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Thursday, October 2, 2008

VOTER FRAUD IN OHIO, Why is the Media Silent?

Earlier this week, Ohio started its early voting. For those of you who are not familiar with the way it works in Ohio, you can register and vote on the same day. Republicans were worried that this could lead to voter fraud and unfortunately they were correct. Fox News broke a story this morning, that the Obama camp were shipping busloads of people from homeless shelters so they can register to vote and vote for Senator Obama. Why isn't anybody but Fox covering the story ?:

GRETCHEN CARLSON: Let’s talk to you about a story out in Ohio, I believe, Columbus. Of course Ohio we were just talking about, one of the most important battleground states there, and they started this controversial program this week where people could come and register to vote and vote at the exact same time before you could actually try and prove where they actually live, if they are actually residents, or if they’re just Mary Poppins. Well now there is a report coming out by Shelby Holiday from where she says that she was going to do some reporting on what she thought was going to be a lot of students coming to register to vote. But what she ended up seeing were bus loads of homeless people being brought into these places and registering and voting. And she joins us now on the phone from Columbus, Ohio. Good morning to you.

STEVE DOOCY: Shelby? Shelby? Shelby, are you there?

SHELBY HOLLIDAY: I went down to go do a story and was down at vets memorial in Columbus, Ohio. I saw all but about two students in the 30 minutes I was there. The young people that I did interview were telling me that they were with organizations who were picking homeless people off the streets and bringing them to the polls and encouraging them to vote. So, check this sound bite out.

DOOCY: Shelby, I understand. Ok, let’s listen to the sound bite, sorry.

PERSON 1: We’re running a free vote taxi program. We will come and pick you up at your house. Drop you off wherever you want.

PERSON 2: And people at the bus stop asked them if they’re registered to vote. And if they weren’t I said “get in the car I'm bringing you.”

PERSON 3: See me walking around and stuff so they said “hey, man you want to vote?” And I said yeah I’ll vote. I said, he said, “man I’ll take you anywhere you want. I said “that's cool.”
PERSON 4: It’s fast and the people are very polite, and they explained, you know, all about it.

PERSON 3: I mean, if they say “sign the ballot,” just give them and do exactly what they ask you to do. I mean, hey, this is America. Know what I mean?

DOOCY: Shelby, so these organizers who are picking up all these people, what are they telling them to do? If they are bringing them out of a homeless shelter, what are they telling them is in it for them?

HOLLIDAY: Well, organizers, when I spoke with the organizers, they said they are trying to help those, it might be a little move tough for them to vote this year. They want them to get out and vote and want them to exercise their right to vote. So the organizers are just really trying to help people who don’t have IDs or don’t have a permanent address to get out there and cast ballots.

BRIAN KILMEADE: Do you think that some of them, while they’re driving out there, are telling them who to vote for?

HOLLIDAY: Well, no, all the people I spoke with that they were bipartisan. But when I talked with the homeless people, it became apparent that they were being offered rides to whoever they wanted or, I’m not, I can’t -- it did not appear that these homeless people… Most of them did not know exactly what was going on.

DOOCY: Alright, Shelby Holliday from We thank you very much. We understand from her blog at Shelby also said that the people who winding up there, they didn’t have to prove they lived in the state. In fact, she talked to one guy who was about to get on a bus to go to Chicago, Illinois where he lived. All they had to do was give four numbers.

CARLSON: Well this is the whole problem with the whole thing, and this is why it went to the highest levels of the court. Because with Ohio being, really frankly any state, but with Ohio being such a close state, is this right? You be the judge.

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