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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Video of Pelosi's Press Conference --Pathetic or WHAT?

I didn't think that anything could ever happen to make me feel sorry for Nancy Pelosi but her press conference today was a train wreck. It was very uncomfortable to watch her address her changing stance on Water Boarding, she nervously read off scripted answers, and looked visibly shaken at points.  To this untrained observer it seemed as if there was not one word of truth in her statement (a poor quality video of the conference is above-I will replace it when a better one becomes available). The other video (below) is the CNN talking about the conference which generously says..this one didn't "do it"

The key points she made were:
  • THEY (the CIA) lied to her and congress. "Yes I am saying the CIA was misleading the Congress and at the same time the (Bush) administration was misleading the Congress on weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, to which I said that this intelligence doesn't support the imminent threat" The CIA has already pushed back and said they stand by the document provided by Leon Pannetta which indicates that Pelosi knew about EIT's in 2002 (see below)

  • Pelosi admitted that she did know that the EITs were going to be used. "I am telling you they told me they approved these and said they wanted to use them but said they were not using waterboarding," she said.
  • She also indicated that the only job she has as speaker of the house is political, to assure a democratic majority and the election of a democratic president.
  •  She reitorated her support of a "truth commision and said the America wants one (polls indicate that she is wrong).
This is almost a Shakespearian tradgedy, Hubris destroying the main actor in this ongoing political play. Methinks the lady has one foot on the banana peel and one in the grave..

More to come


Carol_Herman said...


One of the things James Baker was really good at! Was depositing the "dead cat" on the loser's doorstep.

This was usually Israel.

And, if you go back, you'll realize this made SHAMIR so angry, that every time James Baker (back in 1991) stuck his finger IN, Shamir built another outpost.

Is Pelosi responsible for Bush? HELL NO! Bush was on his own. And, Bush LOST IRAK! And, it seems we've messed up in Afghanistan, too.

Plus, Bush's reach for "democracy to bloom" in Pakistan has also been a bust.

Will Pelosi survive her TV blather? Sure. Most people forget all these snippets.

While Rove and Cheney are working very hard to harm the democrats. But that's it! There's no new blood.

And, Obama? What if he is on a roll? Just asking.

I don't do fortune telling. I have no idea how things will turn out, ahead.

Nor do I know if Pelosi's first stumble wasn't with Hartman. Of California. Where the animosity really rankled.

You'll notice that Obama is still popular. And, if Pelosi isn't? It's an insider's job.

While Livni is trying to do in Bibi.

Here? I don't see Livni anymore successful than I do this rehash of Pelosi. Who is not all that far left.

You want to argue, "what about the Jews?" Chuck Schumer is in control. Pelosi is a friend of his. As far as I can tell.

And, what the future brings? Who knows? But Dubya, and Rove, and Cheney? They're just very angry. I don't see this as helping the GOP at all. But that's me. I'm not a republican. More often than not? I like the democrats.

Anonymous said...

Carol---you have drunk far too much KoolAid. In terms of Iraq we have secured the region, deposed a murderous regime, and thanks to the surge in Sept of 07 have all but won the war. However, given recent events and actions of the Obama administration Iraq may actually start to go the other way as we continue to shoot ourselves in the foot with all of this infighting, memo sharing, etc. As for Obama--he is on a roll alright and before you proclaim any success you might want to sit back and hold off on your judgment both domestically and internationally. Any learned (and educated) observer, particularly economically is holding back to see what the effects of his massive debt spending will have over the long haul. I'll just say this---I'd try to get in gold. Given the fact that China is prodding the IMF to sell its gold reserves (3rd largest holder in the world) and will use U.S. dollar reserves to fund this purchase---this clearly speaks about their confidence in the U.S. dollar over the long haul given our current economic policy. I am an independent and seeing the Nancy Pelosi news conference I am further convinced that the Democrats have a lot more skin in the game than they have portrayed. Further--given that this is an NBC/MSNBC video (on this post), I'm just wondering what happened to the last several minutes, particularly the CNN reporter who confronted Pelosi directly on the issue of CIA lying by reiterating Pelosi's comments from April which were opposite of her current position. Further proof that NBC is in the tank for the Dems. No wonder though, they have so much at stake economically by way of their parent company GE, they have to cow-tow to the Dems and Obama. Given their $224 billion fed bailout (haven't heard of that yet have you?), their lining up for huge "green initiative" contracts if Cap and Trade passes as well as if Healthcare "reform" passes (their EMR solution which is part of GE Information Systems)---the fix is in. Sad state of affairs in our once great country. We're being sold down the river economically and politically while the vast majority of Americans quietly graze like sheep in the fields.