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Wednesday, January 7, 2009


Hamas' use of the children and other innocents as human shields at the UN school got it desired effect yesterday.  They they fired mortars on Israeli troops, the troops returned the fire, and dozens of civilians died or were injured, along with the terrorists. There is a library full of evidence proving it isn't the first time Hamas has used innocents as human shields.
Hamas built armories in the basements of Mosques and schools, private homes and hospitals. They create their bunkers and weapons factories in crowded neighborhoods. All of this "construction" was done out in the public. Under the watchful eye of the UN as well as human right's organizations such as Amnesty,  Human Rights Watch (HRW), and B'tselem. 

Where was Ken Roth, head of Human Rights Watch when Hamas was violating international law and setting up children as human shields? He was busy trumping up accusations of collective punishment against Israel for defending herself.
How about Irene Khan the Secretary General of Amnesty International, surely she must have noticed that Hamas was "drawing targets" on hospital beds? No She was too busy blasting Israel for occupying Gaza, even though Israel left Gaza three years ago.
David Kretzmer and Gila Svirsky of B'tselem were too busy working on their annual report fabricating Palestinian civilian casualties to prevent any REAL civilian casualties. 
Where is the outrage? Why is no one complaining that these supposed Human Rights groups have chosen to distort international law, ignoring the real danger to Gaza civilians. 

The blood of the innocent women and children called out to these groups, but they fell on deaf ears, these organizations were too busy creating false charges and anti-Israel propaganda to notice the real human rights crimes.

Shame on you Ken Roth and HRW, Shame on you Irene Khan and Amnasty International, Shame on you David Kretzmer and Gila Svirsky of B'tselem. Their blood stain you just as if you killed these human shields with your own hands. YOU DID!

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Bloviating Zeppelin said...

There is no outrage because the DEM/MSM have already determined that, no matter the conflict, no matter the circumstances, Israel will ALWAYS be deemed the aggressor. You know the history: the damned Jews, money-grubbers, insular, hook-nosed, stop your whining about the so-called "holocaust." You have no right to exist and you never will. All you've done is make money and use your magic and power to keep yourselves in power.

And to that extent, with anti-Semitism alive and doing VERY well globally, thank you, Israel will be the constant aggressor. No matter what.

Asymmetric warfare is incredibly difficult by itself, also. The "weaker" party wants the "stronger" party to maximize casualties. Israel actually wants to minimize casualties whilst Hamas wants to maximize, specifically, CIVILIAN non-Hamas casualties. If the goal of Hamas was to actually care for and keep Palestinians alive they would cease firing rockets and mortars and, more pointedly, rockets and mortars from inside UN schools, civilian buildings, apartments, businesses. But in truth, what many ignorant people fail to consider is that to Hamas many Palestinians are simply expendable and, as such, to be used as rags or Kleenex. Enirely disposable.

Bring us our next human dupe.