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Friday, October 24, 2008

Whoopi Goldberg Forgot To Pay Her Brain Bill AGAIN

Well just when you think that Caryn "Whoopi Goldberg" Johnson can't say anything dumber she surprise us once again. The "View" host, whose only real talent is standing between Robin Williams and Billy Crystal during Comic Relief, had previously claimed that the US needed to pass a law every few years for African Americans to continue to be able to vote (she never heard that there was a constitutional amendment passed 150 years ago), now claims that terrorists have become more radical only because of President Bush.

Funny how this week we observed the 25th anniversary of the bombing of the military barracks in Beirut. Or During the Carter Administration the current president of Iran was taking over Iran. Either Ms. Johnson is part of some sick TV prank or the woman is part of some secret CIA experiment in Artificial Stupidity, nobody can be this stupid naturally..can they? Read the transcript below:

SHERRI SHEPHERD: You know, it’s so funny how you talk about perception because I saw an ad, like- for me I didn’t like it. This was- this was a brochure that was being sent to voters in Virginia and Missouri. And it’s a plane that’s crashing into a building. It says "terrorists don’t care who they hurt." And then on the back it’s got a picture of Barack and it says at the bottom, you know, "not who you think he is." Now, for me some people though, you know, it, it, you their perception.

ELISABETH HASSELBECK: Why is it terrible?

SHEPHERD: For me, I thought-

JOY BEHAR: Because it’s innuendo.

SHEPHERD: I thought-

HASSELBECK: It says "Barack Obama thinks terrorists need a good talking to."

SHEPHERD: Well, but when I look at that-

HASSELBECK: Well, read it.

SHEPHERD: I know, but when I looked at it, I thought, you know, you’re taking the pain of America and the heartache of America and you’re attaching it to terrorism and you’re invoking this fear and Barack-

BEHAR: And you’re attaching it to a very, very, very patriotic American man. That’s why it’s bad.


HASSELBECK: Well, if you read the ad, if you read the ad-

BEHAR: Who’s going to read it after those images hit you in the face?

HASSELBECK: He said, the premise of this ad was that he said he would talk to terrorists-


HASSELBECK: -unconditionally.


HASSELBECK: And he did say that. And I think that, that is something that troubles many Americans.

GOLDBERG: Let me point this out. Can anyone tell me when it became a bad idea to go and sit in front of the people who we are fighting and say "listen, you can’t talk this- you can’t do this to us" because we spent eight years not doing that and it got- yes, because now even you have to admit that, that President Bush refused to talk to Ahmadinejacket [sic] Shum Jum Yum Yum [laughter] and all of these guys. [applause] And I, and I- okay.

HASSELBECK: But we’ve also had the U.N. who have, who have unanimously said we should not unconditionally talk to this person because, because if we break that code and we go and sit and talk with Ahmadinejad, unconditionally, without him meeting any of those regulations-

GOLDBERG: The U.N. has never said not to go talk.

HASSELBECK: There is, there is talk amongst our allies that we should not do that. If one person breaks that, what’s the incentive then for those terrorists to meet any-

BEHAR: You know what? If you’re going to say that the U.N. is so great, then the U.N. said "we don’t find any WMD in Iraq." And they did not listen to the U.N.

HASSELBECK: Well, neither did Saddam Hussein who he violated the 17 U.N. regulations.

BEHAR: That’s beside the point.

GOLDBERG: The point I’m making is that we have not-

HASSELBECK: It’s a dangerous thing to assume.

GOLDBERG: We have not engaged in one of the greatest things that this country does. And that is to go sit with people, look them in the eyes, say "you want it to be a round table? Sure. You want it to be a long table? Sure. The bottom line is you don’t want to fool with us."

HASSELBECK: Have you seen Ahmadinejad? You think he’s going to say "you know what? Wow, I see your point."

GOLDBERG: Elisabeth, you know what? Here’s what I think. I think that when, when- ugh dammit!- when President Clinton went over to Shum Jum Yum Yum and said [laughter] "listen, you want to build all of these things and sell them to our enemies? That’s fine. You will not get another penny from us. You will not get a dime from us. You want to mess with your neighbors? We will take you out." Now if you-

HASSELBECK: These are not rational people that we’re talking about in terms of-

GOLDBERG: Listen! But you know what? They have become less rational because we have not done anything to change-



HASSELBECK: They have, they have not become more irrational because of us.

GOLDBERG: I’m sorry, you can’t- sitting. Yes, I believe-

HASSELBECK: They are radical because of themselves.

GOLDBERG: We have become- allowed them-

HASSELBECK: We do not make them radical. Let’s not take any blame for their ridiculous murders.


GOLDBERG: I believe, I believe that yes, we have allowed them to become more radical.


GOLDBERG: Well, okay, then why are we even discussing it? If it’s not a discussion, then you have your opinion, I have mine. My belief is had we sat down and talked to some of these clowns the crap would not have gone as far as it’s gone and we would not have as far back as we come.




Unknown said...

Thank you Lollie
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M & M's Mom said...

I love it....Saddam Hussein violating 17 UN resolutions is "beside the point". Nice, Joy. I honestly cannot believe there are people who think like that.