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Friday, January 9, 2009

Grass-roots Media Deception in GAZA

Israeli Newspaper YNet reporter Ron Ben-Yishai was embedded with IDF troops in Gaza when they ran across an extended family the troops asked them to leave, the family refused. So the soldiers provided them with food and other provisions.

Just then the family noticed the Cameras that were with Ben-Yishai. All of a sudden they changed their expressions and pretended that they were being starved by the Israeli Army:
....We run across a local family in one of the buildings. Grandparents, a few young parents, some children and a few toddlers. Sitting on a rug, their legs are covered in blankets and two soldiers are standing guard nearby. "What about them?" I ask. "They're free to go if they want to, but they don't want to," said Eilon Perry, Givati's operations officer. "They informed us they would be staying in the house and we have no choice but to accept that."

The family suddenly notices the cameras, and immediately, the expression on their faces changes. "We have no food," they say in Arabic, as one of the youngsters suggests we interview him in English about their plight. Givati troops are extremely concerned about being portrayed as abusing innocent civilians. Perry points to a stack of canned goods, water bottles and other provisions. "We provided some of that and they cook and eat quite well," said Perry. The Palestinians seem to understand him and one of them smiles. It's a war – they had to try.
You will have no dispute from these pages that this conflict has caused the people of Gaza to suffer. There is also no dispute that the suffering, including the "embargo" was brought upon them by the terrorist acts of the ruling Hamas. The above example was NOT an example of suffering. This family pretended they are being starved by the Israeli army, despite the fact that the food and water are in plain sight!

I guarentee that "world class performances" like this happens many times a day in houses all across the Gaza Strip. In most cases the cameras being "played" are not from Israeli media, but from a world press going out of their way to destort the truth and put the Jewish state in a bad light. Unfortanatly, "acedemy award winning" performances like the ones described above, are being used to shape opinion throughout the world.

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