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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

American Muslim Cleric Threatens US With Terror Attack Over Support of Israel

Salah Sultan, president of the Columbus, Ohio-based American Center for Islamic Research and protégé of Muslim Brotherhood spiritual leader Youssef Al-Qaradawi (described by the Anti-Defamation League as the “Theologian of Terror” and designated by the US Government as a Specially Designated Global Terrorist), whipped up the crowd by condemning the Israeli response to the HAMAS kidnappings and calling for a boycott of Israel, as reported by Qaradawi’s own mouthpiece,

MEMRI caught this "great American" explaining how 9/11 was planned by the United States (video below)

Now he is threatening America with a terrorist attack because of our support for Israel, this is what he said on Egyptian TV:

America which gave [the Little Satan] everything it needed in these battles, will suffer economic stagnation, ruin, destruction, and crime, which will surpass what is happening in Gaza. One of these days, the U.S. will suffer more deaths than all those killed in this third Gaza holocaust. This will happen soon.
He also called for the death of the Jews:
The stone, which is thrown at the Jews, hates these Jews, these Zionists, because Allah foretold, via His Prophet Muhammad, that Judgment Day will not come before the Jew and the Muslim fight. The Jew will hide behind stones and trees, and the stone and the tree will speak, saying: “Oh Muslim, there is a Jew behind me, come and kill him.” The only exception will be the Gharqad tree.
Full video Below:

A couple of points here:
First the man is a Coward.  He ONLY says things when he is out of the country.

More importantly, as reported by Patrick Poole. This guy is APPLYING FOR US CITIZENSHIP.
 And as I have reported [1] elsewhere, Sultan is pursuing U.S. citizenship (the status of his application is unknown due to federal privacy laws). Thus, Salah Sultan has lived quite comfortably for more than a decade under the protections of the very country he now threatens with death and destruction.
What am I missing? Must We Continue to to commit Suicide with political correctness ? WHY ARE WE ALLOWING THIS TERRORIST TO APPLY TO BE A US CITIZEN ? HELL, WHY ARE WE ALLOWING THIS TERRORIST IN THE COUNTRY AT ALL!!!
CLICK HERE To Read Poole's Full Article.

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Findalis said...

He is applying for US citizenship, but carries a US passport. Where did he get that?