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Saturday, June 6, 2009

Tom Brokow -->Asks Obama What Israel Can Learn From Buchenwald And Their Treatment of Palestinians ?

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Tom Brokow, the village just called, they are missing their Idiot, you better go home.

Today the NBC newsman interviewed President Obama after his trip to Buchanwald, and asked
BROKAW: What can the Israelis learn from your visit to Buchenwald? And what should they be thinking about their treatment of Palestinians?
OBAMA: Well, look, there's no equivalency here.
What can the Israelis LEARN? To his credit the President said that there was no equivalency, but that had to be one of the most insensitive politically biased questions in the history of "journalism"--56,000 Jews Died in Buchenwald !! ISRAEL suffered through the concentration camps.

What did we learn? Here is what Israel should have learned; no matter what you do, sooner or later you will be deserted and thrown into camps just because you are Jews. And when some of you try to escape, the so called civilized world will refuse to give you asylum, put you back on ships and send you back to your deaths.

Here's the most important thing that Israel should have learned; hatred takes many forms, it could be violent the way that the Palestinian Arabs have been treating Jews for almost a century, or it could be passive, like when senile old newsmen try to diminish the suffering of the Holocaust by drawing false equivalences. Either way its an awful thing to see.

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Leo said...

Obama is right. There is no equivalence between the Holocaust and what many regard as apartheid in the West Bank.

However a useful question might be this: what if Hitler had simply expelled Jews from Germany instead of killing them? Would that have been wrong? Of course it would have. But if Israel belongs to Jews, why shouldn't Germany belong to the Germanic tribes that founded Germany? This in my mind shows the hypocrisy of saying that nations belong to races or ethnicities. Nations belong to their citizens. One man- one vote. period. end of story.

Also, let's not forget that, as singularly horrific the Holocaust was, it is one of many genocides that have taken place in history, before and after WWII. The painful fact is that part of what made the Holocaust find an easier environment to occur in, was that until WWII, no one seemed to care about other previous genocides like that of the Armenians. Lastly, religion has its share of the blame too as the Bible is full of genocides and the genocides in the Bible are given the imprimatur and backing of the Creator.

Carol_Herman said...


When I saw Elie Wiesel walking with Obama, I immediately thought how Bernie Madoff made off with Wiesel's common sense so easily.

For Obama? This "visit" was a stage setting. And, Obama has no problem with "recent history," anyway. His big hump of a problem is that he wants to deny Israel's existence within the 3,000 year time line provided by history.

Oh, well. Bernie Madoff made a deep impression on Wiesel's finances. There's nothing left for Obama to steal.

Always On Watch said...

BHO said: "I have no place for people who would deny histroy."

Well, BHO told quite a bit of revisionist history in his Cairo Speech -- as to the contributions of Moslems to the founding of America.

Alan said...

People in South Dakota, the American heartland have much more intelligence and courage than this fool Brokaw who claims he was born there.

The "Cowboy" way certainly isn't Brokaws, and obviously not the way of the Little Child from Kenya.

Somewhere in Kenya a Village is Missing its Idiot. Obama, they're calling you. But I don't think the Cowboys and Farmers want New York Tommy anymore. They don't tolerate idiots there.