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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

ISRAEL at 61-->Too Big For Just one Blogger/An Independence Day Carnival

It was the day that the British mandate was ending. The leaders of the Zionist movement gathered in a modest building in the southern part of Tel Aviv. The building chosen because it had a better chance of withstanding an air raid.

On that Friday afternoon sixty-one years ago, David Ben Gurion stood up before a small crowd, and a radio microphone on the day that the British read a document which said in part:

It is the natural right of the Jewish people to lead, as do all other nations, an independent existence in its sovereign State.

ACCORDINGLY WE, the members of the National Council representing the Jewish people in Palestine and the World Zionist Movement, are met together in solemn assembly today, the day of termination of the British Mandate for Palestine; and by virtue of the natural and historic right of the Jewish People and of the Resolution of the General Assembly of the United Nations.

WE HEREBY PROCLAIM the establishment of the Jewish State in Palestine, to be call Medinath Yisrael (The State of Israel).

With that, what was a dream for over two thousand years was now a reality. God had had lead us back to the promised land.

The Egyptian Bombing attacks began a few hours later.

David Ben Gurion's address lasted less than two minutes But his words were full of peace and hope. He promised us that the two millennium of wandering was over, a State where Jews all across the world would be able to call home.

Israel's 61th birthday is much bigger than this one blogger, so rather than celebrating this Gala day with some verbose prose of my own, I present some of the best Happy Birthday Israel writing from across the blog world.

I invite you to read all of these great posts celebrating the birth of a miracle:

If you have a post you would like for me to add please email me and I will put it up.

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Batya said...

You inspired me, so you're included in Israel At 61!.

Great job!