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Wednesday, July 23, 2008


When I was a kid, the ONLY time I was allowed to say a cuss word is when I was tattling on someone else, such as "Mommy Paul said F**K." But these days that bad curse word has become simply a letter, the "F" word. Somewhere around the OJ trial, that horrible word about African American became the "N"word. "F" and "N" are only two of the 26 letters in the alphabet, I began to wonder about the other 24 letters, lets face it they must be feeling left out. So in honor of a society where some people say the term "black hole is racist" let me suggest that it may be helpful to have a guide to all 26 letters of the alphabet. So there they are with the hopes that if Senator Obama gets elected president (God Forbid) they will be used in all 57 states for the entire 10 years of his presidency. These are the words that we will not be able to say, we will only be able to describe by letter:

  • "A" Word- Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad Obama's new BFF
  • "B" Word- B*tch, as in Michelle Obama is not a...
  • "C" Word- Cuts, as in Tax Cuts, and Budget Cuts, during an Obama Administration these words will be worse than the "N" word
  • "D" Word- Drilling as in looking for Domestic Oil
  • "E" Word- Electricity as in Something you can get from natural gas or nuclear power plants
  • "F" Word- Still the traditional F**K
  • "G" Word-Global Warming, and Obama's Global Warming Czar Al Gore
  • "H" Word- Hussein, we can't say "you know who's" middle name and/or Hypothetical, the response Hussein gives to any question that he does not want to answer.
  • "I" Word- What we may be calling the new nation of Palestine if Obama's advisers get their way
  • "J" Word- Jews, if it wasn't for them there would be world peace, at least according to Obama advisers Brzezinski and McPeak
  • "K" Word- Kasaams, they will strike Israel constantly but Obama will not let the country defend herself
  • "L" Word- Lebanon, Now Called Hezbollastan
  • "M" Word- Marines, Jack Murtha says they are bad people
  • "N" Word-the "traditional" definition
  • "O" Word- Oil, us bad Americans must be weaned of the stuff
  • "P" Word- Pride, what Michelle Obama will finally feel for America
  • "Q" Word- Quran, Senator Obama NEVER read it, in fact, he has never, ever been in the same building as one
  • "R" Word- "Real Party", the Marxist party that helped the Senator win his Illinios State Senate seat
  • "S" Word-Surge-even if it works its a bad, bad thing
  • "T" Word-The Temple Mount in Jerusalem, From here on in it will be called al-Aqsa
  • "U" Word-Unified, No Not Jerusalem, that was a mistake, no not the US either
  • "V" Word-Vindicate as in throwing others under the bus for your errors
  • "W" Word-as in George "W"
  • "X" Word-Xenophobia, during an Obama administration you won't be able to say anything bad about Islamo-fascists
  • "Y" Word- YOU PEOPLE, what Obama will calls America's Generals and War Heroes as in "YOU PEOPLE Don't know what you are talking about"
  • "Z" Word- Zealot What we will call ANYONE who has ever attended a religious service more than once in a particular year, Mostly live in rural America with their guns.
There you have it America, start learning them now, because according to Obama, his campaign staff and the News Media, the race has been decided for you.

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Freedom's Cost said...

Great post, vintage Sammy. I love it!