much of the recent talk from the major conservative pundits over the last two weeks has been disturbing at best. I have never heard Republicans speak with such venom about another Republican. But there was the great one Rush Limbaugh railing against John McCain on a daily basis. Ann Coulter said she would campaign for Hillary Clinton...HILLARY FREEKING CLINTON. That's horrible. Lets face it McCain is wrong on immigration. He is a tax cutter but just wants matching spending cuts. That gang of 14 thing was all about getting democratic filibusters dropped for conservative judges.

So I don't get it. No candidate is perfect, but the venomous anger...Damn! I wanted to send poor Rush a Valium to calm down--but then I remembered that might not be such a good Idea.

So I figured this may be another job for my Cousin Ben the spy (his mother wanted him to go to med school, but that is a story for a different day). So Ben disguised himself as the big tobacco buyer for Wal-Mart and traveled both to Rush's home town of Cape Girardeau, Missouri, and Ann Coulters home town of New Canaan, Connecticut, and came back with the real reasons Rush and Ann HATE John McCain (Ben also came back with a pair of Ann's underwear-- but we promise we will talk to him about that).

As for Rush, the real reasons he hates McCain include:

  • In grade school Rush had a guy named Sheldon McCain that used to beat him up and steal his candy money.

  • Apparently when McCain returned to the US after being in a North Vietnamese POW camp, a shipment of fine cigars was bumped off the airplane that took him home. When the Cigars finally arrived in the US they were stale. Rush has never forgiven him for messing up those cigars (Its also why he hates Bill Clinton. For messing up a good Cuban with Monica

Ann's hatred were for equally personal reasons

  • She is a BIG Grateful Dead Fan. In October 1994 the Dead appeared in Madison Square Garden in NY. Senator McCain got the last ticked, closing Ann out of attending the concert. Jerry Garcia before the Dead could return. John McCain Got to see the Last NY Dead Concert INSTEAD of Ann Coulter.

  • Ann thinks that McCain's middle name Sydney is a bit too metro sexual for her tastes.

  • This is not universally known but Ann Coulter used to date James Garner, the break up really hurt her. McCain is known as a maverick in the Senate--Garner played Maverick on TV. McCain as president would cause her to relive all that hurt.

Ben did very well. Now we can see there is no rational political reasons for Rush and Ann to support Hillary Clinton. At least we can understand, the reason they want to give over the war effort, our wallets, and the selection of Judges to defeatist Democrats is not business..its strictly personal.


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