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Saturday, September 20, 2008

I Must Be A Racist Since I am Voting For McCain

Every day it is very important for me to learn something new. Today I learned that I was a racist. Who says so, well Keith Olbermann wannabe Jack Cafferty says so (see above)

The Governor of Kansas Says I am a racist

Kansas Gov. Kathleen Sebelius publicly considered the possibility that Sen. Barack Obama's race might be a factor in this year's presidential election during an appearance here Tuesday.
"Have any of you noticed that Barack Obama is part African-American?" Sebelius asked in response to a question about why the election is so close. "That may be a factor. All the code language, all that doesn't show up in the polls. And that may be a factor for some people."

Some local legislator in Ohio say I am a racist

Local Democratic state legislators said they believe a main reason polls show a tight race is because of racist voters.
"Race--that's the only reason people in the Valley won't vote for him," said state Rep. Thomas Letson of Warren, D-64th, about Barack Obama, his party's presidential nominee. "There are 1,000 reasons to vote for Obama and one reason why you won't--race."
"Staunch Republicans" who make up 35 percent to 40 percent of the population would never vote for a Democrat regardless of race, Letson said.
It is the independents, the "swing voters" and Democrats who are or will support Republican John McCain who are the "racists," Letson and state Rep. Robert F. Hagan of Youngstown, D-60th, said.

According to each one of these pea-brained whiners, if you vote for anyone EXCEPT for Barack Obama you must be a racist.

  • So If you think that government shouldn't raise capitol gains taxes especially during a credit crunch you must be a racist.
  • If you think that cutting and running in Iraq is wrong, you are not a patriot but a racist.
  • Feel uncomfortable with a candidate that pledged support of the Chicago Socialist Party? YOU ARE A Racist.
  • Notice that a candidate hires anti-Israel foreign policy advisers, you are not pro-Israel you are a bigot.
  • Do you think a presidential candidate should keep their promise to take federal funding of the campaign? You have a racism problem!
These are just a few of the reasons why I have no intention of voting for Barack Obama this coming November, but thanks to Moonbats like Jack Cafferty who couln't make it in local TV, now I know those and the other reasons I have pondered have nothing to do with it. All those and other reasons for flipping the McCain/Palin lever are just fronts for what I leader about myself today...I must be a racist. And I thought that in America we were allowed to have differing political opinion. Not the case, the two opinions are, agree with CNN Moonbats or racism. Gee thanks Jack, I feel better that you have taught me something new today.


Anonymous said...

Its a bit ironic when you look at the facts. All of the charges that if "The Anointed One" doesn't win it will be due to racism.

Yet, the demagogues and the MSM never for an instant reveal the fact that at least 80% of the votes that "The Anointed One" will receive are because of his race.

So, if 10% of the people won't vote for "The Anointed One" because he is black and 80% will vote for him because he is black, he loses because of racism. For some reason, this logic escapes me.

Certainly there will be enormous amounts of denials about the percentage of voters who will vote for "The Anointed One" due to his race, but those denials are for more bogus than the accusations that a loss will be due to race.

The vast number of people who will vote against him are doing so because of the fear of what he could and would do to this nation.

Let us hope the demagogues continue spewing their lies. The more lies they spew, the more Americans will awaken to the very real threat that this boy poses to our nation.

Anonymous said...

There are no more white racists. The only racists left are minorities, the vast majority of whom are supremacists. If anything, white people are suicidally self-loathing. 'Racism' is what people who are legitimately wrong or are legitimately being shamed envoke in order to excuse their failures, shortcomings, or ineptitude. If I have a problem with the pervasive violence in the black and Hispanic communities, I'm racist. If I hate Muslims because they're violent, supremacist, seditious, parasitic, racist, ridiculously sexist pedophiles as a matter of principle, then I'm racist, even though Islam isn't a race. But if Barack Obama wants to hand over half of Jerusalem and the West Bank to the 'Palestinians' in order to tow the racist Fatah slow-jihad party line (i.e., to push the Jews into the sea), somehow that's not racist.

And apparently sexism is a non-issue, even though minorities make the same as their white counterparts, but I make 71 cents on the dollar compared to my male counterparts, and even though it's perfectly acceptable for people to talk trash about Sarah Palin's clothes and the fact that she has children and she chose to not whore her life away in exchange for a free ride and a tapeworm's epitaph (i.e., she's not an unfit parent like all housewives by definition), and even though Islam is perfectly acceptable, even though it requires that women live their entire lives as sex slaves to their fathers and brothers until they pimp them away under physical duress, often as a child, usually to another family member, always for money. That's perfectly fine. Sexism exists. Racism against Jews exists. Black people, even the best and brightest among them, are infinitely more likely to make supremacist statements, or to, for example, lynch Jews to death upon incitements from their 'community organizers' like Al Sharpton. Racism against blacks is a non-issue. Racist supremacist views in favor of unqualified, idiotic minorities is a real phenomenon. Sexism and the acceptability thereof is a real phenomenon.

I hate Barack Obama because everywhere he's gotten in life is because of 5th column terrorist connection, rather than on the basis of his non-existent merit. I hate him because he hates America. I hate him because he associates with sexist and racist Muslims and whole array of terrorists, many of the communist sort. I hate him because he's a Jewish racist who invited Ingrid Mattson and Jimmy Carter to the DNC. I hate him beacuse he hates everything that's valuable, worthwhile, decent, and good in this world.

OBloodyHell said...

> There are no more white racists.

I think it goes too far to make this claim. I'm reasonably willing to point out that there ARE rednecks in the South (and probably elsewhere) who are racists. I think there are any number of rich, elitist boobs who, at heart, are actually racists -- and a disproportionate number of them -- but not all -- are Democrats, mind you.

I think the racist element cancels out in this election, though. For everyone who won't vote for Obama solely because he is black, there is at least one person who WILL vote for him solely because he's black.

Kevin Lockett said...

There's a difference between saying some people won't vote for Obama because he's black and saying that ALL people who vote for McCain are racist. If you are voting for McCain because you agree with him on the issues, then I respect that. However, poll after poll, study after study has shown that this is not the case for a significant number of voters.

Many people agree with Obama on the issues, agree with Democratic philosophies, think it's time for a change, and don't think that Republicans are able to bring that change. Yet, they refuse to vote for Obama.

Many people who usually vote straight Democratic will be splitting their ballots this November in order to avoid voting for Obama.

Many people who agree with negative stereotypes of African Americans will not be voting for Obama.

So, while many people have quite legitimate reasons for supporting McCain, there is also a portion of the population influenced by race. I don't see how Cafferty or Sebelius or any of the other's you've quoted are wrong for pointing this out.

As for the idea that the "racist element cancels out," that's logical but likely not true. We know from exit polling after the primaries and from studies that have been conduced around the general election that the racist element against Senator Obama has been large enough to impact the election. As for blacks who are voting for Obama just because he's black, that's just not true. We wouldn't vote for McCain any way. We voted for Gore. We voted for Kerry. Many of those who voted for Bush are now voting for Obama because the Bush years have been so bad, not because Obama's black. We're excited to vote for a black man, but we're not voting for him because he's black.

On the other hand, based on scientific research and well planned studies, we can safely suppose that if Obama was white he'd be doing better in the polls. It's quite possible that the vote against Obama because of his race will be greater than the margin of victory in the election.

So, no, not everyone that votes for McCain is racist. Just enough people are to make a difference in this election, mathematically speaking.

Unknown said...

Kevin because they didn't say it the way you did. They implied that there is some secret racism causing my vote for McCain. What surprised me was the poll released the other day saying there are DEMOCRATS who wont vote for Obama because of his skin Color. I also believe that one of the reasons Gore lost in 2000 is that people didn't want a Jew for VP. (I am a Jew who voted against Gore because I didn't want a liberal as VP or Prs.) I find it strange that many women are speaking out against Palin because they don't agree with her on the Issues. Yet 95% of African-Americans are voting for Obama. see Are 95% Of African Americans Democrats or is this and example of racism also. If it is, why aren't more people speaking out against it?

Kevin Lockett said...

If 95% of African Americans are voting for Obama, I'd estimate that 93% of African Americans agree with him on the issues. Republican administrations are generally not good in the eyes of many black voters, especially when it comes to issues of social and criminal justice, the economy, and urban issues such as violence and education. I believe that while Obama's race has created increased enthusiasm and volunteerism in the black community, that high 95% number also has a lot to do with Bush's failing on issues like Iraq and the economy, and specific events such as Katrina and Jena 6. Black people don't need Barack Obama as an excuse to be fed up with George Bush.

Unknown said...

Two points Kevin. President Bush isn't running, its constitutionally banned. Senator McCain is running. 95% of any group doesn't agree on any Issue. I would submit to you that the fact that Senator Obama is getting around 40% of the white vote, despite all of Obama's failing and his lack of honesty and integrity shows the Plurality of the American Citizenry, and 95% of the black vote is an example of the fact that there is still racism in this county.

Kevin Lockett said...

I never said Bush was running. Someone from his party is. No, 95% of a randomly selected group of people don't naturally agree on many things, but then this isn't a random selection. When black people see black people being treated as less than people by a president, they're less likely to vote for that party in the next election. So when an overwhelming majority of black people already voted for the last (white male) Democrat to run for president, it's not a surprise that that the number has grown. I'm sure if you isolated other groups (i.e. very liberal Democrats or Democrats in Chicago, or Democrats in college) you'd find higher numbers than in the general population.

Also, are you suggesting that it's black people who are making a racist decision and white people who are voting without having their judgment clouded at all by race issues? Don't you see how this is a radical claim that runs against hundreds of years of American history and loads of scholarship, polling, and research?

Unknown said...

but you did say that People were tired of bush so they were voting for Obama. I am tired of bush and I am still reeling from Jimmy Carter so I am voting for McCain. And to be honest, I am not really suggesting that the racism is only on the African American side. I think that racism exists too much in American Society and it exists on the "White" Side and the "people of color side" And where ever it exists it should be stomped out. But it DOES EXIST both ways. Please don't tell me ONLY 2% of the vote that Barack Obama is getting from the African American Community is because he is a Person of Color. That would be like peeing on my leg and telling me it is raining.

Kevin Lockett said...

No, it would be like telling the truth. How many black people do you think would be voting for McCain if the Democrats had nominated another old white guy? If anything, Obama has more black paying attention and learning about the issues. The fact that education for black is getting worse, we're seeing more and more of our young people dying, we're loosing our jobs, our wages can't keep up with our expenses, we're in a war that leeching dollars out of our communities, we can't pay our mortgages, if we can manage to get to college we can't afford it, and a whole other host of other problems that blacks tend to associate with the Republican party in general also are factors. We don't want more of the same, and John McCain has not done one thing to show that he'll be better for black or America in general on these issues.

If Obama held the same positions as Obama, you wouldn't see 95% of African Americans voting for him. Trust me, I come from a state (Pennsylvania) where blacks supported a white candidate (Ed Rendell) for governor over a black candidate (Lynn Swann) because we vote the issues. The same thing happened in Maryland's senate race (Michale Steel) and in Obama's own senate race, where he beat an African American.

Besides, if black people are tired of being screwed over, don't we have a right to vote for a president that we think, based on the issues, will represent us? And if that that candidate's color SUPPLEMENTS our already existing confidence that he will do so, is that such a bad thing?

Unknown said...

Kevin anybody can vote for anybody for any reason. In fact one of the big reasons I am voting against Senator Obama is how LOUSY he is on Jewish Issues.

What I am disputing is your point that 93% of the 95% of Black people voting for Obama are voting for him based on the Issues. If you said 80% Maybe..93% as the people in Brooklyn say Fuggedaboutit!

No way ! That's my point. I think there are African Americans Voting for Obama simply because of his race. I also think that there are Caucasians voting against Obama simply because of Race. I just don't feel that you are willing to see how broad it is on BOTH side

Kevin Lockett said...

I'm not willing to see it? You're not willing to look at the facts! In 2004, John Kerry received 93% of the African American vote. In 2000 95% of African Americans voted for Al Gore.

Also, remember that Bush picked off some black Evangelicals over "cultural" issues such as abortion and gay marriage. Many now see him as having done NOTHING on those issues and as having screwed up foreign and economic policy to boot. So it's no surprise that in this election, black support for the Democrat is back to 2000 levels, when they overwhelmingly supported WHITE MALE Al Gore.

Did 95% of black people agree to vote for Gore in 2000 because he's black?

Maybe they were able to look beyond color to see that they really did agree he was the best candidate. Maybe that's more difficult for some of the estimated 40% of whites who hold negative views of blacks (read about it here: