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Sunday, March 30, 2008

Israel Rejects Visit from the Four Monkeys of the Apocalypse

You put Jimmy Carter, Desmond Tutu, Mary Robinson and Koffi Annan a room what do you get ? Well, if you answered a committee to build a float for the parade celebrating Israel's 60th birthday you were wrong. Nor are they on a speakers list for the Holocaust remembrance service at my shul. You won't even find them at a rally supporting the Israeli soldiers who were kidnapped in 2006.

These four people have many things in common, they are "Lets talk around a campfire and make peace by giving away everything to people who don't really want peace" types. All four hate Israel, they don't feel much better about Jews, and they all just part of Richard Branson's (the Virgin guy) new "save the world group" called the Elders.

All four of these bigots would like nothing better than overseeing the destruction of Israel--and have devoted much of their careers to that end. They are not a group dedicated to peace they are more like Four Monkeys of the Apocalypse.

There is no word on whether Branson modeled this group after the Oregonian Council of Elders who made peace between the Klingons and the Federation in Star Trek. I hope not since the Star Trek Elders were FICTION, they were also wise. Branson's Elders are just anti-Semitic bigots.

These guys offered to try to mediate a cease-fire between Israel and Hamas, thankfully, working with these screw-ups was even too much for an invertebrate like Ehud Olmert

Israel Rejects Carter-Ananan Mediation
Ethel Fenig
After having discredited the US and UN with their respective leaderships, Jimmy Carter and Kofi Annan offered to spread their dysfunctional style and negotiate a Hamas-Israeli cease fire:
The former U.S. president and former U.N. secretary-general belong to The Elders, an international conflict-resolution group established last year by British tycoon Richard Branson.

Other notable anti Israel Elders, South African Bishop Desmond Tutu and former Ireland president Mary Robinson also wanted to participate.

An Israeli newspaper described the Foreign Ministry's diplomatic rejection of this suicidal gift.
"Israel believes that at this time, it would not be right to introduce more players into a diplomatic process that is already in a complex stage,"

However, another diplomat, Israel's ambassador to the United Nations, Dan Gillerman, had a blunter rebuff.
"Nothing good could come out of this initiative," he told Yediot. "Most members of the group, especially Desmond Tutu and Jimmy Carter, are people who nurse prejudices and have been shown to be hostile to Israel."
These arrogant Elders who feel they can flit around the world and impose their failed solutions on others should understand that their colonial, imperial attitude is out of date.

It is good Israel understands this and rejected them out of hand.

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