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Friday, May 2, 2008

Bill Cosby to Black Leaders, STOP LOOKING FOR SOMEONE TO BLAME !

Bill Cosby has always been one of my most favorite comedians and a real mensch. Today he proved it once again as he stood up before local black leaders and told them to stop whining thate everything is racism and start leading:

Several times he exhorted the audience to "stand up and stop looking for somebody to blame," a mantra that has angered some black leaders who have accused him of downplaying the effects of long-term discrimination. Cosby termed some of those critics "intellectual panhandlers" who enable destructive behaviors by staying silent or blaming them on racism. "You've got these idiots who've got these degrees and some of them are ordained ministers and they say, 'Bill, you're picking on the poor,"' he said. He then drew laughs by adding, "Well, so did Jesus then. Jesus was always telling someone, 'Go ye.' Jesus was always telling people to go somewhere. And 'don't do this again or don't do that again."'
Cosby told the croud to ignore those "intellectual panhandlers" and realize that priorities are all wrong
Cosby criticized a culture in which "babies are wearing $40 sneakers while their mothers are feeding them Oodles of Noodles" and in which pimps and murderers are seen as heroes.
I think Bill left a zero off the cost of sneakers though. Cosby then went after Urban Radio:
Cosby saved some of most pointed words for radio stations that play music that he called "pro-murder and anti-women" and said adults are equally complicit if they fail to speak up. "I haven't seen the demonstrations saying, 'I'm not allowing my children to listen to this," he said. "It's killing us. We're not talking about it, and we're not beating it down." (Source for all of the above quotes COSBY Brings 'Blunt' Message To Community Leaders In NJ.)
Wouldn't you love to hear Dr. William Cosby debate Al Sharpton and Jeremiah Wright? Heck, I would even pay for it?

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DemoCaster said...

But without blaming someone else (e.g., the Joos) wouldn't all blamers have to accept responsibility for improving their own lives?

Then who'd have time for Zionist bashing on YouTube???