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Saturday, March 22, 2008


In its efforts to ensure that the next generation of Palestinians carry as much hatred as this one, Palestinians in Gaza are teaching their kids that Israel is perpetuating a Holocaust against their people. They have created exhibits of children in crematorium for their little kids to see. How they must HATE their kids--lie to them, giving them nightmares today and hatred tomorrow. They are a SICK people. PMW has the full story below:

Palestinian exhibit depicts children in crematorium

by Itamar Marcus and Barbara Crook, Mar 20 2008 Palestinian children in Gaza were gathered for an exhibition that depicts Israel burning children in a crematorium. Young children are seen standing beside dolls being placed into a model of a cremation oven.

According to the article in Al Ayyam, "The National Committee for defense of Children from the Holocaust opened its activities with a Holocaust exhibit. The Exhibit include a large oven and inside it small children are being burned, the picture speaks for itself." [Al Ayyam, March 20, 2008]

Another part of the exhibit was a black platform with the words, "Stop the Israel's Holocausts." [Al Hayat Al Jadida, March 20, 2008] Palestinian Authority (Fatah) TV already already taught children in the past that Israel burned children in the Holocaust. With ovens pictured in the background and actors playing dead children as part of a musical play, an actor in a video declared:

"They [Israel] are the ones who did the Holocaust ... They opened the ovens for us to bake human beings... and when one oven stopped burning they lit a hundred more ovens." [PA TV March 25, 2004]

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